laughing alone at my own jokes

Imagine Lance being a total dork in his and Keith’s relationship.

Like the very first day they start dating and he and Keith are holding hands. Lance pauses, glancing down at Keith with an impish grin that already he’s fond of.

“Hey Keith, you ready to take the next step in this relationship?”

And Keith is obviously flustered because “Jesus lance we only just started dating-”

But he breaks off as Lance walks a pace; takes a legitimate ‘step’ forward.

“Hah,” he chortles. “First step in the relationship.”

“Oh my god,” Keith groans as he moves to follow Lance.

“Woah, another step! Geez Keith, better slow down-”

“You’re the worst,” Keith says, but he’s smiling nonetheless

And on it goes. Each new milestone, every little accomplishment: another step. And it’s always Lance to do it. Always him to walk them forward, mostly literally, sometimes metaphorically. 

Keith let’s him, and each time he laughs, no matter how many steps Lance has had them take now; no matter how many times he’s done the same bit.

Because Keith loves it, quite frankly, and he loves Lance. 

Finally, they’re relaxing after the war is over, days into the galaxy wide celebrations, and Lance and Keith have found a quiet corner to have for themselves, free from the revelries of the parties next door. 

And Lance is being his usual self; playing with Keith’s fingers and making his joke about taking the next step.

Only Keith holds him back. Prevents Lance from completing his joke.

“Actually, Lance, I don’t want to take the next step. I think I wanna try something else.” 

And he get’s down on one knee, clasping Lance’s hand in his own and withdrawing a small silver band from his pocket. Lance is watching with a comical mixture of awe and surprise; tears beginning to form in his ducts.

“Lance, will you marry me?”

And then Lance is laughing, and it startles Keith for a moment until Lance himself is kneeling, pulling out his own ring from his pocket, and grinning as wet droplets cascade down his cheeks.

“I was just about to ask you that,” he chuckles, and now Keith is beaming as well. “You stole my bit.”

“Yeah well,” Keith replies, shuffling closer. “Say yes, and what’s yours becomes mine.”

Lance follows suite, until their foreheads are touching and the words they share are heard only by them.

“Pretty sure it’s ‘what’s mine is yours’.”

And Keith feels his eyes begin to shut; tilting his jaw upwards to meet Lance halfway.

“It already was,” he breathes. “Ever since that first step.”

They don’t go back to the party after that.

Male and female signs I know

Aries Male: Very awkward at first, super easy to approach. Laughs super loud and is actually v shy. Super playful and loving, caring for those close to him. Not one for anger unless provoked

Aries Female: Loves to argue with people but never means to hurt their feelings, passionate about who and what they love, actually super lazy but athletic. Creative as fuck and very cuddly

Taurus Male: Quite at first then super funny and loud, pretty random and like never cried. Really handsome and very fashionable, a born smooth talker and kinda insensitive

Taurus Female: Worried about something literally all the time, very sweet and scared of being a burden, likes to have fun and party, super chill and loves babies

Gemini Male: laughs a lot, super awkward but actually not awkward at all, open about certain things but also extremely closed off about others, loves videos games and fun people

Gemini Female: everyone thinks you’re a Bitch at first, super funny and actually really smart, random facts all the time about anything (usually never on topic), likes clean and kinda crowded spaces, loves people but hates them all

Cancer Male: really weird sense of humour, happy being alone, loves family a lot, refuses to let go of past relationships, super shy at first, hard working, actually a sensitive nerd

Cancer Female: actually super indecisive, never fucking tells you if they’re upset, loves random adventures as long as they have people they love with them, Netflix binges are a normal things

Leo Male: cocky as fuck but super insecure, loves attention, somehow always has money for food, laughs at his own jokes more than he laughs at other peoples, “what should I do with my hair?”

Leo Female: aggressive, likes to tease people (in a loving way), loves but hates being teased back, cries whenever they feel they’re not good enough, exaggerated storied, really funny

Virgo Male: unique style, cries when they get pissed off at someone they love, constantly stressed out, simple things make them laugh really hard, not very good at telling jokes, loves people way too much

Virgo Female: bad ass TBH, easily attached, cute style, lots of stories to tell, being around them is comforting, seems to have their life together basically all the time, lowkey freak

Libra Male: knows so many people but considered like 10 of them their friends, easily excited, good advice, good at making decisions for everyone but themselves, introvert who loves people

Libra Female: makes lots of weird noises, always has a story to tell, actually really stressed out, laughs a lot, constant confusion, “what should I do/get/pick/say/eat/buy/etc.?”

Scorpio Male: a dick in a funny way, quite at first, not afraid to tell you if you’re annoying, loves to tease, shares pics about sex on fb

Scorpio Female: will fight you, not afraid to talk to strangers, loves being home and doing nothing, hood playlists, dreams about relationships, their stories are important

Sagittarius Male: fuck boy, funny as fuck, not very loud, drinks a lot, rebel who cares too much about everything, once they’re attached they stay attached

Sagittarius Female: school makes them cry, lots of relationships that last a long time, cute style but wants to look bad ass, willing to fight u, memes

Capricorn Male: really quite but somehow everyone knows them, videos games all the time, can’t express feelings and breakdowns like one a year

Capricorn Female: actually pretty loud and fun, hard to keep in touch with, can’t fall out of love with that one person, critical of a lot of things without meaning to be

Aquarius Male: knows like everyone, meme master, laughs when you laugh, not talk to them for a year and then easily pick up convo like nothing happened

Aquarius Female: super cheeky, doesn’t really argue about anything, chill as fuck, loves loud and fun people, fascinated by people and the way they do things, delicate but will kick ur ass if they have to

Pisces Male: not good at expressing things, shy, v giggly, resting Bitch face, loner, comfortable to talk to

Pisces Female: aesthetic snapchat, love fun and lowkey dangerous things, once they hate you they hate you, weird sense of humour, in their own world

Harder (Smut)


A/N: This took me so long to finish. Here’s a mix between some jerking off and some passionate sex. I’d love to hear what you think. 

Word count: 3,295

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After Karen and I picked up Shawn at the airport, we went straight back to their house to spend the night. Though Shawn would have rather gone home, he’d finally given in after a couple of hours pouting childishly in the car from the airport and back to Pickering. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand he wanted to spend his first night back in his own apartment, but his cousin were graduating tomorrow and driving all the way back and forth two days in a row was just stupid when Karen and Manny had left Shawn’s old room untouched since he moved. 

