laughing alone with text posts

okay so i just had an idea:

because of my life situation i can’t go to school very consistently and so i don’t really have friends and i really don’t want to look back 5 years and realize no one signed my yearbook because chances are no one will however i consider you guys my friends and if i went to a Tumblr High school i would have every one of you sign my year book so if you want to sigh my yearbook like/reblog this and ill write your URL down and then in 5 years i’ll remember staying up till 2 am laughing hysterically at text posts instead of sitting alone at lunch. You don’t have to be following me, i don’t have to be following you, i just want as many URL’s as possible.

Okay i never had an “certain” anime.phase. like ive never watched naruto, hetalia, bleach, dragon ball, one piece, fma whatever ive never wtached them… i had a Dreamworks phase aka the phase were i liked dreamworks movies only and i drew the characters and i loved them. I blasted the entire soundtrack of Over The Hedge everyday,, i watched Madagascar amvs.. u can all leave me alon

so, like, what if bokuto has a super warm, welcoming, touchy-feely kind of family? like, his parents would always kiss him goodbye when he left for school as a little kid, they always hug every single person at family reunions, and are constantly exchanging small pats on the back, pokes in the side, resting hands on shoulders, and things of the like. so, bokuto is a touchy sort of guy because of it. (hangs his arms around his teammates, leans on people, doesn’t really get the whole “personal space” thing sometimes)

akaashi, on the other hand, has a more reserved kind of family. formalities are really important, boundaries are pretty important, politeness in general is just extremely important. it isn’t as though his family is cold, but affection isn’t as hands-on, per se, and it isn’t always expressed in an open sort of way.

so, when akaashi first meets bokuto– who does not know how to keep his hands to himself –akaashi feels a little uncomfortable.

it takes a little while (a lot of while) for the two to find a balance of how-touchy-is-okay, but, eventually they figure it out. and, eventually, “too touchy” melts into wth is too touchy anyway? bc akaashi becomes all too used to bokuto practically hanging on him.

and akaashi expects bokuto’s family to be pretty touchy, too, right? like, bokuto had to learn this kind of behavior somewhere. but akaashi doesn’t really think much of it after a while because he gets so used to bokuto and so used to bokuto’s touchy-feely habits, that he forgets it’s a thing.

then he goes over to bokuto’s house for the first time.

and wow. talk about being caught off guard.

it starts as soon as he walks in the door. bokuto’s mom touches his arm, saying that she can take his coat for him if he’d like, then bokuto’s dad comes up and claps him on the shoulder like, “so, this is the amazing first-year setter we’ve heard so much about!”

akaashi couNTS how many times he receives a pat, poke, or any subtle gesture that involves physical contact and probably remembers that number for the rest of his life. (when he’s older, people will ask ~what’s your favorite number?~ and he’ll respond with that number, prompting a why that number? and he’ll just smile)

later that night, they’re lying in bokuto’s bed, just kind of chillin’ and talkin’ and bokuto asks, “so, what'dja think?”

akaashi stares at the ceiling, stays silent a moment, then answers, “they’re definitely your family.” he turns his head to look at bokuto and faintly smiles.

bokuto’s eyes brighten a whole lot and he isn’t quite sure why, but he can’t stop himself from grinning like an idiot and akaashi has to turn his head the other way because he can feel himself starting to grin like an idiot, too, and neither of them really understand why they’re suddenly bursting with these happy feelings until they’re a little bit older, but they know in the moment that they like it, and let’s just say that bokuto’s family gets to know akaashi a lot better in the years to come.

i wonder if people who complain about the new ghostbusters for ruining the original realize the first ghostbusters still exists. 

entirely the same as it ever was. 

untouched by the presence of this entirely new film. 

as it will continue to be. 

for… a long, long time.