Hogwarts houses : what kind of friend they are

Gryffindor: protective friend - they’re the kind of friends who’ll make you laugh to counteract your tears, whilst swearing not to hurt the person who caused them. But 10 minutes later they’ll be ready to fight that person regardless,,,, oops

Ravenclaw: good advice friend - they’re usually awake until 3am reading, so they won’t mind late night rants. They’ll listen to everything you have to say and come up with the most logical and beneficial advice, without turning you against anyone or making you feel like you need to change unimportant parts of your life. Hates unnecessary drama. Educated n honest in everything they say.

Hufflepuff: vegetarian friend - they don’t mind you eating meat, it’s your choice, they just love animals too much to do it themselves. Plants are pretty cool anyways. Known make the most unique meals known to man, but holy shit they’re good. Will probably buy you flowers whenever you’re sad and take you on a walk to see their “friends”. Those “friends” are hippogriffs. Maybe occamys.

Slytherin: shady friend - they won’t hurt anyone, they don’t want to be seen as violent because they aren’t. BUT DAMN SON if you need to talk about your distant cousin Victoria, you know where to go. Lovely people. Just don’t cross them or their friends.

Getting Ready – Part Six

Mark: Well shit, looks like Forrest’s suit still fits just fine.

Colin: We could cut some notches to get the rips started.

Forrest laughed: While I would normally agree to this, I think mayyyybe we should do that after the wedding. I feel like Rose might not appreciate it.

Colin: Rose would think it was hilarious. Katy… Katy would not. Well, no, she’d think it was funny deep down but be angry that you embarrassed the family. Anyway, you look good Forrest, it definitely still fits. You too, Mark. Are you feeling okay about it?

Mark: Yeah, I’m good… but hey, hold on. I want to try one other thing.

Colin: Okay? What else did you get?

Mark: Just a minute.

Mark: You guys like it? I got the vest and bowtie combo for you Forrest since we talked about the vest… and we all know who the Halloween underwear is for. I look great.

Colin burst out laughing: What the fuck. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen you wear. You do look great.

Forrest: You know, I really should have expected you’d follow through, man, but I did not. You’re really rockin’ that bow tie, I gotta say. I never really thought of you as a bowtie guy, but you’ve broken whatever weird bowtie stereotypes I had… which is apparently a thing? I saw a really cute girl once with a purple polka dot bowtie. You should get a purple polka dot bowtie too. I mean, I wouldn’t argue if you put on the matching skirt too, but that’s not so much your thing.

Mark laughed: One bowtie at a time Forrest… until I get at least the second bowtie. Then whatever bowtie style you want. Stacked bowties, bowties in odd places, whatever. I’ll look for one.

Colin: Bowties in odd places sounds like an interesting book. It could be smut, it could be visceral surrealism. Or both. Smutty visceral surrealism. Maybe breaking surrealism itself at the same time.

Forrest: Are there gonna be dicks with eyes? You can count me out of that, man.

Colin: Dicks with eyes? That’s too obvious. Mundane. Dicks with tentacles though? Wait, no… Also mundane. Ah, yes, dicks with the heart attached. Romantic yet wrong. Neither need the other yet are almost always needlessly combined in media… and common thought.

Mark: Um… where are the bowties though? You’re just pulling this out of your ass.

Colin: In the place you’d least expect in this scenario obviously, on the neck. And yes, I am. Well, some of it anyway. I was serious about the sex and romance in media thing. Not that *I* don’t like both. Options! Well anyway, that’s a long topic!

Mark laughed: Right. Well, I’m in my undies and cold so…

Colin: Ah yes, the human condition. Well, you have two others here to warm you up.

Mark: Oh good! It’s as the prophecy foretold.

Colin laughed: How dare you mock me! In our own home!