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Anything For You

Me? A sucker for the wedding trope.
Hope you guys like this one though <3

Title: Anything For You
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter is your date to a wedding and all your relatives love him. Just one issue: you’re not actually dating.
Word Count: 1,640
Warnings: None
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314

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           "Y/N,“ Peter coughs as you tighten his tie. "Chill.”

           "Sorry,“ you say quickly, loosening the knot just a bit.

           He gives you a good-natured smile, adjusting the collar of his shirt a bit. Staring in the mirror, Peter fixes up a few other aspects of his appearance as you watch.

           "Thanks for being my date to this thing,” you tell him. You’ve already expressed your appreciation to him multiple times, but you still felt the obligation to say it.

           Peter’s adjusting a few strands of his hair as you speak. He looks at you in the reflection of the mirror and gives you a reassuring smile.

           "It’s no problem,“ he insists, shoving his hands in his pocket. "Anything for my best friend. Besides, I couldn’t let you suffer through the ceremony alone.”

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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 3.

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family. 

Word Count: 3564

A/n: Oooh, the drama in this chapter, hohohoho


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3Part 4 | Part 5

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It’s 6pm and you’re still sitting in the kitchen. Ever since you woke up you’ve been running around the house with a broom and a map, listening to your mother-in-law’s instructions on where to clean next. You’re exhausted by now, but you can’t really disappoint a woman when the family dinners mean everything to her.

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I don’t even want to hear it - Zach Dempsey

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A/N: I know it’s freaking long but please take your time to read it! I worked pretty damnnn hard on it and to be honest i’m kind of proud. ( It would be so embarrasing if you guys hated it right now)

Request 1: Hiiii , I love your blog!!!! Can you please write an zach dempsey imagine where zach and the reader break up because he is distracted and ignores her and maybe cheats on her and then she starts to have contact to another boy and somehow dates him and zach gets jealous but in the end they make up Please make it so angsty that I have to cry for days Thank Youuu love youuu 😘

Request 2: Hey! Can u write a Zach Dempsey imagine where the reader and Zach have been dating for 2 months and they fought and the reader makes Zach jealous then they get back together?

Word count: 2589

Zach had been ignoring you for weeks now and you were done with it, if he didn’t want to be with you anymore he just needed to grow some balls and tell you. You were completely done dealing with all these rumours and drama. You loved Zach you really did but you weren’t the one to sit around and be played. You were walking down the hall when you found Zach’s friend but he wasn’t with them.  You knew Zach’s friends pretty good so you weren’t shy around them anymore.

“Okay Foley spill the beans where is he?” They were all looking at you with wide eyes, like the ticking bomb had finally exploded. Justin didn’t say anything and just pointed in some direction. When you looked you saw Zach flirting with some girl, she was laughing with his jokes and playing with her hair. Of course he was you thought before you rolled with your eyes and started to walk. You were acting all though but inside you were heart broken. Zach always had been so sweet and caring you just didn’t understand why he acted like that. Was this all your fault, were you too ‘boring’?

“Okay Dempsey enough. What’s going on?” Zach seemed pretty shocked by your sudden approach. He knew that when you used his last name he was in trouble. But something in him had changed, his shocked face soon changed in being too cocky again.

“What do you mean?” he said shrugging, lifting his shoulders and making an annoyed face towards his friends like he had to prove something towards them.

“You know exactly what I mean Dempsey. You’ve been ignoring me for  weeks, not bothering to talk to me at all. What is it? You found a new, more exciting toy to play with? You thought I would just let it go like that and forget about us? I don’t understand what happened?” you said while people were starting to stare at you.

“Come on babe let’s not do this now.”

“No don’t babe me, this is getting too much. Tell me now where are we at, you’ve been playing games for long enough.” For a second you saw some sadness in his eyes and you felt hope but it wasn’t long before he straightened his back and rolled his eyes at you.

“I guess we’re done then.”

“Fine.” You said before turning your back and walking away. That night you cried, you cried pretty bad but you decided to let it all out for one night and then get yourself back together. If someone treated you like that they weren’t worth it. You decided you weren’t going to show how much he hurted you, not that he would bother but it was the easiest for you. Weeks went by and you haven’t talked to Zach since. He called you a couple times. Most of the times at 2 AM, every time your phone rang you wanted to pick up so badly and probably get him home since he had to be drunk but you didn’t because even tho he was out of your life he kept hurting you. Every time you walked passed Zach’s locker, which was like every fucking single day, he was flirting with some girl. They changed from time to time. Kate from English, Elisabeth from junior year and Sydney from the volleyball team they all passed by. They knew Zach was a catch and they were right. Zach always had been a good person, a honest and kind one. You didn’t understand what had happened that he became like this? He kept being nice to everyone except from you. It seemed like you brought out the worst in him. When you entered biology and woke from your daydream you saw that  Zach was already in the class room. His eyes fell immediately on you but you looked away and searched for a free spot. You had been avoiding Zach since the two of you broke up. As much as you wanted to talk to him you weren’t going to let him hurt you twice so avoiding seemed like the most solid plan. You saw a free spot next to Jeff Atkins. He always seemed nice and friendly so you went with it.

“Is this spot taken?” you asked.

“No I just put my bag on it so I could take my books out more easily, so here please sit down.” He said. Jeff seemed a little nervous making you blush a little. You felt Zach’s gaze burn but you ignored it just like he did with you.  Again more weeks went by and you and Jeff started to get along better and better. Instead of basketball you now started to watch baseball games. You didn’t have to study alone anymore and Jeff always listened to you when you needed him, you went to school together went home together, you basically did everything together. The two of you were starting to become best friends even tho the whole school thought you were dating. In the beginning the two of you went on a couple dates together but Jeff soon confessed that he was having a crush on someone else and was trying to get her attention, you could have been mad at him for sort of using you but you had to admit you were kind of doing the same. You missed Zach, a lot, and dating someone else only made you miss him more. But of course Liberty High wouldn’t be liberty high if they didn’t start rumours about Jeff and you. You heard the most funny things about dates you didn’t even went on together to descriptions of your sex life that didn’t even exist at that time. The two of you thought the rumours were pretty funny so you sometimes just made them a little worse giving Jeff a  kiss on the cheek or both flirting to make fun of the people around you. you had to admit it was pretty hilarious.

