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Hi ~ me again ~ So this morning i cried because of a spider ... Can i request a Got7 reaction to their Gf being really scared of spiders (crying because of spiders) XD thanks ~

Admin Note: It’s okay girl me and asshole we’re running around the house for an hour terrified of this moth thingy. We never got it out of the house so it is still there…. lurking.

JB:  Would be the kind of guy to mock you for a few minutes, before finally getting rid of the spider.

*Laughs* “Oh my god your face was priceless it was like.”

Mark: He would be as scared as you are of the spider, but he’d try to hide it as much as he could with laughing. It’d take him a good thirty minutes to work up the courage to finally kill the thing.

“Jagiya why are you yelling-” *sees spider* “Oh uh” *laughs* “I’ll handle this jagiya”  *looks around for someone to save him*

Jackson: Is the kind of guy who would see the spider, run and hide into a room, and make you kill it. Occasionally poking his head out of the door, to see if it was gone yet.

*sees spider* “Nope not today” *runs into bathroom* “You saw it first so you kill it!” *hears you scream followed by a loud bang, and pokes head out the door* “Is the coast clear?”

Youngejae: Would definitely kill the spider outright with no hesitation especially after seeing how scared you are of them. 

*looks towards you, then the spider, grabs a magazine rolls it up and whacks it* “It’s gone now jagiya” *smiles* 

BamBam: Is terrified of spiders, so he would run away screaming. You two would argue over who has to kill it.

*Sees spider starts to panic then quickly starts screaming and running* “I am not going anywhere near that demon spawn you kill it!” 

Yugyeom: He would be calm about the whole thing, he would take his time finding something to get rid of the spider etc.

*hears you screaming, walks into the room and sees spider* “That’s what’s scaring you?” *Looks around the room and grabs an air freshener, and sprays the spider until it dies* “See that wasn’t so hard” *smiles*

Jinyoung: Would be very confused to why you would be scared of a tiny little bug, and most likely stare at you blankly before picking it out and throwing it outside.

*Sees the spider, then sees you freaking out* “What’s your problem its just a spider babe” *proceeds to pick up and opens the window to throw it out* “See its gone, no need to freak out anymore okay?”

- Admin Sugary


Kissing Sirius Black Would Include

  • Him catching your eye from across the common room and slowly biting his lip

  • Keeping his gaze on you as he comes close

  • Sliding two warm hands either side of your face

  • Pulling you in and, at the last moment, blowing a huge, wet raspberry on your cheek

  • Dying laughing at your horrified shriek

  • Him pouting when a minute later you refuse to let him within a metre of you

  • Enjoying the look of need that builds in his eyes as you keep denying him throughout the day

  • His gaze wandering in lessons

  • Playing up to it and shifting over to give him a good view

  • Watching his jaw clench

  • Feeling his arm wrap around your waist as you leave the room

  • Him literally always feeling so warm and soft

  • Him leaning down and whispering in your ear

  • “are you trying to kill me?”

  • Melting a little bit at his husky voice

  • Running a hand through his hair and smiling evilly as you enjoy the way his intense gaze is making you tingle

  • “No darling, just teaching you a little lesson”

  • Walking away from him confidently even though it takes all of your self control

  • ‘accidentally’ brushing up against him as you enter the common room

  • Feeling his fingertips automatically stretch out and glide deliciously over you as you quickly slip out of his reach

  • Looking over your shoulder and seeing him close his eyes and breathe out slowly

  • Literally always being so aware of where he is in a room because you can never take your eyes off him

  • Sneaking into the prefect’s bathroom (like you do every Wednesday) and gasping as you walk in on Sirius Black looking far too satisfied with himself

  • Him arching an eyebrow and smirking as he tugs the tie from his mouth

  • “Oh…sorry darling, this bathroom’s taken”

  • You just standing there opening and closing your mouth as he shrugs out of his shirt

  • Sirius starting work on his trousers before realising with a smirk that you’re frozen to the spot

  • Greedily taking in his gorgeous chest as he walks towards you and closes your mouth with a finger

  • Not even caring because he looks like a Greek god right now

  • Sighing in delight as he comes close to you and brushes his lips against your neck

  • Feeling your legs going wobbly and being thankful when he slowly backs you against the wall

  • Moaning as he starts to suck gently at the sweet spot where your neck meets your collar

  • Feeling him unbutton the top of your shirt and push it back so he can keep trailing his lips along your skin

  • Suddenly finding his eyes burning into yours

  • “do you want to kiss me now?”

