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Dark frogopera give us the taako shitpost

hjsdkhdkhdjsakhj my friend @vollmetall was doing ms paint drawings and fused some taako legs and a head and i was cr acking up so i drew the horrible leggo


Pairing: Steve reader

Summary: the avengers were being troubled by a vigilante; you. they had been trying to catch you for a while, but had failed in every attempt. You finally decided to end this game by confronting the handsome star-spangled man.

A/N: and I finally wrote something. Please ignore any errors, I’m sleep deprived and have a whole lot of stuff to do. this is an introductory part, it will be kind of steamy, flirty series. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): none! (how is this possible!?)

Word Count: 1504


Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Tony frowned as another report about the so called ‘hero’ was handed over to him. he read it and sighed. they didn’t mind your help, anything to help save the world was welcomed. but they were still dubious about letting you continue doing so alone. After all, they couldn’t have blind faith in you and sit their believing that you won’t ever cause any harm.

‘it’s her again, isn’t it?’ Steve asked tony as he entered the common room.

‘yup, our new saviour!’ he waved the report at him. Steve took the report and gave it a quick read.

‘we really have to find her. it’s getting a little out of hand.’ he said as he placed the file on the table.

‘a little? On that last mission, she flew right past me with a wink and sent me flying back with her powers!’ he waved his hand in the air. Steve tried to hide his smile as the memory of tony spinning in the air helplessly popped in his mind. ‘I know you’re laughing, cap.’

‘I’m sorry. well, you don’t have to worry about it now,’ he kept a hand on his shoulder. ‘Clint and I are going to make this bust at a warehouse today, I bet she’ll be there.’

‘well, she better be. And can you do me a favour?’ he asked and steve nodded. ‘rip off that bandana of hers from her mouth and burn it in front of her.’ Tony said and he rolled his eyes.

‘come on, tony. You shouldn’t have tried to touch it at the first place.’ Steve said

‘yeah, yeah. Just go bring her here.’ He said before Steve left.

Clint and Steve were crouched near the window of the old warehouse. they stayed in the position without moving an inch, watching the gang members as they loaded their supplies. Steve was growing impatient every minute, he was growing tired of not being able to catch you. being captain America and a former soldier, he was getting very frustrated not being able to complete his mission.

Clint rubbed his arms as the chilly wind blew past him. ‘I am getting really tired of this whole cat mouse thing we have going on with this girl.’ He said getting up.

‘yeah, it’s driving me crazy! Whenever she gets out of my hand I feel so..’ he looked for a better word to describe his anger and frustration but couldn’t find one.

‘useless and frustrated?’ someone suggested.

‘yeah.’ he nodded. they both swivelled quickly as they recognized your voice.

‘you!’ Clint pointed and lunged at you but you dodged him effortlessly.

‘yes, it’s me.’ you grinned but they couldn’t see it because of the bandana tied across your face. ‘hello, darlings. Did you miss me?’ you said in a shrill, flirty voice.

‘oh, more than you think.’ Steve quirked his brows.

‘well, I sort of have that effect on people.’ you said before taking off. ‘I think we can continue this chatter after doing some work.’ They heard your voice from a distance.

‘can I shoot an arrow at her?’ Clint looked at Steve.

‘no, we want her alive.’ he took out his shield.

‘not even a little bit?’ he looked at him before jumping through the window.

It took you minutes to clear the base. it never really took you much time with your telekinetic abilities, super strength and power of flight, it was a piece of cake. You tied the last guy with the pole and faced Steve and Clint.

 ‘you’re welcome.’ You bowed. ‘seems like you’ve got everyone you need, I guess I’ll leave.’ you were about to take off before Steve stopped you.

‘no, not everyone. We need you to come with us.’ Steve said with a tone of authority.

‘oh, and what makes you think I’ll do that?’ you crossed your arms. You flew near him, your face inches from him and your heights equal as you levitated.

‘we have a good opportunity for you, you can help without being a nuisance that way.’ Clint said.

‘well,’ you locked eyes with Steve and he gulped slightly. ‘the offer surely is tempting.’

‘so, you’re coming?’ Steve asked.

‘hmm,’ you pretended to think. ‘on one condition.’ You looked at Clint and then back at Steve.

‘what?’ Clint asked.

‘I’ll be here for five more minutes,’ you said.