It was Friday when you were walking in school and saw Jeff walking alone. You ran and jumped on his back he swung you around before putting you down again.

“So Atkins there’s a party tonight at Jess’s place, you in? I heard a certain someone will be there.” You said with a wink.

“I don’t know y/n, I’m kind of tired and - .”

“Dude I don’t even want to hear it we’re going.”  And with that your best friend was already convinced. The day went by slowly and you were starting to get more and more excited for the party. Again you really had found your soulmate when you found Jeff, on every party the of you were a dynamic duo winning every beerpong game and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The schoolday was finally over and you rushed home, took a good shower and got ready. You picked out your favourite black jeans, a cute light pink top that showed just a litte of your belly and some cleavage, around your neck a cute little necklace and your black converses.  You walked down picked your leather jacket and of you were. You decided to walk there so you could drink and Jeff didn’t have to drive you. When you entered you walked straight to the kitchen, as usual, to fix yourself a drink. You were closing the bottle of vodka when you heard someone shout your lastname from outside.

“Y/L/N! Beerpong, I need you!”  You smiled at the voice of Jeff. You finished your cup and got outside to see Jeff standing at the beerpongtable with on the other side Justin Foley, on his own.

“I’m here I’m here I’m here!” you shouted while waving your arms at Jeff.

“But Justin is alone? Like do we really want to do this to him?” You joked being a little too arrogant, like you always got with games. You were still laughing with Jeff’s arm around your neck and drinking from your cup when Justin found the best way possible to get back at you.

“Jow Dempsey you’re in my team.” You heard him shout. You instantly choked on your drink spitting all the liquor you had in your mouth back out. When you looked at Justin he winked at you, the little bastard. You decided to pull your though façade back up and not even look at Zach.

“Bring it on bitches.” You said with a cocky grin on your face, your eyebrows raised and your arms open signalling to bring it with your hands. Alcohol always made you very confident and this time it wasn’t any different. As usual Jeff and you were destroying Justin and Zach already mocking them a little. In the beginning you focused on your throws but when Justin and Zach only had 3 cups left that’s when the real fun began.  You jumped on Jeff’s back before throwing still not missing a single cup.  When you were getting drunk enough to dare to look at Zach you saw how frustrated he looked. His jaw was clenched and he didn’t even let out one smile since you were keeping an eye. There was only one cup left and of course you threw it in in one smooth movement. Jeff and you started to do your happy dance when Zach suddenly threw all the cups from the table and stormed of. You stopped celebrating for a second but again you were drunk so all you could do was giggle and continue dancing. The night continued and you were dancing the night away. In the beginning Jeff was still with you but then he finally had the guts to go and talk to his all time crush. Your favourite song , 1 night by mura masa and charli xcx, started to play and you were totally feeling yourself even tho you were dancing on your own. Your arms were up in the air, you closed your eyes  and you let your hips move smoothly on the beat. You didn’t even have to think about it, it just went naturally. You were in your own vibe when a big hand suddenly pulled you by your waist.  Your eyes shot open when you saw the one and only Zach Dempsey take you outside. Well he knew how to kill your vibe you thought by yourself. You finally got outside when Zach placed you against the wall and stood in front of you with his arms crossed.

“Come on Z you know that was my song.” You said giggly trying to avoid a more serious conversation not looking him in the eye because you were scared of losing your façade since Zach was still your week spot after all these months of trying to get over him. You didn’t get a reaction so you felt like right now you had to face him. You looked up to see the most mixed emotions you ever saw on someone face. Was he disappointed or was it anger? Maybe some frustration? Is that a tear? you sighed.

“What?” you asked. Now you were starting to get frustrated, he brought you out here and now he isn’t saying a word. That’s not how it works you thought by yourself.

“You know just tell me Y/N, are you dating Atkins now? “ you just shrugged and rolled your eyes.

“Dude? Are you dating Allison now? Or Elisabeth? Maybe Kate? or is Kate already out of the picture since I heard Kimberly freak over how great you upper body was.” You didn’t want to sound jealous but he really wasn’t the one who got to point fingers at you.

“I’m not dating any of these girls, why would you even think that? Are you jealous?” he said raising his voice slightly.

“Look Zach I didn’t come out here for you to point fingers at me. I thought you wanted to say something decent, if you can’t I’m heading back inside.”

“No wait sorry.” Zach said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s just..” he sighed letting an awkard silence fall between the two of you.

“It’s just.. starting to get freaking cold Zach so spill all out here or I’m going back inside.” And with that all came out.

“It’s just that I never wanted to break up with you. When I ignored you it was because I was scared, scared because I felt like I met the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life and I wanted to have kids with when I grow up but you.. you’re something different, you’re just so strong, confident and independent, you don’t need me to achieve something so I got scared that I would commit so much to you but you wouldn’t to me and that eventually you would leave me so I thought It was better to just do it myself and try to get over you with other girls. But it seemed like it didn’t even touch you and then you started to hang with Atkins and I never been so heartbroken then when I heard the two of you dated. I just miss you I really fucking do. I would do everything to get back to you and I just wanted you to know that.” You were literally blown away by everything you had just heard. So you did change something in Zach others couldn’t and it was something positive. You felt your heart racing in your chest from excitement and as much as you wanted to hide it there had an enormous blush appeared on your face, you could feel your cheeks burn.

“Zach come closer.”

“Are you going to slap me, cause I deserve it but just warn me maybe?”

“Just come freaking closer you idiot.” You said joking and so he did. Zach walked closer to you and when he was close enough you laid your arms around his neck and pulled his head closer to yours since you couldn’t reach his face even when you were on your tiptoes. He lowered his head and finally after weeks of pain your lips met his again. They were so soft and warm that it gave you chills down your spine. Zach swirled his arm around your waist and pulled you even closer if that was still possible. The kiss got deeper and more passionate, you felt like there were fireworks going of everywhere inside of you. finally the two of you let go of each other.

“I missed this so much.” zach said still catching his breath a little.

