laughing and joking

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I'm just curious what made the person immature? Not that I doubt you! I'm just curious as they must have been bad if you felt the need to warn us all...

I don’t have proof as I blocked them, but I couldn’t even make this up if I tried. 

They legit resorted to: “You still use XD” “What are you, stuck in 2008?!!” Which I find hilarious for 2 reasons:

1. I picked up the habit of using emoticons such as XD while studying in Japan last year.

2. In 2008, this person would have been 7. So they’re mature enough at the age of 7 to stop typing XD on their first gen iPhone, but not mature enough at 13 to to get over the fact not everybody is going to share the same opinion as them.
Yes you read that right. They liked to remind me of their young age. So whether I “won” or “lost”, I would have lost anyways.

P.S. They thought calling me a woobie would hurt my feelings. Which if they did their research, they would find that woobie (or wubie) is a term of endearment in the US military in regards to one of the most cherished pieces of equipment. (It’s also a word children sometimes use for their favorite blanket) Even the urban dictionary definition is full of endearment, not negativity. (And they misused it and should have said I “like” woobie characters, not that I “am” a woobie.) But I think you guys get my point. They’re the type of person it’s better to just leave alone. So I did. 

Time magazine just announced Donald Trump as person of the year, you keep doing your thing America.

me @ myself: u are a lovely young woman! you are a catch! anyone would be lucky to have you! your loneliness and pain won’t last forever! you will get your happiness one day, you deserve it!

myself @ me: 

What do Donald Trump and a Pumpkin have in common?

They’re orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and responsible people will throw them away in early November.