‘and?’ Steve quirked a brow.

‘and if you’re able to find me, I’ll be very happy to come with you.’ you smiled.

‘oh god, why…?’ Clint pinched the bridge of his nose.

‘oh well,’ you looked at Clint and back at Steve. You grabbed Steve by the neck of his suit and whispered in his ear. ‘catch me if you can.’ You winked at him and left.

‘alright, let’s get this over with.’ Clint clapped his hands and set out to find you.

‘yeah.’ Steve snapped out from his thoughts and followed him.

Steve was looking in the basement area while Clint searched for you on the upper floor. Steve was determined to find you, it had been too long, he never left a mission or task incomplete. He wasn’t in the mood to let you slip this time too. He sighed as he looked around the storage room, it was filled with old furniture and all kinds of rubbish.

‘I am really tired of playing this hide and seek!’ he finally called out. ‘why do you have to do this!?’ he spoke out loud but received no response. He puffed his cheeks before walking deeper into the room. the place got darker and colder as he made his way in. A certain eerie feeling seemed to have settled in.

‘is she trying to murder me?’ he muttered to himself.

You sidled up to his side and he jumped back a little.‘I would never kill you, you’re Captain America.

‘good god!’ he kept a hand on his chest. ‘okay,’ he straightened up. ‘now, according to your condition, as I’ve found you, you’ll have to come with us.’

‘technically,’ you moved closer to him. ‘I found you.’ you pointed at him and he rolled his eyes.

‘I don’t care! Come with me now.’ He tried to grab your hand but you pinned him to the wall. ‘what the-? What are you doing?’ he tried to get out of your grip but you were stronger than him.

‘try as much you want, darlin’. Super strength.’ You tightened your grip to demonstrate. ‘so, why do you guys want me to join the freak show?’ you asked.

‘so that you can help in the proper way, use your powers for good.’ He said without a line of worry on his forehead. If there was anything he had learned after all these years, it was to keep his calm in such situations.

‘I think we can talk about that, I would like talk to one of you first. I can’t reveal my identity just yet.’ You said and he gave you a confused look.

‘and you would want that person to be…?’ he asked.

‘the man I have in a compromising position.’ You said and he could hear the grin in your voice. ‘alright, tomorrow, 7 pm, at this address.’ You handed him a neatly folded piece of paper. ‘don’t keep me waiting.’

‘I won’t. can you leave me now?’ he tried to wiggle out of your grip.

‘oh yeah, sure.’ You let him go and he rubbed his wrists.

‘you’re strong, you can fly and you have telekinetic abilities.’ He looked at you.

‘yup, I’ve got the perfect package don’t you think?’ you asked and he chuckled in response.

‘you gonna take that off?’ he pointed at your bandana.

‘you have to be patient for such things, love.’ You winked and he felt his stomach flip. Was he attracted to you? it couldn’t be, he didn’t even know you that well he couldn’t…

He cleared his throat and shook off all those thoughts. ‘so, I guess I’ll meet you tomorrow.’

‘you bet.’ You pointed at him and began to walk in the direction of the exit. ‘oh, I almost forgot.’ You quickly kissed his cheek. ‘thanks for throwing your Frisbee thingy at that guy.’ You said before leaving.

‘you’re… welcome.’ He breathed and kept a hand on his cheek. ‘and hey! It’s not a Frisbee!’ he called out and received your laughter in response. ‘that’s a cute laugh.’ He thought. He leaned against the wall with a faint smile. he was liking where this was going.

‘hey Steve!’ Clint shouted.

‘what!?’ Steve shouted back.

‘you found her?’ he asked making his way into the basement.

‘yup, more than that actually. She’s willing to talk.’ He waved the piece of paper at him.

‘good, let’s get going.’ Clint pointed in the direction of the exit and he nodded.

Steve couldn’t help but think about you. it was your images that filled his mind. he couldn’t wait to see you again. It was going to be a long night before a day full of surprises.

That Didn’t Take Long

Anonymous asked: Id like to request a Bucky x reader. She’s clints younger sister and fights with team cap at the airport and Bucky likes her but as Bucky and Steve are escaping in the jet she’s lightly injured and when they reunite in wakanda after Steve frees them she’s all fussing over Bucky losing an arm but he’s more worried about her having a few cuts and bruises? Bonus for Bucky kisses <3

Here you go, lovely! I do not own Bucky, Steve, Clint or T’Challa. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: Mentions of injuries, fluff

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!Barton reader, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, T’Challa

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

“Cap needs us.” That was all it took for you to bolt up from your seat. “I’ll get Scott.”