“Don’t you ever dare treating me like that again.” You said while you hugged Zach tightly. Your head close enough to hear his heart and damn Zach’s heart was pounding like crazy.

“But like what is Atkins going to say of all this?” you couldn’t help but start to laugh pretty hard making Zach look at you full confusion.

“Oh god no you’re serious? Zach Jeff and I never dated, we just became best friends. He’s actually is head over heels for Amber ,soccer team? You know not too tall, brown hair, green eyes, skinny, always wears blue jeans?”

“Really? Those two would really be a perfect match.”

“I know right!” and with that it felt like you and Zach had never broke up in the first place. You were so happy you finally had the love of your life back and that he felt the same.

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Made Of Ice Not Glass

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @motherandloverofallfandoms 

Heyyy i love your blog and I was wandering if you can write a harry x reader. The reader is from auradon an they fell in love with harry and when they are fighting in it’s going down reader gets really injured and harry is super scared and worried.

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – The daughter of Queen Elsa and Harry Hook fell for each other and began dating but kept it a secret till she is hurt trying to get King Ben back with the VK’s.

Warning(s) - blood, injury, it gets a little sexual and implied sex but nothing crazy

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When You Sleep

(title from the song “When You Sleep” by Mary Lambert)

Word count: 985

Author: ace-of-babes-98/AlteanPools (both me, whatever)

Pairing: Klance (voltron legendary defender) although it could be considered just platonic??

rating: e (fluffy fluff fluff!)

*     *     *

Lance is a light sleeper. Without his headphones, even the smallest noises can and will wake him up. This isn’t usually a problem - most nights, he has the energy to go through his usual before-bed routine which involves settling into bed with his headphones. The only times he falls asleep without them is after particularly tough missions. On those nights, he’s just too damn tired to bother with any of it, and crashes the moment his head hits the pillow. But, everyone else in the castle is usually just as tired and so there’s not a lot of commotion on those nights. Either way, Lance sleeps pretty peacefully.

Tonight is one of the nights that Lance can’t be bothered to do anything but change out of his day clothes before flopping onto his bed. Their run-in with the Galra today had been an uphill battle and everyone had come out of it exhausted.

At an ungodly hour, there’s a noise in the hallway. Heavy, sleepy footsteps that wake the blue paladin. He lays and listens as the person, whoever it is, stops just outside his door. It’s weird enough that someone is up at this hour, but now they’re just standing outside his room. What the fuck?

He’s about to get up and see what’s going on out there, because it’s grown quiet again and they’re still outside his room, but as he gets out of bed the footsteps move back the way they’d come from. He can hear a bedroom door open, not far from his own room, and close again.

Only one person’s room is that close to his.


He considers asking Keith about it the next morning over breakfast, but ultimately decides not to. Maybe he was just sleep walking?

But Lance is curious. So the next night, he purposefully doesn’t put on his headphones before bed. And sure enough, at about the same time, he’s woken by Keith’s footsteps approaching and then stopping outside his door.

A few minutes pass and then Keith goes back to his own room, leaving Lance a little confused. This doesn’t seem like sleepwalking, but… it could be? Maybe?

This happens most nights for several weeks - in the middle of the night, when everyone else is sound asleep, Keith will come stand outside Lance’s door for a few minutes before returning to his own room.

Finally, Lance has had enough of it. The next time those footsteps approach, Lance opens his door to find Keith looking back at him, a little bewildered.


“What the hell, Keith?”

The blue paladin is ready to have a full on confrontation about this. Keith is 100% awake! What the fuck has he been doing? But he’s stopped in his tracks when he notices the expression on Keith’s face. His eyes are wide and glossy, as if tears are gathering there. He’s shaking and looks very… small. Very afraid, like a frightened kid. He’s got his arms wrapped around himself, as if he’ll shatter to pieces if he lets go.

“Are you okay?” Lance asks instead of whatever angry comment he’d planned. He reaches out to place a hand on the red paladin’s shoulder

“Yeah!” Keith lies, although not well. His voice wavers and he has to swallow hard before speaking. “I’m fine.”

“What’s going on? Why have you been standing outside my room almost every night?”

“You were awake?” Keith is trembling harder now. “It’s dumb.”

“If it’s got you upset it’s not dumb.”

“I’ve been having nightmares. I… I don’t really know what about, but I’ve been waking up r-really panicked.” His voice is cracking, seconds way from breaking. “At first I tried calming down on my own but it didn’t work. So I thought I’d feel better if I just… wasn’t alone. Your room is right here, I thought I could come to you for help. Just so I didn’t have to be by myself.”

“You should have knocked or something instead of standing outside my door, having a panic attack.”

“I would always get this far and then feel really stupid about the whole thing.”

Lance sighs, wrapping an arm around Keith’s shoulders and guiding him into the room. The blue paladin settles back down in his bed, pulling the covers back and and scooting far enough over for another person to fit.

“Well, come on. Let’s get some sleep, Mullet.” He pats the empty mattress next to him.

“You’re serious?” Keith asks, not in his usual “this is a terrible idea” way, but in a “are you really being so nice” way. He is still panicking, standing in Lance’s doorway as the door slides shut behind him.

“Yeah. I’m not going to leave you alone in the hallway like this. I’m not heartless, you know.”

Keith slowly makes his way to the bed, as if uncertain. Then he gets comfy and Lance tucks the blanket around them both.

“Next time you have a nightmare, just come on in and make yourself comfy.” Lance stifles a yawn, tucking an arm around the red paladin’s waist in a protective manner. He presses his cheek to Keith’s shoulder, feeling sleep taking over.

“Thanks, Lance,”

“Yeah. Don’t say I never did anything for you.” he tries to joke, but it falls a little flat since he’s already halfway asleep. He can feel Keith’s form slowly stop trembling as the other boy relaxes.

Keith picks up on the joke anyway, huffing out a tiny, half-laugh. He feels safe and warm now, much better than he’d felt alone in his own room, and his eyelids grow heavy.

Lance wakes the next morning alone, the mattress cold. But over breakfast, when nobody else is paying attention, Keith offers him a small, grateful smile.

And that night, at an hour nobody should be awake to see, Lance’s headphones are pulled away and he is woken briefly by Keith’s voice whispering “Scoot over.”

