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[160227] Hoshi’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17’s Hoshi] Carats >< Hello~ It’s Hoshi. How have you been?

Fan: Has Oppa been doing well?😮💕💕
HS: Yep~!!!!

Fan: Oppa, why are you so cute with Chan on One Fine Day? *cries*
HS: Our maknae~

Fan: Honestly Oppa, you do know that you’re cute, right?
HS: /////ㅅ///// Thank you.

Fan: What are you doing?!
HS: What do you think I’m doing??? *laughs*

Fan: Oppa, when do you plan to give my heart back?
HS: I have no plans on doing that though…

Fan: Soonyoung-oppa, when is the comeback *cries* I want to see you soon. *cries*
HS: *laughs* We also want to see you soon. Look forward to it.

Fan: I’m not going anywhere, because Hoshi-oppa is mine.
HS: I’m not going anywhere, because I’m yours.

cr: bex @ what17says
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