Stop what you’re doing and watch this…right now…I feel like I’ve just received salvation for the second time. She sings better than most people! Seriously, this made my life so much better…if you need any form of cheering up, watch thissssss!

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I’m laughing way too much-

So the story is, KuroNekoCon is in 10 days. I need $50 to buy a cosplay jacket from my buddy Silver so I can go as a Fem!Lance.

My Mum said she’d pay for half if I got the other half from my father. So I go about trying to ask him for $25 while my Mum tells me suggestions on how to get the money out of him. He stops responding after a little bit.

Next thing I know my Mum is laughing and showing me her phone; my Dad sent her a screenshot of our conversation.

He has no idea Mum was helping me and assumes he’s telling her something she doesn’t already know.

It’s absolutely fucking hilarious and I’m still losing my shit over it XD


Mark’s laugh gives me so much life…But it’s taken away knowing he’s gone off the show …


Isak + laughing through the years