               When you and your brother Clint met up with Steve, you never expected to actually meet Bucky. You also didn’t think he’d be so handsome, especially for a guy on the run. But he was. And he was sweet too. You fell instantly. All the way to the airport, you flirted shamelessly. You couldn’t help it. Bucky was easy to flirt with and, when he wasn’t so focused on the fight to come, he flirted back. Clint wasn’t happy about it, but he was never happy when you showed interest in a guy.

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Imagine playing hard to get with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from a wonderfully loyal reader @m-a-t-91, I don’t really know if I lived up to your request ‘cause when I write- I kinda go into a state where I just write what comes to me. I think I wrote what you asked for, I dunno. Enjoy anyway. X

You could feel your best friend, Chris watching you from across the bar as you politely chatted with the third guy to hit on you in one night. You weren’t actually interested, you were just too nice to shoot him down. At least he was slightly better looking than the first two, it helped but he still wasn’t the one you wanted to be with. The one you wanted, the one you were in-love with- had been in-love with since the moment you met him was the blue eyed, brown haired Bostonian that you called a best friend. You didn’t know but he was in-love with you too, just waiting for the right time to tell you.

“Do you want me to get rid of him?” Chris mouthed at you and you bit back your smile, nodding ever so subtly. “Wear the ring,” he mouthed and tapped his ring finger on his left hand; a gesture to the bid the two of you had performed numerous times.

You did as you were told, watching him rise from his stool and disappear into the crowd. You continued to nod at the blond, faking a smile as he talked you through his gym regime. You could’ve listened to Chris talk about his gym regime all day but you couldn’t with this guy, with this guy- all you wanted to do was roll your eyes.

“There you are, my love.” You heard Chris’ voice and felt his warm hand touch the small of your back. “I’m sorry,” his gaze fell onto the blond gentleman who was stunned by the presence of the actor, Chris Evans. “Can I help you? Is there a reason you’re talking to my fiancée?” He asked, grabbing your left hand and holding it up to reveal your ring.

“Uh- no, um-” He stammered, swallowing his nerves as he got up. “I had no idea- I’m sorry, Cap. I didn’t notice the ring and- Have a good night,” he nodded at the both of you and rushed off, leaving you and Chris in stitches.

“I’m sorry, Cap?” You laughed, trying to ignore the butterflies forming in your stomach from Chris’ touch. “That’s fucking hilarious. I have never seen a guy bigger than you so terrified of you,” you said and Chris scoffed. “The role of Captain America has given you a few benefits.”

“First of all, he was not bigger than me. And even if he was, I’m much better looking than that doofus.” He argued and you rolled your eyes; the feeling of disappointment washed over him when he took his hand away. “And yes, the role of Captain America has given me a few benefits. You’re one of them, without it- I probably wouldn’t have met you.”

“But we met at your dad’s dentistry,” you narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“Yes, but you wouldn’t have been interested in talking to me if I wasn’t Captain America.” You rolled your eyes at that. “Please,” he chuckled softly. “Don’t act like you would’ve given me the time of day if I wasn’t Captain America, even after you knew who I was- you barely paid me any attention. All you did was ask for a selfie, you wouldn’t even give me your phone number.”

“I was raised not to trust random strangers, even if said random stranger was Captain America.”

“Bull-fucking-shit,” he laughed. “You just like playing hard to get, you’re like that with every guy.”

“Fuck you, Evans.” You playfully shoved him and he laughed harder, touching his left boob. “I do not like playing hard to get, I’m just not one of those girls who gives her number away willy nilly. Even if I knew who you were, you were still just some random guy. I couldn’t just give you my number, I had to know you were a guy worth trusting.” You told him and he chuckled. “And you are,” you patted his cheek gently and his heart fluttered at your touch, “'cause here we are now, best of friends.”

“I want more than friends,” you thought you heard him mutter under his breath. Your heart skipped a beat but you remained indifferent, just in case you heard him wrongly. “Y/N,” Chris moved in front of you, taking one of your hands in his. “Have you ever thought about dating a friend?”

