One time in drama class a kid was mucking around with his presentation to the class

He was acting out the role of an angry old man and the drama teacher reluctantly gave him a walking stick as a prop (this guy has a rep for being stupid)

Anyway he begins his lines and it’s generally going okay until he really gets into the role and begins to wave the walking stick around vigorously and shouts typical angry old man profanities which cause him to somehow whack the stick on the overhead commercial lights which stutter and then blow out to which he then trips, his ankle caught in fabric from a stage prop and falls down the back of the diy drama stage head first

You think this is the end - you are wrong

The whole class falls apart laughing and whooping and basically rioting, the teacher looks like she wants to cry and all he could do was reach his hand up from behind the stage and go “OW. I’m fine but ow”

And that’s the most exciting thing to ever happen in my 5 years of high school.

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