I’m laughing, my father and I had planned to go out for lunch today but he arrived a bit early to pick me up and I was in the middle of fighting Father Guacamole in Bloodborne. So I told him to wait for a bit and he watched me play (and fail) for 15 minutes and then was like “Oh my god you’re so bad let me try, I can do this” He couldn’t. And that’s the story of how we tried to beat Father Gasoline for over an hour instead of getting something to eat

So basically today the little laundromat at my apartment just ate all my quarters without actually washing anything and since I had detergent on a good chunk of it I had to hand wash like half of a months worth of neglected laundry and it was really frustrating and I told a friend about it and he literally biked 25 minutes to come over to my house and laugh at me out of nowhere and then I see this right when I get on Facebook like who is watching me 👀👀

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ok but do you have an headcanon for the first time they said 'i love you' to each other

Harry was prone to getting stage fright quite a bit, so I imagine before the first live show Louis pulled him aside and held his hands; kissing his palms to soothe him and starts with “remember how I got your autograph? Because I knew you’d make it. You’re a star, Haz, my star, and no matter what happens I’m going to be with you until the end” and Harry is staring at him wide eyed and nodding “Okay, Lou, okay” and he smiles and leans in to place a soft kiss on his lips and whispers “I love you” and Harry laughs with a sniffle “You couldn’t have told me after, I’m going to cry again” but kisses him for a good minute, mumbling “I love you too” into each one.

And that’s why before each concert they make sure to kiss each other.

It’s tradition.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:How does Gravity Falls manage to balance comedy and drama so well without either feeling forced or contrived? Does it grow organically from the characters' interactions? Are the writers just REALLY good with timing? Like seriously I've never seen a show, let alone a cartoon, equalize the two genres so well. Even Avatar struggled with this sometimes. Usually one gets put on the back-burner for the sake of the other depending on the subject matter of the episode. But with Gravity Falls, even a heartrending flashback episode still made me laugh really hard at parts, then cry five minutes later. How? How do you do it and do it so well? I must unlock your secrets!

Here’s the first 9 minutes of the Laughing At & With Us Panel @ VidCon 2015. The rest of the panel will be up on a Part 2 here in about an hour, but I probably won’t post it on here myself until the morning. Have a good day/night wherever you are! 

Guess who laughed at me?

Okay, I was scrolling through my Twitter when I see a tweet from Misha Collins. Basically, he says that the GiShWhEs hotline will be directed to his cell for a bit. AND HE WROTE OUT THE NUMBER!

Of course, I freak out for a good five minutes before I run to upstairs to grab the phone. I dial, and the busy tone comes up. I panic, and redial. It goes to the GiShWhEs answering machine. It basically tells me to press a few numbers here and there, until there’s a very pretty beep. And then there is at least twenty people all talking at the same time. At first, I’m thinking that it’s just part of the answering machine.

Then, I quickly realize that it’s a conference call of all the people trying to call Misha.

One girl named Bianca appears to have taken charge, and she started a DM on twitter. Much easier to read and type than just yell at everybody.

For some reason, I stay on the conference call for about an hour. My sister comes in, and I put it on speaker. The line isn’t too chaotic, Bianca is taking questions about the DM, when a man’s voice starts saying I have a question.

My sister and I both freeze, because ITS JARED PADALECKI!!!!!!!!!!!! We start screaming to everyone that it’s him, but nobody is listening. Bianca is tryng to get us to shut up, because she want’s to hear the other fan’s question. And Jared is just laughing at me, while I try and let everyone know. Finally, I yell


There is complete and utter silence except for a familiar laugh. Then hundreds of fangirls all squeal at the same time. You can hear Misha trying to reign some sort of order, and Jensen telling Jared and Misha to put it away, because it’s too loud and he’s trying to direct and episode.

But Jared Padalecki laughed at me.

That makes me very happy. 

You know. I’ve been thinking.  Everybody saw “waiter” on Lewis’s profile and assumed he was super suave and in general good at his job.  But what if he’s not.  What if he was clumsy and nervous and broke everything he touched?  What if him and Vivi met when he accidentally bumped into her with a tray full of food and spilled it all over her.  With Vivi just laughing it off and him apologizing profusely for ten minutes straight.

I need to take a moment to express an appreciation for my case manager. The other week after I had watched Inside Out, I told her she reminded me of “Joy”. She then gave me a present today as a kind of reward for not self harming and overdosing, and putting effort in. I opened it and it was one of those Inside Out figurine-type thing of Joy where you press it and she speaks. I literally cry-laughed for a good 10 minutes, on my bedroom floor. She said hopefully it’ll help me continue to “channel my inner-Nicole” I literally cannot even. I’m going to miss her so much.

