thank you, mark & jack

my 9 year old sister, maria, has been sad recently because her best friend since preschool moved halfway across the country about 3 weeks ago. she’s been feeling really alone lately, so i decided to let her watch markiplier & therealjacksepticeye videos with me. needless to say, she was smiling and laughing during every video. whenever i go into her room, she’s watching either of their videos, and i can hear her doing their intros/outros, and it really warms my heart. i’ve been watching mark’s and jack’s videos since mid 2013, and it’s great to know that the people i look up to the most are helping my 9 year old sister as well. if either of you are reading this, mark/jack, thank you for brightening up mine and my sister’s days. we love you both with all of our hearts. you’re both great people. keep doing what you’re doing!!

‘It is hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they take things literally.’

In his recent article in Analysis, Noah Greenstein explores the relationship between logic and humor, giving focus to the use of ambiguity in puns.

While logic and science help us learn about the world, what we find funny helps us to learn about ourselves. However, Greenstein argues that the world of logic and the world of humor are not as mutually exclusive as we may have originally thought.

Image: Laughter comes from within, by yiva. CC-BY-ND-2.0 via Flickr.