  • “Mmmfh”

  • “what’s that?” He’s way too pleased with himself but he’s also way too hot

  • “yes, Sirius”

  • Catching a glimpse of his devilish grin as he shoves you out of the door

  • “well, I suppose it’s my turn to teach you a lesson”

  • His wink tearing you apart as he closes the door in your face

  • Standing there with your mouth open again and mixed feelings as you realise he’s won your little game

  • Backing away just as the door swings open again and he pulls you inside with the brightest grin and a glint in his eye

  • “just kidding, I can’t fucking resist you”

  • His warm lips on yours finally

  • His hand on the back of your head, shielding it as he pushes you back against that damn wall

  • His teeth tugging at the buttons of your shirt

  • The little crease in the corner of his cheek when he smiles up at you

  • His hands on your wrists, pinning them above your head

  • Your little, delighted moans into his mouth as his body presses against yours

  • Pulling him closer and feeling like you’ve won the lottery

  • “you can teach me this lesson all day long, Black”

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I thought you'd like to hear this story my aunt told me. So basically, she got married to her wife the day she turned 18. They went to the same college too. Apparently there was another girl my aunt had beef with because she came up to them while they were on a date and said to my aunt's wife, "she's a lesbian you know. And she has a crush on you too." And they both burst out laughing for maybe 2 minutes before my aunts wife could say "I hope so, I didn't want this ring to be for friendship!"

I’m screaming dbdbfbfjcjm good! At the same time shame on that woman for attempting to out your aunt. I’m glad that that happened the way it did though. What did the rude lady say after that? I wanna know!


It’s really interesting to see what is considered to be acceptable in different fandoms. In 1D fandom, you can be as dramatic as you like, make shitposts that people will laugh at and understand, start and end drama in a matter of minutes. We have incredibly high tolerance for the dramatics™ and then when we come into other fandoms they can’t handle us at all? What’s considered to be mild complaining here is equivalent to starting a fandom war over there?

I think we are really strong, resistant to drama and angry anons, we’ve developed a very thick skin for any negativity and fandom bullshit. In a way, it’s probably a good thing even though getting to that point takes a lot of nerves and patience.


I was at water aerobics earlier today and a little bird landed on the side of the pool right next to me and was dipping it’s wings in the water. It was barely a foot away. It sat there for a good 3 or 4 minutes while we were all doing our splashy routines. It was totally calm. Then it hopped right in and splashed right beside me. Everyone laughed. I burst into tears.
I was like WHO ARE YOU?!
Tonight I will be present for something for Lydia. Tuesday is the free choir reunion - gathering of heavy hearts - in honor of Megann ɪŋk. Some friends/community members suffered an impossibly devastating loss last night. And in the past few weeks a friend and a close family member both received cancer diagnoses.
The last time I hung out with Geneviève she said “This year sure feels like the end times.”
It REALLY is absurd.
So now I’m thinking about the things giants say to lemmings. Trying to remember what it feels like to have feet filled with thunder.
I want to live somewhere where I can be in the water in the sunshine every day of the year.
Where mamas don’t lose babies and babies don’t lose mamas.
Six years ago today Natalie died. Her little boy Dillon hung out with Panda and I for an afternoon that week. A little bird kept flying circles around him. I wrote a song about it.
I don’t believe in God or Heaven but I get why people do.
I believe in little birds and shooting stars and swirling water. I believe the ones we have lost are EVERYTHING and they are always coming back for visits and splashes and they are in the cool breeze kissing my sunburnt tear streaked cheeks.
A little bird did water aerobics with me today.
I was like WHO ARE YOU?!

Civil War Humor -

Of the wounds recorded in the Civil War, 70%+ were to the extremities. And so, the amputation was the common operation of the Civil War surgeon.

A good surgeon could amputate a limb in under 10 minutes. If the soldier was lucky, he would recover without one of the horrible so-called “Surgical Fevers”, i.e. deadly pyemia or gangrene.

  • Pyemia means, literally, pus in the blood. It is a form of blood poisoning. Nothing seemed to halt pyemia, and it had a mortality rate of over 90%.
  • Other surgical diseases included tetanus (with a mortality rate of 87%)  
  • Primary amputation mortality rate: 28%
  • Secondary amputation mortality rate: 52%