Crossed Wires, Part 2 (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: You like a boy (Cole), who you think likes another girl (Lili), while he thinks you like another boy (KJ), who thinks he’s competing with the first boy for the same girl (Lili). When the boys are brought onto the Late Late Show with James Corden and asked about their love lives, things get real confusing real fast.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for being a great consultant on plot and characters! Couldn’t do it without you!

“So, how are the love lives of my two favorite Riverdale boys?” James Corden asked with a cheeky grin.

“Married to videogames and puffed corn snacks,” Cole replied with a grin of his own. The studio audience laughed. You, watching from the hallway to backstage, laughed as well.

You’d been preparing for your role on Riverdale for two months now, and had just began shooting. You and Cole were growing infinitely closer, but your friendship with KJ helped cope with any sadness about Lili. With Cole, you wondered over the vastness of the world, made cheesy jokes, and explored Hollywood in a way you never could alone. With KJ, you ate ice cream while venting over your unrequited loves, went surfing at the beach, and sang music together. Things were actually… nice.

“Oh come on!” James said. “There has to be some ladies in the lives of such handsome young men!” The audience oohed.

“Well…” KJ said with a blush. The oohing increased in volume. “There is someone.” The smile fell from Cole’s face, which he replaced quickly for the sake of the audience.

James put a hand over his mouth in exaggerated surprise. “Tell us more! Is she a celebrity?”

“Well… yes.”

“…a co-star perhaps?”

KJ eyed Cole uneasily. “Yes.”

The crowd rioted in laughter, some taking out their phones to begin avid Twitter speculation. You grinned from off-sides, knowing exactly to whom KJ was referring.

“Any more hints?” James asked, already basking in the hits this exclusive information would get his show.

“She is by far, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

You smiled at KJ’s sweetness towards Lili. Cole did not fail to see this out of the corner of his eye, and his face reddened of its own accord.

“Looks like you have something to say, Cole,” James said. The audience reaction increased. Cole was a fan favorite, and they ate up any information they could get on his personal life.

“I too, am currently interested with a fellow Riverdale co-star,” Cole said matter-of-factly. The audience cheered. KJ eyed Cole in challenge, who eyed him back likewise.

Your heart began to hurt. It was easy enough to ignore Cole’s other involvements when Lili wasn’t around, but things like this just reminded you that you and Cole weren’t together, and most likely would never be.

“Tell us more!” James said with an interested smile.

“Well, I would agree with KJ that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I would also say she’s intelligent, and kind, and amazing, and I know her better than anyone else on the set.” Cole said, raising an eyebrow at KJ’s increasingly reddening face. You bit your lip, holding back tears.

James looked between the boys. “Wait… so you’re talking about the same girl?”

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Darling Part 2

Reader x Draco

Some of you asked me about part 2 for this imagine and you made me so happy, seriously! Thank you so much for being this active! 

I don’t really know how I feel about this…It might be an and, but if you want another part just let me know. 

Imagine: You and Draco are best friends but things change rapidly when he starts dating Pansy Parkinson and your friendship with him is going down.

Warnings: Language


Because of Draco Fucking Malfoy and his need to drag you out on the hallway in the middle of your potions class, professor Snape decided to give both of you a detention so you could finish your Amortenia potion. 

“How very dare you, Y/L/N?!” annoying voice of Pansy Piggie Parkinson echoed the whole common room. You stopped at your conversation with Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott when you saw Parkinson making her way towards you.

“Is everything alright, Piggie? You seems a bit…angry.” you chuckled and stood up to face her. She was a bit smaller than you and that made you feel even more confident about yourself.

“Shut the hell up, Y/L/N! It’s only your fault that my Dracie has got a detention! He was supposed to be with me!” she screamed loudly standing just a few steps away from you. You closed your eyes as you felt like your head was about to explode with every single word she said.

Everyone in the common room, including Draco Malfoy himself, were now watching the two of you. It was always a good show when you and Parkinson had a fight.

“Well I didn’t know you two love birds were supposed to be together tomorrow. I hope you can accept my apology.” you said in a fake sad tone and put your arm on your chest. Some of the students around you giggled at your response.

“Think you’re funny, don’t you? I don’t blame you, after all I’ve done to you you must be so jealous right now.” she smirked and made a step closer to you.

“Excuse me, Piggie, but what exactly have you done to me that I’m supposed to be jealous?” you raised your eyebrows and copied her move as you made a step forward.

“Don’t play stupid, Y/L/N. I took Draco from you. He’s mine now and you are left all alone.” she looked like a devil with her short black hair, dark angry eyes and wide devilish smile on her face, but for some reason, you found it so funny. You smiled to yourself and waited a few good seconds before making another two steps forward.

“Listen to me very clearly, honey.” you told her still chuckling which made her smile fade. “You really think I’m jealous of you because you’re dating Malfoy? Well then, let me ask you one thing. Did he tell you why he got detention?” you raised your eyebrow.

You were more than hundred percent sure Parkinson would freak out if she would find out how close to you Draco was today.

“Of course he did! You dragged him out of the classroom because you were feeling sick. How brave from you, our little Y/N can’t even get herself to the hospital wing without help.” she laughed.

“Sorry to interrupt you and your little dream, but you and your boyfriend probably have some troubles with honesty because that’s not really what happened.” you smirked and watch her face go red.

“Dracie?” she turned to her boyfriend who was now already standing between you two.  

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll handle her.” he smiled at her and pecked her on the lips before turning to you and grabbing you up to his dorm.

You waited before both of you entered the room and were finally alone. You watched him locking the door with simple Alohomora and turning to face you with angry expression.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll handle her.” you imitated him and started laughing so hard you sat on his bed. “You guys are seriously so cute together. It reminds me that muggle story, It’s called Beauty and the Beast. In this case of course Parkinson is the beast and I would personally recall it Peroxid Head and the Beast. But that’s just my opinion. Anyway, why did you drag me up here?” you laughed again at your own joke.

“What is wrong with you, Y/N?” he asked you worriedly and sat down on his bed next to you, ignoring your comment about muggle world. 

“With me? Nothing, why do you ask?” you smiled at him sarcastically.

“Why do I ask? You just insulted my girlfriend in front of everyone! You’re acting crazy, Y/N!” he snapped.

