Today I went to the pool with my aunt and cousins because they were visiting.

After I’m in the sun for a while, my rosy cheeks come out a lot more and I just realized it’s pretty against my freckles.

Today I looked in the mirror while I was cleaning the sink, and I smiled because I heard my younger cousins and sister laugh at the television playing in the room across.

As I continued to look in the mirror to double check on spots that I may have missed, I glanced over my smiling face.

When I saw the rare and wild image of myself, I was like ‘whoa what the hell’ and began to smile a little bit more.

At that moment, my cousin, Nick came into the bathroom to get a brush and he saw me smiling at my reflection.

He returned the smile and said “Yeah, I know. You’re really pretty. Whoever has your heart better hold it tight and never let you go because, wow, you’re a catch.”

He then gave me a kiss on my rosy cheek and left me smiling even more.

He made me love a small part of me I never, once, looked at twice.

—  I’m still smiling

Requested By: sound-of-a-fleeting-heart

“I have say, I’m impressed by your decorating skills,” you said, twisting one of the cans so that the beer label faced out. It was your favorite brand. There were dozens of them, strung on what looked like fishing line and hung along the doorways. 

“Hang on, you haven’t even seen the cake yet,” Sam said, a knowing smile growing on his face as he ran back to the kitchen. The snap of the lighter clicked from the other room and you groaned loud enough for them both to here.

“You really didn’t have to do all this for me,” you insisted. Your comment went ignored.

“Dean get the lights!” Sam called, and his brother flicked the switch so that you were left in a grey darkness. Sam walked back in slowly, the flickering candlelight making his smile glow. He set the cake down in front of you so that you could see the message that had been written in blue icing.

“Happy Birthday, ya Idjit,” you read aloud, laughing.

“Bobby couldn’t make it, but he wanted us to pass along the message,” Dean smiled. 

You didn’t even blow out the candles before throwing an arm around both of them and pulling them into a hug. There was nothing left to wish for. Your family was right here.

Winged Bookworms (Patreon Postcard no.1)

Mailed out to my awesome Wizard-level and higher Patrons!

I decided to do a silly theme for this month poking fun at Twiggles’ new-ish appendages. Annoyed Twilight is adorable Twilight in my book. ♥ Plus… I had to sneak in moths in somewhere. I think you all saw this coming.

There’s some little details hidden around it that I hope are fun to spot ♥

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