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There were times when I felt alone and you had been there for me. There were times when I felt sad and you told me everything was going to be just fine. There were times when I felt pain and you could do nothing, at all. But you put an enormous effort to make me laugh for at least a couple minutes. There were times when I could do nothing but laugh at you. There were times when I could do nothing but fall in love with you all over again. Yeah, there were times. Some of them good, some not. There were times when I couldn’t fall asleep because my heart was tearing apart because of something you said or did. There were a bunch of times when I decided to hide my feelings so I could make you happy. If only I was smart enough to realize there would be no happy ending with that. Well, and there’s this time when I decide I am too tired to keep playing this game of yours. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure you do love me. Just not enough to make me happy, right? I’ll pray for you to change and be a better person, ‘cause dude, you deserve to have a bigger and healed heart. But the thing is: So do I. I deserve to be happy, and since you can’t make that like I can, I’m so sorry. Yeah, I’m sorry you’re suffering because of that, but I’m suffering way more than I can handle. And I’m not even showing you that, ‘cause you’d be even worst. It really is a shame you don’t care like I do. 'Cause if you did, things would end up differently, or wouldn’t end up at all. Well, I gotta go. Otherwise I’ll be running late to meet the happiness inside me, and she’s been waiting for a long time now. God bless you, be happy, and don’t forget to live, ok? Bye.
Warren Worthington x Reader: Barbie Would be Proud

You didn’t know what to say really, it’s not like it was done on purpose, but Warren wasn’t likely to believe that. As you stare at his wings, you notice how spotless they are, all traces of dirt and grime are gone. They look good as new, except for the slight fact that they’re now pink. Not just any pink, but obnoxiously hot pink. Looking at them now hurts you’re eyes.

“Are you done?’ Warren asks fidgeting slightly. “What?” Sighing he asks again, “are you done rinsing my wings.

You laugh awkwardly, “No! No, I’m not, give ten more minutes, I just need to ask Ororo something!” Warren looks at you in suspicion but curtly nods anyway. Quickly you run out the bathroom, “and don’t look in the mirror yet!” But Warren bearly hears you ask you quickly exit.

You run checking all the rooms in a hurry, desperate to find Ororo, or Jean, really anyone who can save you from inevitable death would do at this point.

“Ha I’ve been looking for you!” You yell frantically as you run into the gang. Scott smirks at you, “what’d you do?” You scoff at him, “ how’d you known I did something?” Desperately trying to defend yourself. “You only have that look in your face when you’ve done something you weren’t meant to.”

You rack you brain for a comeback, but you notice you only have five minutes before Warren expects you back. “Okay, so maybe I did do I thing,a very bad thing,” Jean shakes her head and inquires deeper, “how bad?” You know it’s very bad, “death!”
Peter laughs at you, “that bad huh, what'cha in for?”

You don’t know how to expain the monstrosity you’ve created so you lead them to Warren’s room. Upon arrival, you notice Warrens not in his bathroom. Looking around frantically, you feel your blood turning cold. “He’s not here!” Everyone looks puzzled, as the watch you. That is until Warren walks into the room, wings fully dry and an even brighter shade of pink then when they were wet.

“Hey, guys?” Warren asks, not sure what everyone is doing in his room. But he is met only with silence. Wide eyed and mouth open is the expression Warren is given, until Peter starts laughing. It spread like a plague, as you all start to see the humour. All are laughing except for Warren who turns to the mirror to inspect if there is something on his face.

He nearly faints at the sight, in nothing more than black jeans with a black tee, the pinks wings stand out. Suddenly all the giggles and chuckles he recieved on his way to the kitchen while you were out made sense to him. He touched the wings gingerly, he’s face simultaneously turning a red to match his wings. Whipping around, he mutters just one word “run.”

To say you were scared was an understatement, in the haste to flee his wrath, you literally jump out the window. Landing into a barrel roll and getting up to run. Though you don’t get far before Warren swoops down, tackling you. He lands on top of you sneering, “you!” He screams, “me!” You answer back. “I’m going to kill you!” He bellows though despite you knowing his not serious, you almost pee yourself. “You can’t kill me, I’m your first love!” Warren’s face turns into a deeper scarlet, “Now is not the time to joke!” His spit flys to your face, “one can at least try, I mean hey let’s be honest, the colour suits you, dare I say you even look adorable! Barbie would totally be into you’re wings,” You laugh even though his mad, going to the extent to pinch Warren’s cheeks.

“I hate you.” You smile at him, “no you don’t.” Getting off you, he sighs and looks back at his wings. He could go for a shot of vodka, but he swore off it. “What am I going to do?” Feeling hopeless, he knew he was going to have to endure lots of teasing after this. Laughing you kiss his cheeks, “ we can dye them black!” Warren nods not actually committing to an answer.