“I did not insult her, she started it and you are the one who lied to her, so don’t you dare to blame me, Malfoy.”

“Nothing happened between us at that hallway!”

“I know that, but I know Piggie well enough to know that she would go totally insane if she would find out how close to me you were. She would probably try to kill me.” you chuckled at that idea of Parkinson hunting you down the halls with her wand and accidentally making herself turn into some hideous animal. Maybe a ferret, so her and Draco would finally fit together a bit.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked desperately. “This is not you, I’m sorry if I hurt you by dating her but-“

“You didn’t hurt me by dating her, Malfoy, you betrayed me by not telling me about her! You lied to me about going out with Nott and Zabini while you were snogging her somewhere!” you spat. “I thought that I am enough important to you to tell me about your girlfriend, but I guess I was wrong.” you stand up and made your way to the door when he stopped you again by pushing your body slightly against the door.

“And here we are again, what is wrong with you pushing me against the wall today?” you asked furiously.

“You’re pushed against the door, not the wall, darling.” this time he wasn’t smirking. Expression on his pale face was deadly serious.

“That word again? You know I hate when you call me that. Besides, what the hell are you doing? You can’t just scream at me for being a bitch to your girlfriend and then push me against the door like that.” you raised your eyebrows at him. You tried as hard as possible to ignore that shivering in your stomach or the smell of his usual menthol hair shampoo. His face was only a few inches away from yours and somehow his close appearance made your senses weak.

“I kind of lost control over my body whenever I am with you, darling.” you felt his breath on your cheeks. His words took control over your body. You couldn’t help yourself and wanted to lean closer. You suddenly wanted to taste those lips, you wanted to be hold in Draco’s arms and-

“I can see that, but your girlfriend wouldn’t be happy about it.” you said interrupting your thoughts.

“Stop talking about her for a moment, would you?” he leaned a bit closer to you. One part of you was screaming to run away from him, from your best friend. But the other part wanted to stay, wanted more.

He leaned closer again, milimetres away from your face. You lost control over your body and break that little space between you.

Your lips were suddenly on Draco’s. He put an arm on your back and pushed you closer to him while you slightly touched his cheek to deepen that kiss. It was rough and hungry and none of you seemed to know what you’re doing.

You realized first. You quickly pull away from him hitting the door with your back. Both of you were breathing heavily and looking into each other’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare to ever do it again, Malfoy.” you snapped and left his dorm immediately.

What the fuck was that?

Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski #9

Originally posted by phillymyers

about/request: Can you possibly do something where werenski does something that really hurts you (find out he cheated/ your relationship started as a bet) and you end up crying and he has to make it up to you

warnings: none

authors note: super cliche but i haven’t written anything close to a ‘relationship as a bet’ thing in a while so i tried my hand at it again. i hope you like it!! i’m also sorry there isn’t much of a him making it up to you part because i got really into my strong, independent woman feelings woops

word count: 1372

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Happy Birthday Eds

It wasn’t everyday that you turned sixteen, and Eddie Kaspbrak had been looking forward to this for months.

Richie was always teasing Eddie about how he was younger, and although he would always complain, he didn’t really mind it. But even so, Eddie was pleased that he was finally sixteen, and he was looking forward to seeing his friends and being able to share his excitement with them as well.

For each of the losers’ birthdays, the rest of the group would plan something - usually just a small party at someone’s house, or a picnic down by the quarry if the weather was nice - but no one had told Eddie how they would be celebrating his birthday yet, which made him even more eager to get to school and see his friends.


Richie Tozier could regularly be found hanging around Eddie Kaspbrak’s locker.

“Like a bad smell.” His friend Stan would say, but Richie would just flip him off. He didn’t care what the other losers’ said, not when Bev teased that he was “whipped” or when Bill told him not to worry, that he thought it was “c-cute that he always waited for Eddie”. So what if he liked walking his best friend to class? So what if those extra few minutes that they got alone would put him in a good mood for the rest of the day. Eddie was his best friend and he would damn well walk him to class if he wanted to.

And thats where Richie Tozier was this morning, leaning against a locker that was not his, when Eddie walked down the hallway.

“Hey Eds!” Richie greeted the smaller boy, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Hi,” Eddie said, and then paused “don’t call me that” he added.

“Of course, my good sir. Is there anything else I can do for you on this fine day?” Richie asked, his voice slipping into his (very bad) english butler impression.

“Yeah, you can move so I can get to my locker,” Eddie retorted, opening his locker as Richie did as he requested.

As Eddie got the books he needed out of his locker, he listened to Richie ramble on about something he had seen on tv last night, and then as they walked to class Richie switched to rambling about something ‘funny’ that he had said in his biology lesson that almost earned him a detention; Eddie didn’t listen to anything Richie said though.

Had Richie forgotten his birthday? It was like Richie to forget things, he was always forgetting to do his homework, or forgetting that they had plans that weekend and needing to be reminded several times. But when it came to Eddie’s birthday, Richie had never forgotten - well until now it seemed.

When they reached Eddie’s history class Richie turned to him, ruffled his hair and cheerily said goodbye, parting with a “later Edster!”

Maybe his birthday wasn’t gonna be so great after all.


When Eddie sees Ben in English, Ben asks him if he’s done his book report. He doesn’t wish Eddie a happy birthday, or even acknowledge that today is any different from any other day.

Similarly when he see’s Stan and Bev at lunchtime they just chat to him about what’s on at the cinema that week, and gossip about the people in their class; they don’t mention his birthday.

Even Bill, when he sits down next to him in chemistry, doesn’t say happy birthday, and Bill is always the one to remember everything about his friends, no matter how trivial.

Is it possible that all of his friends have forgotten his birthday? The thought makes Eddie slump in his chair. This sucks, he thought today was going to be great but its just going to be a regular shitty day because his friends don’t care enough to remember his birthday.


Eddie’s bad mood is still present when he and Bill meet up with the rest of their friends outside of school.

“So what’s everyone doing tonight? Wanna hang out?” Richie asks, looking around at all of his friends.

“Can’t, s-sorry. I told Georgie I w-would watch a movie with him,” Bill replies.

“Yeah sorry Rich, I can’t either. Got loads of homework to do,” Bev says, and her and Bill wave at their friends and turn around to walk home; Bill always walks the long way home so he can walk Bev home first.

