laughed so hard at this hahahahah

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That poor soul u just sent that abo primer to, oh god. Oh my god hahahahah I feel so sorry for you and them. It's like ur parents explaining sex for the first time only exponentionally worse. And everyone's blushing. Can't look you in the eyes for the next three years. Will probably move out when clock strikes midnight on their 18th birthday. Will call for holidays but family dinners continue being awkward. I'm still laughing hard

SJDJS I HATE THIS ANALOGY but ur right eudjdjs


I’m laughing so hard by how dumb this is…wow,

this is seriously what Hijack Jurassic world!AU is about xD I’ve been dying to draw this, but ended up procrastinating HAHA, so have a doodle instead, I’m just gonna draw the decent version traditionally. JACK YOU’RE SO GAY

Also have Jamie and Sophie uvu