Junjou Romantica 3 ep 3

So I always love with Junjou how a romantic scene can go from this…making me go OMG HOW CUTE!…. Wait a minute…Misaki isn’t wearing a shirt O_O 

To this (Making me laugh…oh Usagi way to interrupt a good moment…..wait just a minute Usagi’s shirt is open…O_O….is what I think gonna happen?)

To ending with this! Okay..side bar, I’ll take a kiss :D but you know what I’m still gonna play out the scenario in my mind…yes…things happen in my mind… ^^ Oh when did my mind get corrupted will such thoughts? Not that I’m complaining though XD

At the end of each episode my feeling are all over the place….Love is everything…You two love each other so much…destiny…forever…hearts….cute stuff…fluff….the scenes with Ijuuin.. the whole episode……it’s EVERYWHERE….I think I just died from Junjou overload….but I will be all good in time for next week’s episode :)

Things Others Learn About Them : #51 - #60

Since this series which started for MTV got such a warm response for the continuation till 100, continue it shall. You can read the series here on AO3 if you haven’t. Hope you enjoy.  

Things Others Learn About Them #51

Every week on one night, the ladies all went out for drinks and bonding for hours.

And in those hours, Laurel saw Felicity never drink more than two glasses. She would nurse her glass for long, long minutes while Thea and Lyla downed them like water.

Laurel did not touch alcohol for obvious reasons, but she did not understand why Felicity did not. The lawyer in her got more and more curious every time. So one night, she asked her.

Thea and Lyla stopped too, curious to know.

Felicity laughed, “I’m not an alcoholic, no offense Laurel.”

Laurel saw her smile softly, remembering something good obviously, and then shrug. “I just get drunk with Oliver.”

It told Laurel nothing but it told her everything.

Things Others Learn About Them #52

Ollie called Felicity without fail at least twice when they were out.

On ladies night each week, Thea relaxed completely, enjoying her life, grateful for the different women who had become her friends.

She also saw the same appreciation in all of their faces. And then Ollie called Felicity and that appreciation flew out the window to be replaced with a sigh and an exasperated smile.

Thea knew how much Felicity hated having to answer to someone. She understood it. But the fact that Felicity took the call every time with a sassy but sweet remark, slayed her. They never spoke for more than a minute, but for that one minute, Felicity let go of her independent streak and Ollie let go of his need to never bend.

For a minute like that, so would Thea.

Things Others Learn About Them #53

At the end of every ladies’ night, Laurel dropped Thea home since she would be sober, and Oliver came to pick up both Lyla and Felicity since Johnny would be home with Sara.

Lyla would just observe them, slightly tipsy, as he would simply take Felicity’s hand and smile at her in a way she had never seen him smile, and lead her to the car. He would open the door for her and then for Lyla before getting in and driving off.

And the entire time Lyla would be there, Felicity would be talking and telling him about the night and Oliver would smile and speak sometimes and keep his eyes on the road. He would also take a hold of Felicity’s hand and squeeze.

He did nothing romantic at all, per se. In fact it was very general.

But coming from him, and the way he did it, made Lyla sigh like a 15 year old girl on the inside.

Things Others Learn About Them #54

Laurel would not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it herself.

There were times when Ollie would sit quietly, staring at one spot, completely lost in his own mind, so, so quiet. And people would be talking and arguing around him and he would sit, completely uncaring of the place and the voices, just staring at the spot, somewhere else entirely.

And then Felicity would speak, not even addressing him, just speak generally in her normal voice, and Oliver’s gaze would swing to her without blinking. He would stare at her for a few seconds before blinking and joining them.

It happened every single time. And Laurel could still not believe it.

Felicity brought him back from the brink. Without even trying.

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I laughed for about 20 minutes before I could say anything because it seemed such a beautifully absurd idea and I had a strange kind of … I just sort of felt that it was all going to happen.

They don’t phone you and say ‘You’re doctor who now’ they phone you and say 'How would you feel about being the new doctor who?’ which is almost as good. And after I stopped laughing I had to say, because it was my agent calling, I said 'What does that mean “how would you feel about being the new doctor who?”’. 'Well they’d like to talk to you about it.’ Oh, so I’ve got to jump through all these hoops now. But I didn’t care. I’d so enjoyed getting that phone call and I’d so enjoyed entertaining the idea that somebody might think I could be Doctor Who that I thought even if I don’t get this part I will have enjoyed that phone call.