Your breath hitched in your throat because you knew you had in fact heard what you heard; he was referring to himself and the possibility of him becoming something more to you. You had been wishing for something like that since- God, since before you met him. But like he said, you were prone to playing hard to get; you didn’t know why, you did do it with every guy. It probably had to do with the string of bad boyfriends, after the last one- you were done getting hurt. You knew Chris was a good guy but you couldn’t risk going through another heartbreak and you definitely didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

“Never,” you lied and shook your head.

“I see,” Chris mumbled; his heart sunk as you pulled your hand away. “Yeah, neither.” He forced a smile on his face but you could see the pain in his eyes; you suffered immediate guilt and regret. “I think it’s stupid to ruin a good friendship, I just- I was asking for a friend.”

“Yeah, sure.” You nodded, smiling even though you were dying on the inside. “This is why we’re best friends, we share a similar form of thinking.” You said and he nodded, chuckling with very limited humor. “I’m starving, do you want to go grab some Leone’s?”

“You know I do.” He smiled more genuinely; he couldn’t be with you but at least he could be around you. “Let’s go,” he held out his arm for you to take and you took it without hesitation. “What are we thinking? Eat in or take it back to my place?”

“Anything as long as I get to eat with you,” you told him and his smile widened a little bit. “You know I love you, right?” You asked and he nodded, pressing a quick kiss to the side of your head. “Good,” you managed a small smile, ignoring your aching heart. “Now let’s go get some pizza.”
• • • • • • • •
“I will never ever get sick of pizza,” you grinned as you took another slice from the box. Chris chuckled and took a sip of his beer, smiling as he watched you devour the slice. “Thank you so much for introducing me to Leone’s, it is honestly- the best.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled and lowered his beer onto the hardwood floor. “You know something, Y/N?” He quizzed, crawling across to sit next to you. “I think you’re amazing.” He told you when your facials prompted a continuation. “I think you’re beautiful and funny and talented and- perfect. I think you’re perfect,” he whispered and brushed your hair out of your face.

“I think I’m all of those things too,” you joked because you knew where he was going with all of that. “What can I say?” You dropped your slice back into the box and brushed the crumbs from your hands by swiping them together. “My parents made a masterpiece when they had me.”

“Can you please be serious for once in your life?” Chris narrowed his eyes at you; he was buzzed enough not to care about the consequences. “I’m trying to tell you I like you, Y/N. I’ve been trying to tell you all night,” he said and you sighed. “I know we’re best friends and you don’t want to ruin our friendship by giving this a shot, I don’t either- the last thing I want is to lose you.”

“Then stop,” you told him.

“I can’t,” he shook his head. “I can’t keep pretending I’m okay with just being friends anymore. I know you’re sick of it too, I’m not crazy- I can see the way you look at me. You want this too, you’re just too afraid of getting hurt again which is why you’re constantly playing hard to get.” He took your hands and pressed it to his heart. “But I would never hurt you, Y/N. I would never ever because- you do this to me, you make my heart beat- you make each day worth more than it should. There has never been a day with you that has been bad,” he told you.

“Chris, stop-” you tried to pull your hands away but he tightened his grip. “I can’t lose you, I can’t lose this. Maybe we try this out, maybe it works but- what if it doesn’t?” You felt your eyes well with tears. “What are we going to do then? Who am I going to have in my life?”

“Me,” he answered. “Because you’re never going to lose me, Y/N. You’re the love of my life, I didn’t realize it until now but- I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. As long as you’re around, you’re the one I’m going to love until my final breath.” You felt a smile stretch across your face; the tears that welled from the fear of losing him, fell out of joy. “Even as a ghost, I’ll still love you.”

“Shut up,” you managed a soft laugh and he smiled, leaning in to press his forehead against yours. “Fine,” you huffed and his breath hitched in his throat when he realized what you were about to agree to. “We can try this, but if things don’t work-”

“It will,” he interrupted excitedly.

“If it doesn’t,” you continued your previous sentence. “You don’t get to run out on me. You are going to stay my best friend until the end of time, even if you hate my guts- you’re going to be there for me. Those are my terms, otherwise- it’s a no.”

“More time with my best friend who is also the love of my life?” He quizzed rhetorically and smirked when you bit back your smile. “How could I possibly disagree to those terms?”