“I’m sorry though,” you say, feeling only slightly guilty. “You owe me, I was going to kill you, but I’m letting you off the hook.” He says, leaning in slightly to eskimo kisses you, smiling at the confused look on you face. “Why?” You ask, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he stands up and walks away from you, glaring at anyone who looks his way, though it’s less affective with his pink wings. As he makes his way to his room, Warren laughs under his breath, the only reason that he did let you off with such little punishment was because he secretly likes the colour, but he’d never admit it.

“C’mon, yeh stubborn bastard.” Harry muttered to the bag of chips as he struggled to open it up, grunting to himself before letting out a small huff. This didn’t make sense. He had the ability to lift up a hundred pound weight but he wasn’t even strong enough to pop open a bag of crisps?

“Ooh, chips!” Your eyes lit up as you walked into the kitchen, setting your phone down as you leaned against the countertop. “What flavour?” 

“Original. Figured we could dip them in some guacamole or somethin’.” Harry shrugged, turning around quickly while desperately trying to rip the bag open. The last thing he wanted was for you to laugh at him because he couldn’t open a plastic baggie up!

“Mhm, good idea.” You hummed, waiting patiently for the sound of the bag to pop open, but the only thing you could hear was the violent crinkling. A proper minute passed before you spoke up. (You really loved chips and Harry was taking a little too long for your liking.) “So.. are you going to give me one, or what?” 

“Jus’.. Jus’ give me a mo’, love.” Harry laughed sheepishly, making you raise an eyebrow. By this point, you figured out that Harry was struggling a little bit. You walked over and grabbed the chips out of his hands, ripping the top open in one swift movement before reaching in and popping one into your mouth. You crunched on it thoughtfully, smiling when Harry’s cheeks brightened up slightly. 

“You’re still a big, strong man in my mind if that helps.” 

“..Oh, shut up.”


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I'm pretty sure one time you said you should do an entire analysis of the Mackie on Seb E! interview so fam...if you're not doing anything. I'm ready

i think someone actually beat me to it so i’m gonna do my second favorite interview which is this one

  • the interviewer is my life, she saved my life
  • the interview starts off innocently enough with an actual question about actual acting and seb laughing a little too hard at one of anthony’s jokes as always
  • “he also works the people that he works with very hard. it’s kind of a good… good… together.” seb do you think before you speak ever what does this EVEN MEAN. why is anthony laughing? more at 11
  • we are only 1 minute in
  • anthony accuses seb of being the biggest prankster and seb responds with an adamant “no”. personally, i think this means that seb only pranked anthony (which i  could believe) or anthony pranks everyone and seb won’t accuse him because snitches get stitches
  • the interviewer calls seb the “cool, quiet silent type” and anthony says “is that what it is?” and seb goes “i like that take on it”. because seb has never been cool a day in his weirdo white life
  • idek what the fuck anthony’s doing when the interviewer brings up sam’s quips but seb is not bothered. seb looks like the old house cat who is so used to the puppy’s antics that they’re just going along with it + the smile on anthony’s face i wanna die he’s so
  • seb telling people how funny and witty anthony is AGAIN
  • “someone the other day said ‘you know what the real love story is? the falcon and winter soldier’” sebastian, i love you, i know you too wellthat someone was either you or one of the russos, i know it
  • the term “bro-hatred” was coined on this day by one mr. anthony mackie
  • “sebastian is not the type of guy who likes to have fun” not everyone can be a Thot™ anthony. “he’s more of a, you know, ‘i’m old so i have to, y’know i have to sit around and think about what i’m doing tomorrow so i can do it’” anthony. please. also i would just like to point out that seb comes in quick with the retort, like he’s immediately like “maybe i wouldn’t have to work so hard to get in the zone if someone wasn’t so determined to pull me out”
  • seb answers the next question very professionally but i’m so focused on anthony’s face like

what is he planning?????

  • ladies and gents we’ve arrived at the best part of the interview. the interviewer asks the idiots what’s the one question they’d ask each other and MY GOD
  • seb answers so fucking quickly with “why aren’t you looking at me as much in these interviews?” and anthony fucking l o s e s it. but seb’s like keeping his eyes LOCKED on anthony’s face while he’s laughing and he continues with the most pained, desperate voice. “i keep talking and every time i look at you, you just keep looking forward.” i’ve never felt so alive. 
  • anthony answers “i can’t look at you, man. you stay on your side of the room, i stay on my side of the room, that’s what i was told.” what you were TOLD? god i need answers… i need a drink…
  • seb slaps his leg like veruca salt after she was denied a squirrel and anthony asks his question which was “do you feel sexier with or without the metal arm?” WHY THIS WAS ASKED???????? BEATS ME?????? why was this the thing on anthony’s mind like, did he really wanna know??? did he??? fuk
  • seb answers “with” and if i still encouraged kinkgate this would be a point of conversation
  • they exit talking about fan forums and movies which only increases my paranoid suspicion that any day now i’ll walk into a movie theater, take a seat and look up and see fucking sebastian and honestly what will i be after that???? 