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unknown facts about the signs


aries - somehow they can convince people to do the most stupid things

taurus - they move their eyebrows a lot in their facial expressions

gemini - they have an incomprehensible love for snacks

cancer - they know how to listen and they give the best advice ever

leo - they tend to do good things for people without even realizing

virgo - they’re the midpoint between introvert and extrovert

libra - they hide things so they don’t disappoint people they care about

scorpio - they can make you laugh in the most fucked up moments

sagittarius - they intentionally do things and then say they we’re planned

capricorn - can make you feel important one minute and shit the next

aquarius - they get confused when choosing between good and bad

pisces - can listen to you for hours, without making it awkward

cute things the signs are likely to do
  • aries: tell you about their crazy ideas and genuinely ask what you think
  • taurus: hand the popcorn bucket over every 3 minutes at a movie
  • gemini: acknowledge your story when nobody else in the group heard you
  • cancer: talk about you to their mom all the time
  • leo: cook for you and ask if it's good after every bite
  • virgo: whisper the answer when the teacher calls on you
  • libra: talk to somebody that's mad at you to try and get them over it
  • scorpio: pop out from behind things and scare you but laugh with you, not at you, when you scream
  • sagittarius: pick you up at midnight to go to dairy queen
  • capricorn: stay up all night to listen to you complain about something stupid
  • aquarius: mooch your food 24/7 but always offer you a bite of theirs when they have some
  • pisces: buy you things after you've had a breakup

Imagine Victor seductively whispering phrases in Russian into Yuuri’s ear during foreplay/sex, but when Yuuri asks what they mean, he only winks and says it’s a secret.

So Yuuri tries to impress him and memorizes as much as he can from his speech over a few days and when he catches Victor casually reading a book on the couch he sees his chance, straddles him, brings his lips close to his ear and pronounces one of the lines in as sexy a whisper as he can muster.

And Victor suddenly bursts out laughing, so hard that his entirey body is shaking and there are tears in his eyes and he can’t collect himself for a good 5 minutes and Yuuri is just staring at him thinking “Did I fuck up? Did I remember it wrong? Did I just say something stupid?”

And when Victor calms down he simply explains “You just said Be glorious, our free Fatherland.”

And Yuuri just knits his brows and looks at him in confusion like “…why?”

And Victor just cackles “I’ve been reciting the National anthem of Russia to you every time we had sex for the past week.”

Victor gets a light jab to the chest and a pout, but Yuuri forgives him with a shake of the head, roll of the eyes, a light smile and a “I married an idiot.”

Yuuri gets his revenge by repeating lines from the anthem whenever things get hot because it always makes Victor laugh and that usually kills his arousal.

Why I love Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is great game for sure of it’s gameplay, awesome art design and marvelous creatures but what makes me love series even more is these little shots animations [Including the monster’s Ecology shots.]

These short are just few minute long but still they flow full of details of MH world, giving fuzzy warm feeling of these hunters daily life.

They joy together, laugh together , hunt together , fail together

I don’t even know how put on words to feeling i get while watching these, they just suck me in right to this wonderful world of Monster Hunter than i want to part of, being good comrade and help others in need, never giving up ‘cause we are team, doing this missions together.

 That’s what it mean to be hunter, at least to me

What is your guys opinion? What make you love this series?

the guys call dex so many different names it’s ridiculous. like he’ll walk into a room and holster will announce “it’s the dexmeister!” or he’ll be greeted by shitty as “william dexington the fourth” in a snobby voice and when chowder’s drunk he stumbles over all the syllables in “tyrannosaurus dex” and he won’t stop laughing for a good ten minutes. 

Imagine Newt comforting you after a panic attack...

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Soft sobs and hiccups could be heard, echoing through the house. Newt called your name, racing from room to room. 

“Good Lord, (Y/N)! Ar-Are you hurt? What’s the matter?”

He dropped to your side, holding you close to his chest, rubbing his thumb along the blade of your shoulder. Nuzzling your face into his brown vest, your tears continued.

“Shh- Shh… It’s okay… Everything will be okay- I’m here,” he rested his chin on the top of your head, “Just let it out.”

It took you a good ten minutes before you were able to talk, or control your breathing. “I’m a mess,” you laugh-sobbed into his chest, “Sorry for having you worry, Newt.”

“Apologies aren’t necessary, dear,” he said, pulling you into him tighter, “I’m just happy you’re safe.”

***I’m not attempting to romanticize anxiety, or panic attacks. I only wrote this to cope with my own anxiety***