Stan looks at Richie, and then at Eddie. “Me and Ben have a project to do for geography, so we can’t hang out. Right Ben?”

“Uh, yeah. Right.” Ben agrees with Stan.

“Well what about Mike?” Eddie asks.

“I spoke to him last night, he said he was busy all week” Stan replies quickly.

There’s a pause, then Richie throws his arm around Eddie’s shoulders. “Looks like it’s just you and me then, don’t it Eds?”


Eddie supposed that there were worse ways to spend your birthday than to hang around by the quarry with your best friend, even if said friend had completely forgotten what day it was.

“Hey Eddie. Eddie!” Richie’s loud calling interrupted Eddie mid-thought.

Eddie looked over at the older boy as if to say ‘what?’ but Richie clearly didn’t get that, and continued to say his name.

“Eddie. Eddie Spaghetti,” he crooned in a sing song voice.

“What?” Eddie snapped irritably.

“Geez, sorry. I was just gonna say, its nearly six o'clock. Do you wanna head back to mine? We could watch a movie or something. My parent’s won’t be in,” Richie asked him, and Eddie shrugged.

“Sure, I guess”

“Come on then, I’ll even let you pick the movie,” Richie smiled at him, and the two boys walked over to where their bikes were abandoned on the grass.

Richie was uncharacteristically quiet as they cycled the short distance to his home, and Eddie noted that he was frequently checking his wristwatch for the time.

“You got somewhere to be?” Eddie teased, nodding in the direction of the watch when Richie turned to look at him questioningly.

“Oh, no. Just checking the time. Don’t you worry you pretty little head about it Eds” came Richie’s reply. Eddie didn’t dignify Richie with a response, he just sped up his cycling and raced ahead of Richie.

Richie took this as a challenge however, and the two boys raced towards Richie’s house, leaving them out of breath and panting when they arrived outside.

Eddie slowly climbed off his bike, and carefully lay it down on the grass outside of Richie’s house, whereas the other boy clumsily hopped off of his bike and let it fall to the ground. They found themselves standing next to the two bikes, still red in the face and laughing from shouting to one another as they rode there. Eddie’s laughter eventually stopped, as a shy smile spread across his face. As he looked up at Richie he found a similar expression spread across his best friend’s features.

They held eye contact for what felt like minutes, but was probably only seconds, before Richie broke it to look over at his house.

“You ready to go in?” he asked, his voice quiet, quieter than he had been all night.

Eddie nodded. He would follow Richie anywhere.

Richie turned and headed for the house, Eddie walking behind him. Richie turned to look at Eddie once more, a huge grin now plastered on his face, before pushing open the door.

“Surprise!” a chorus of joyful voices rung out. Eddie’s hand flew up to his mouth in shock. There, in Richie’s living room stood Bill, Bev, Mike, Stan, Ben and even Bill’s little brother Georgie. Above their head’s there was an obviously homemade banner which “Happy Birthday Edsdie!!!” with pictures and doodles drawn all around the words.

“I…I thought that you all forgot?” Eddie asked uncertainly.

“Well we wanted you to think that so that you would be even more surprised,” Bev explained, walking over to him and giving him a hug.

“I love surprises,” Eddie said, his voice still quiet as he tried to get over the shock.

“W-we know. Thats why Richie p-planned all of this” Bill told him.

Eddie spun to face Richie. “You planned all of this?” He asked Richie, his voice filled with disbelief.

Richie’s face had turned pink and he nodded shyly, self consciously running a hand through his hair. “Yeah. I wanted to do something special,” he admitted, not meeting Eddie’s eye.

Eddie was so filled with love for the boy in that moment that he launched himself at Richie, throwing his arms around his neck and pulling him into a tight hug.

“Thank you,” Eddie whispered into his best friend’s ear.

“Happy Birthday Eds,” Richie replied softly, wrapping his arms around Eddie’s lower back and pulling him in closer.


Later, as Eddie and Richie stood alone, watching their friends laugh and joke fondly with each other, Eddie reached for Richie’s hand and held it in his own, their fingers tightly woven together, and Eddie knew that this was all that he would ever need.

Barnes’ Books - The End

After getting not exactly nice anon messages about what I’ve written (and I’m the first to admit it’s not great), I haven’t exactly felt like writing, and I feel like i should apologise that I have. I don’t exactlyhave great self-confidence anyway, so I’m sorry for being a loser.

This isn’t exactly brilliant, AND it’s too long, so I’m sorry. But here it is anyway.

And thank you people who’ve sent me nice messages, I’m going to try and reply to them all tonight, or as many as I can xxx

Barnes’ Books masterlist

Waking up with a hangover is never fun.  Waking up with a hangover on the couch, the morning sun burning your eyes, is less fun. Waking up hungover on a couch to the sound of the cat licking leftover takeaway from a plate, really not fun at all.  But waking up, hungover, sun in your eyes, neck stiff, to the memory that the person you’ve fallen for is marrying someone else – someone they don’t love – and that there’s nothing you can do about it? That’s the worst.

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anonymous asked:

sorry if u've done this already but can u do an RFA react to finding out MC is suicidal/mentally ill and self harms? or at least one with saeyoung specifically! u don't have to do it if ur uncomfortable tho!!

Okay real talk time: self-harm is never the answer. I know from personal experience that purposely harming yourself doesn’t help you out in the long run. People always say that things get better and they honestly do, even if it takes some time things do get better. I’m not proud of my own self-harm scars but when I look at them, they always remind me that life truly got better. I sincerely hope that you’re doing okay anonny and if you aren’t, please don’t turn to self-harm. Even if it seems like no one in the world cares about you, remember that my and all of the Mystic Messenger characters love you and want to see you happy! Alright enough of my rambling, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung watched as you sighed sadly yet again from your spot on the couch
  • It seemed to him that you were upset, more than usual lately and it concerned him since you were usually such a cheerful person
  • He tried his absolute best to get an answer out of you but you always dismissed his questions, blaming your mood on random things
  • When he asked you yet again what was wrong, you felt frustrated at yourself and got up to go to your bedroom
  • Yoosung felt defeated, you always seemed to never want to talk to him or go out with him anymore and it hurt that you never turned to him for help
  • As you were leaving the room, Yoosung grabbed onto your wrist accidentally pushing up your long sleeve
  • His eyes went wide in horror as he saw he multiple self-harm scars that littered your skin, some old and some new
  • At that moment, Yoosung hated himself for not noticing sooner so instead of words, he pulled you in for the tightest hug of your life
  • Yoosung didn’t let go for a long time, but when he did, he used a shaky hand to wipe away your tears as he gave you a sweet kiss and even sweeter words of support
  • “I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice your scares sooner MC. I love you so much, I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone okay? I’ll do absolutely anything to help you, just say the word and Superman Yoosung will be there for you!”