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Okay, but that video of Taehyung pushing Yoongi down the sand hill, Taehyung is grabbing Yoongi's ass, like ayy (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m seriously have a good laugh for a minute after reading this. Eyyy naughty anonnie that video supposed to be cute but no you have to lead my mind into  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and just to make sure, here the screenshots

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(((look at how pliant yoongi is)))

And then what if they didn’t split up? What if they became like Bill and Fleur, and it became excruciatingly embarrassing to be in their presence, so that he was shut out for good?
—  Harry worrying about Ron and Hermione’s potential relationship is honestly the sweetest thing ever, like where did this “Harry is oblivious” idea even come from?
Can you imagine Remus showing the Marauders a modern day mall in the muggle community during holiday?

•Remus and Peter would each take a boy and explain muggle money.
• James would be interested in learning about it because he’s a dork.
• Sirius would want to know who the people were and why they weren’t answering him when he talked because that’s just rude.
• Remus gives up after about two hours and tells James to explain because James had understood in like thirty minutes.
• Because he’s a dork.
• Peter would know about it already so he and Remus have a good laugh at James’ and Sirius’ reactions.
•Sirius goes to all of these expensive clothing stores and gets multiple leather jackets.
•"But why so many?“
•"Why do you have so many combs, James?”
•"Nevermind then.“
• Peter is ecstatic, because he knew something the other boys didn’t.
• Remus is happy that he made his friends happy.
• James buys a shit ton of hair supplies and flowers and candy for Lily.
• “No, Remus, you can’t have the sweets! They’re what will push Lily to admit her love for me!”
• “What if she rejects you again?”
• “Then I’ll give them to my other love, Sirius.”
• Sirius puts his arm across James’ shoulder and kisses all over his cheek.
• Some random guy shouts “Fags!”
• Remus turns around with this terrifying glare and shouts back, “We aren’t cigarettes, actually, but you can still smoke us.” Then he winks. Then he glares again and ‘accidentally’ hexes him with the inability to get it up.
• The line wasn’t that good but when he turns around the other three are grinning.
• “What?”
• “A) You defended us. B) you said “we”, Remus.“
• Remus goes scarlet.
• Sirius throws himself onto the boys lap and hugs him.
•James gets on Sirius’ lap and hugs them both.
• Peter jumps on all three of them with a huge ass grin.
• Eventually they realize they only have a couple hours left so they all part ways and get everything they want.
• Sirius goes missing.
• They search everywhere they can think of, they hijack the intercoms.
• Remus calmly asks over it and Peter refuses to get near it.
• Eventually James decides to buy a new Padfoot from the pet shop. Remus goes with him while Peter makes the three of them Padfoot Build-a-bears. (They should be called build-a-dogs)
•They get to the pet shop. The manager is curled into a ball, rocking back and forth whispering, “how?!”
•Dogs, hamsters, snakes, every fucking animal that can move on their own, and cats are all over this part of the fucking mall.
•A large, shaggy, black dog is standing on a bench barking and making other sounds to them.
•A smaller cat sits next to him.
•The dog bows to the animals with what sounds like a goodbye noise before hopping off of the bench and walking to the other boys. The cat follows.
•The dog and cat walk with the boys all the way to the car. As soon as they get in, Remus, James and Peter illegally in the front, they look back and see Sirius grinning with an uncomfortable McGonagall looking at them.
• “Thank you for helping me out of there boys, especially to you, Mr. Black. Fifty points to each of you for Gryffindor.”
•They ride in complete silence until, "Oi, why didn’t I get a stuffed me?!”
•And then, “How could you replace me?!”

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I need Magnus to lick that fucking rune on the side of Alec's neck


it’s probably like their first real, heavy make out session. alec pulls back for some air so magnus leaves some light, but slow, kisses on his jaw. and then on his ear (alec lets out a breathless laugh and magnus didn’t know something could be so adorable and yet so hot at the same time). and then he trails his lips along alec’s neck, to his collarbone, to leave some kisses there.

and when he goes back up, that’s when he does it. and alec fucking moans.

magnus just smirks and alec pulls him back in for a kiss, but magnus is like???? sensitive neck, good to know,,,

so from then on a make out session isn’t really a make out session unless magnus’ lips spend at least ten minutes on the deflect rune.