Coming out

So My brother came out to my parents as Bisexual (not really a problem considering my parents being completely ok with LGBTQ community) my mom was like “so what do you want?” But my dad got really annoyed and angry and stood up and shouted at him this is what he shouted “SERIOUSLY?!? DANIEL?!? REALLY YOU ARE AWARE OF THE RULE OF YOU AND YOUR SISTER THAT IS NO BOYS IN HER ROOM AND NO GIRLS IN YOUR ROOM!!! AND YOU ARE ALREADY ANTISOCIAL AND STUCK ON YOUR PHONE BUT WITH THIS NEW INFORMATION YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY PEOPLE IN YOUR ROOM UNTIL YOU CONVINCE ME THAT THEY’RE ONLY FRIENDS!!!! *calms down**looks at my mom* Carla our kids are too antisocial. It hurts” I Just started laughing my mom trying to hide her laugh just coughed and my brother fell on the ground and started laughing and crying. My dad is disappointed with both of us :)


I’m sorry @gentleman-caller i didn’t really get through your WHOLE Ask! LOL! XD it took my three days just to draw like~ HALF of it! HAHAHA!!! why are you always attached to the shit that takes/is taking forever!? you’re so magical and terrible. gawd i love you! (^  O^) <3 lol lol lol sadly though~ i couldn’t keep working on this anymore, cuz i really have to move on to the next item on the list! but i still hope you all find it fluffy!!! i have to make up for the lingerie incident… lol. Enjoy my confusing choice to not use actual dialog!!! i didn’t have any feelings about WHAT they were saying, only about HOW they were saying it - hence… scribble speak. lol lol lol~ Have a fluffy day! <3 <3 <3