“Good,” you smiled. He released your wrists so he could caress your face; you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in. “Because I was getting a little sick of playing hard to get.” He chuckled then smiled when you pressed your lips against his.

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honestly how do people have such nice emmerdale dreams?? i had a dream recently where robert developed an allergy to condoms and nearly died, it was traumatic lol

LORNA !!!!!!!!! I’M ????? SCREAMING ??????????? 


You've heard of gal pals now get ready for:

your pal, your buddy, your bucky

Can’t Live - Steve Rogers x Reader

Originally posted by buddyineedyou

Words: 1163
Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: uh, getting hurt? LIL BIT OF CIVIL WAR SPOILERS BUT
Requested by: @green-spotlight
Hi :) A Steve x reader one, please? In that scene of Civil War when they are in Lagos, you are on the building that Wanda blows up because u were backup or something, and Steve starts to panic because you are the love of his life and can’t live without you ❤️ Thank you
A/n: Steve Rogers imagines always end up much sweeter than I originally think they will be. Oops.


“You guys know I can move things with my mind…” Wanda said.

You rolled your eyes after taking a sip of your coffee and pushing your sunglasses up. “Yeah, why are we holding back again?”

Sam sighed. “I don’t want to listen to Cap explain it, again. Why don’t you listen when he tells us the first time?” Sam asked.

"You know I don’t work that way.” You smiled to yourself. “Come on, I could go crazy and find him easily.” You said.

“Don’t think about it.” Sam told you.

Quickly enough, they got eyes on Rumlow. And it was time to go into action.

You followed behind Cap, as you were his backup.

After finding Rumlow and his gang inside a gas filled building, Cap gave his orders. “Wanda, like we practiced.” When you heard him say that, you started laughing, just thinking of all the times Wanda accidentally threw Cap into a wall.

“Backup, where are you?” Cap said, cutting off your laughing.

“Sorry, thought I saw something.” You lied, and Wanda gave you a look before you shrugged and jumped off the ground to fly up into the building. Wanda worked on getting all the gas out, and luckily she was able to get it out before it got to you and Cap. Somehow.

You followed Cap around as you were also helping take guys down. But alas, Rumlow was gone by the time you had found the room you both needed to be in.

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imagine pocket-sized jungkook studying next to you while a kpop playlist plays in the background. sistar’s touch my body would come up on shuffle and jungkook would immediately jump up and start dancing on top of your worksheets.

A lot longer than I anticipated, but what can I say? I had a hell of a time writing it. And don’t tell my boss but I took my bluetooth keyboard into work and spent my free time editing this on my phone. Shh… So anyway, this fic was requested by @curiositykilledthecompanion. Enjoy, my darlings!

It’s kind of a basic plot, but can you write a Tony x Reader one where he and the reader are flirting during a mission, and she gets hit, and he thinks somethings wrong, but she doesn’t say anything about it until they get back to the tower? Like, she hides it from him and he gets mad because she could’ve died?


Battles were not renowned for the feelings they invoked. Yet this could not really be considered a battle. The fight was too easy. How could anyone expect to stand up against The Avengers?

“Call it in,” said Steve, who was leading the team. All the team members sounded off – Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, even the Hulk gave a resounding cry (not that anyone had thought he was in any way missing or injured).

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  • me: they're not gonna do the punk/jerk thing in civil war it's way too cheesy they wouldn't do that
  • me: [remembers civil war is made by the people responsible for beat up steve rogers choking out "till the end of the line" calling back to a flashback of steve and bucky moving in together, thus successfully breaking through bucky's 70 years of brainwashing with the equivalent of their marriage vows]
  • me: they're gonna do the punk/jerk thing in civil war

Behind The Scenes - Misha Collins

Misha x Reader

Summary : You meet Misha at Con(Single!Misha).

You straightened out the leather jacket you were wearing as you stood by the stage. Chris waved to the audience as they screamed. You giggled as he began to fist pump as he sat. ‘Now cover your ears, here’s the Banshee’ You felt Chris Hemsworth slap your back and you walked out onto the stage. You waved to them as they cheered. You gave a small dance and Chris took your hand and gave you a twirl as you both laughed causing the crowd to scream louder as you both sat.

