PSA: Halloween

If you are a human being with any kind of social media, I’m sure you have heard about this. But I am posting this because I haven’t seen anything about this subject on Tumblr recently so I’m sending out a warning.

There have been sick people going around their towns and cities wearing clown costumes and sometimes carrying weapons (knives, hatchets, axes, etc.). There are lots of videos of passerby’s sighting these Clowns and then getting chased by them.

To people with young kids

This Halloween make sure you stay safe and STAY AWAY FROM CLOWNS. If you have children, nieces/nephews, or little cousins, or are helping a friend take their siblings or family out for Halloween just STAY ALERT. It would also probably NOT be a good idea to dress up your young ones as clowns, even though you know they aren’t harming anyone, someone else might think differently and confront you. 

To teenagers/adults: 

You may know about what’s going on and might not care. You might think it’d be funny to dress up as a clown since now there’s an extra scary element to it. Just remember (ESPECIALLY if you live in a Southern/heavy gun tolerant state) people will not know you’re joking and if you take it too far you could easily be arrested or killed. You’re on someone’s property and if they really feel threatened they have every right to shoot you dead. 

To everyday people:

You might not have kids, or go trick or treating, or plan to go out on Halloween. But these Clowns have obviously now been seen on other days besides Halloween. Lots of these eye witness videos come from people who were out driving around at night (don’t get out of your car), or were up jogging early in the morning. If you see one of these Clowns, don’t call to them and try to get their attention, don’t try to confront them or take a video and see how close you can get, especially if you see they have a weapon, just turn the opposite direction and run. If possible try to have a friend exercise with you in the morning, or carry around some sort of protection like Mace. You don’t know if that Clown is just one person or if there’s more of them hiding near by, GET OUT OF THEIR VICINITY. 

There have already been reports of Clowns possibly having to do with people going missing in their towns. So don’t mess with them just stay away. This post wasn’t made to scare you or make you paranoid, just be aware and alert and stay safe this Fall. 

What do Donald Trump and a Pumpkin have in common?

They’re orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and responsible people will throw them away in early November.


Brbrbrbrbrbr 😝