  • Zen had assumed that your real life self would be like your chatroom self, bright and bubbly but he was mistaken
  • You seemed to wear a fake smile, like a mask that only Zen could see and it truly broke his heart
  • He would try to do anything to see a real smile from you from shameless using cheesy pick-up lines to buying you your favorite flowers
  • But nothing seemed to work as you continued to put on a fake mask every single day, and Zen wanted a it to stop
  • One day when you were doing some minor cleaning, Zen tried to ask if you needed help, that his services weren’t limited to cleaning
  • Yet again you wore that fake smile that Zen hated, he was about to turn leave the room until he saw you push up you sleeves slightly to reveal scars
  • Zen had once played the role of a depressed man and knew exactly how you got those scars, they were self-inflicted
  • Before you knew it, Zen picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom then gently removed your shirt
  • Without a word, Zen placed feather-light kisses to every single scar you had, murmuring words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘perfection’
  • His words and act of love brought tears to your eyes as he laid down next to you, making you cuddle into his chest as you listened to his loving words
  • “Please don’t feel like you’re less than perfect MC, you are literal perfection. I love you with every ounce of my being so please, no more hurting yourself. I promise to always be here to love and support you my princess.”


  • Jaehee had an uneasy feeling in her stomach when you refused yet again to leave the bed
  • You seemed to never want to leave, only for the occasional bathroom breaks and even rarer food runs
  • At first, Jaehee just assumed that you had a rough day and needed some rest except your routine of staying in bed all day has lasted over a week
  • Jaehee knew something serious must be wrong, she’d sometimes walk by and hear you softly crying
  • She really had no idea what to do anymore so she decided to just go for it and ask you directly what was going on
  • When she opened the door, Jaehee slowly sat next to your sleeping form on the bed, she was at least happy that you were sleeping instead of crying
  • But Jaehee noticed that you sleep shirt’s sleeve had been slightly pulled up and revealed your self-harm cuts
  • Jaehee let out a gasp and felt the tears forming, her bodies startled you awake
  • She wrapped you up in a loving hug as she continued to cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry she was and repeated how much she loved you over and over again
  • Jaehee let out a shaky breath as she gave you a long and loving kiss, she wanted her feelings of support and love to be shown through the kiss along with her words of support
  • “I should have been more here for you MC, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. But I want you to know that you can use me as a shoulder to lean on whenever you need to. You do not have to go through this alone, please remember that I will always be here for you.”


  • Jumin knew that he and the other members were excessive when it came to asking if you ate your proper meals on the messenger, but now he’s glad that they all did
  • You would never eat around Jumin or even when he was at work and his staff watched you push your plate away from you
  • Not only would you refuse to eat, Jumin noticed how sad you were through your eyes, they seemed lifeless and hollow
  • Jumin tried bluntly asking you about what was going on and if you needed to see a doctor or therapist but you would only shake your head and never leave the penthouse
  • It truly hurt Jumin’s heart to see you in such a state of despair and sorrow, he truly wanted to help you be he had no idea how
  • One day Jumin received a call while at work from one of his staff members that informed him you almost passed out from lack of energy and locked yourself in your bedroom
  • Never in his life has Jumin made Driver Kim drive, knowing that you were in pain all alone made Jumin’s heart race with regret for leaving
  • Jumin burst through the locked bedroom door with his desire to help you plus the door was surprisingly thin
  • He found you curled up in a ball and staring at some weird marks on your arm
  • You didn’t even bother making eye contact with Jumin as you let some tears slip past your eyes
  • Jumin was quickly at your side, kissing your tears away but stopped once he noticed what exactly was on your arm
  • Your self-harm scars were all Jumin needed to have the pieces click together for him and before either one of you knew it, Jumin started crying
  • Jumin took you in his arms, cradling you in his lap and he gently rocked you back and forth as he placed small kisses on your forehead, whispering his words of apologies and love
  • “I’m such a fool for not realizing it sooner MC and for that I apologize. You’re the strongest, funniest, most amazing person that I know that doesn’t deserve this pain. I will get you any and all the help that you need but until then, know that I will always be here for you my dear.”


  • Seven knew it
  • He was sure that you were in pain, that you felt all alone, that you thought no one was there for you
  • Seven understood because he felt the same whenever he left his brother and fell into his own depression
  • So he dawned the 707 mask and tried to do anything to help you from telling corny jokes to attacking you with tickle fights
  • But it seemed like nothing would improve, you would fake laugh, a sound that Seven despised more than anything, and thank Seven for his efforts
  • The pain of seeing you so depressed made Seven’s heart ache so he decided to put an end to your internal suffering
  • He came home one day, cheerily calling your name as he held some bright flowers in one hand and a new fluffy blanket for cuddles in the other
  • When he didn’t get a response, Seven quickly started panicking and searched the house for you, terrified as to where you were
  • Seven turned to the bathroom door and noticed the light was on, praying to every God known to man that you were alright in there as he busted through the door
  • But what he saw ripped his heart out, you were sitting on the floor with a bloody blade to your wrist
  • He immediately knocked the blade from your hand and crushed you with a hug, he should have known sooner about your self-harm but he didn’t and now he was paying the price
  • Seven didn’t saw a word as he helped clean you up and carried you to the bedroom
  • He made you lay down so that your ear was next to his heartbeat as he ran his slender fingers through your hair
  • Seven cupped your cheeks and wiped your newly formed tears away as he professed his his love and support to you
  • “If you ever feel sad or alone, remember that my heart, the one you’re listening to know, beats because you’re with me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and healthy MC. I know that life can be tough but remember that I love you more than words can describe so live on MC.”