—  Peter on his reaction to being approached to play Doctor Who

AU where TLKs are glitchy - that is, once you’ve used one to free your love from a curse, every time you kiss produces the same effect of magical rainbow light circles spreading through town

in other words, AU where the entire town of Storybrooke is woken up with Snowing’s good morning kisses, people doing their hair are annoyed by the rush of magic messing it up five minutes later, breakfast is regularly interrupted with flashy lights, people celebrate the workday as a break except then David comes to eat lunch with Snow and at least three more TLKs are probably gonna happen, the afternoon is just a period of slowly building dread because the evening is just a goddamn light show when Snowing feels frisky and they so damnably often do, folks are trying to get their kids to bed early on date nights because they know no way are they falling asleep with all this magical true love strobe light nonsense ongoing. at least the magical villains have all collectively thrown up their hands and gone away because there’s no point trying to curse anyone with these idiots smooching all the time, but to be perfectly honest some of the civilians almost miss those old days when they weren’t so intimately acquainted with their rulers’ sex lives.

and then Captain Swan TLK one day. it is very dramatic and romantic and they disappear together to no doubt spend an evening making sweet love and no one begrudges them exactly but they do sigh and kind of exchange little ‘brace yourself’ jokes and send the kids to bed early again

it’s not a strobe light, at least. it’s worse: a fog. people are horrified, they can’t see what the hell they’re doing and everything reeks of magic, the annoying kind of magic that makes everyone feel happy and loving and good about themselves right up until they remember they feel this way because their sheriff is happily boning a pirate, still. she hasn’t stopped. in fact are their mouths glued together or something because it has been at least eight hours now and this is worrying, okay. do they need to send someone to check if they are safe (no, just. please no). maybe it’s just because she’s the Savior so it’s all magnified or something, but jesus christ, businesses have to shut down for the day, it’s utterly ridiculously awful and the only joy the townsfolk get out of it is the look on Snowing’s faces.

sweet payback, they think, and resign themselves to suffering through this every couple of days.

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"What do you want?" Sherlock asks when Mycroft calls him. "You just spent the last two minutes talking to yourself about how hot John is," Mycroft tells him. "Did I?" Sherlock replies. "Yes," Mycroft says annoyed. "I'm not wrong though am I? I mean, John is off the charts hot, right?" Sherlock asks. "He's not terrible looking," Mycroft admits, "but I've seen hotter." "WE ARE TALKING ABOUT JOHN'S HOTNESS, NOT YOUR SILLY CRUSH ON LESTRADE!" Sherlock shouts and hangs up.


You were walking towards Hagrid’s cabin when you saw Harry and Ron standing by the stone circle. Harry was making weird motions with his hands that was making Ron laugh like a howler monkey. You walk over to check out what was going on.

“Hello Boys.” You say with an eyebrow raised.

At the sight of you Harry immediately stopped what he was doing and turned bright pink. You giggle at the sight of him, embarrassment flatters him quite well. Ron is still laughing at Harry, only now it was for getting caught.

“What are you doing Harry?”

“Being the pincers on an Acromantula.” He began doing the motions again and this time you joined Ron in his laughter.

Sitting across the table from Ron you watched him stuff his mouth. You knew he ate a lot but not this much. You were staring at him watching him cram his mouth. He kept going for a good five minutes before he looked up at you staring at him. 

“Ronald. Why don’t you slow down.”

Ron’s skin turned red. He was extremely embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He looked around for minute. You didn’t know what he was looking before but he was frantic about it. When he finally found it you were shocked.

“Here, you can have this.” Ron handed you the last bit of food that was resting on a platter. You guess that he had planned on eating. Instead he decided to give it you.

“Thanks Ron.” You say taking about of the food. He was surprised ot see that your appetite rivaled his own.

You were hanging out with Fred and George in the hall. All the other students were either in the great hall taking their O.W.Ls, or in class studying. Being the group that you were you decided to skip class, making you the only ones in the hallway. You were there goofing off and planning your next prank.

A while in you started singing a silly song. You were lying on the ground staring up at the vaulted ceiling. Then you noticed that two figures began dancing around in the corner of your eye. You sat up quickly and looked at the twins.

“What are you doing?”

“Dancing to your song of course. What else would we be doing?” Fred and George were grinning widely. 

You shrugged at them, lied back down and started singing once more. Some moments later your singing attracted the wrath of Severus Snape. 

“Y/N get up, it’s Snape. Run!” You all bolted down the hall on your way to set up your next prank.

You couldn’t help it when it happened. You were walking around school grounds when Draco tripped and fell on his face first into a puddle. You snorted and tried to hold in your laughter. Draco began getting up and gave you a death stare. He could see you trying to hold it in. 

Draco let out a huge sigh, “Just get it out.” 

You burst out laughing so hard you almost cried. You felt bad, you really did but couldn’t help it. His clothes were dripping wet and he had a miserable look on his face.

“Sorry Draco. Come on, I’ll help you back to the common room.” For the rest of the way you played lookout for Draco, just so he wouldn’t get any more humiliated than he already was. 



My friend was over at my house when I first finished Mass Effect 2. When Shepard told the Illusive Man that line about “saving the galaxy without sacrificing the soul of our species.”, my friend shot up to his feet, raised his hand in the air, and yelled, “OH! BOOM, MIC DROP! WALK AWAY!” and then walked out of the room. I still laugh for a good five minutes whenever I see that cutscene now.