You smiled as Scarlett answered the question. ‘Y/n, she likes to call me Letty’ You shrugged blowing her a kiss. ‘My little Letty sounds cute though’ You said into the mic. She giggled. ‘But it’s weird when you hear over the intercom ‘Where’s my little Letty gone? I’ll come find you pretty, don’t you run off on me’ when we’re working’ The rest of the cast laughed and you waved her off. ‘That’ You told the audience. ‘Does NOT happen that often’ And they all started to laugh louder. You turned to see Robert nodding mouthing that it does.

Scarlett leaned into the mic. ‘So yeah, we have a lot of nicknames for one another. ‘Y/n especially’ You smiled. ‘Guilty, I like nicknames’ You told them. Robert leaned back in his seat whistling at you. You leaned back and leaned closer to him behind Chris E’s back. ‘Just warning you, I’m letting the cat out of the bag’ He chuckled and sat back up straight. You furrowed your eyebrows shaking your head in confusion at him

He turned looking down the table. ‘You want to know a really cute nickname though guys?’ Robert said into the mick and the audience answered. He chuckled. ‘Our good old Captain here-’ He patted Chris’ shoulder smirking at you two. ‘-has a lovely nickname for our Y/n’ You rolled your eyes at Robert. ‘He calls her Babe, all the time’ The audience started to scream. You and Chris looked at each other. ‘Thanks for adding fuel to the fire Rob’ Chris groaned.

For years the fans had been shipping you and Chris. It wasn’t that it annoyed you, actually both you and Chris played on it a lot actually. It amused you both. It was true the two of you were close, he was your best friend.

You leaned forwards into the table as the next fan stepped up. ‘Hey guys, I’m so happy to be here’ You smile. ‘So are we’ Hemsworth said and the girl giggled. ‘My question is for Y/n’ You smiled and stuck your tongue out at the others and the audience laughed a little. ‘Good choice’ You winked as you told her and they laughed more. ‘Eh-it’s said that you might be making an appearance on Supernatural’ You leaned back a little giving a small laugh. ‘Eh, well who know?’ You smirked and heard the crowd groan. ‘You all know I like to pop up in random movies and Tv shows. But I havn’t done Supernatural yet’ You shrugged. ‘But I’d love to, maybe I’d be a Monster and Dean will have to kill me’ You sighed happily. ‘I mean if Dean Winchester was the last thing I seen before I got my head lobbed off, I’d die pretty happy’ You laughed into the mic and heard the audience do the same

You waited until the laughter died down. You took a drink of your water. ‘Plus it looks like a lot of fun and the guys are amazing so yeah, if anyone’s here from the Supernatural crew, write me in’ You gave the audience a double thumbs up with a large smile. ‘Have you met any of them?’ She asked and you nodded. ‘Jensen and Mark, but none of the others’ You told her. ‘Who would be your favourite to meet?’ She asked again. You laughed. ‘You guys can keep a secret right?’ There was a chorus of yeses and you smirked. ‘Definitely Misha Collins, I mean, who wouldn’t? Have you seen that man? Those eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen’ Chris gasped beside you.

He put his hand on his heart. ‘You’ve hurt me’ He said into the mic. You giggled and leaned up pressing a kiss to his cheek and the crowd screamed. ‘I love ye Chris but-’ You let it hang for a second. ‘-oh come on, you’ve seen him. I’ve made you watch two seasons last week’  Chris laughed. ‘That’s true, she forced me to sit down and watch an entire two seasons, in a week. Last time I spend a week in your house’ You giggled at Chris’ appalled face and the crowd went wild. You raised your eyebrows at him. ‘But yeah, he is a beautiful man’ Chris sighed into the mic. You threw up your arms and did a little happy dance.

He chuckled shaking his head. ‘And-’ You leaned ‘-not to mention what an amazing actor he is. I mean the versatility of his acting is ridiculous. Plus not just that but he’s actually a pretty amazing person as well. I haven’t heard a bad word from anyone who knows him. I mean he’s very generous and kind and his GISHWHES is an amazing Idea. We’re actually taking part in it this year’ You waved your hand to the rest of the team.

You smiled at them. ‘And he’s very funny, I mean. He’s hilarious, have you seen his interviews, cos I have’ You giggled shrugging. ‘Aaand someone stop me before I embarrass myself’ You let your head fall against the table as the cast laughed. ‘I think you’re well past the darling’ Big Chris laughed on the other side you you patting you back as the audience laughed.

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