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This was a sad Eurovision for Spain not because we lost, but because we wanted zero points SO BAD we got frustrated when someone gave us five.

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fINALLY drew my favorite bro of all time and the first youtuber I subbed to waaay too long ago. honestly idk why I keep watching you pewds :D
seriously though, you’re the best dude and made me laugh so damn much in these past years, thank you <3

more artinsta twootersbrofist


While rapping his part, Eric suddenly got hyped up & threw the dolls xD. Then after the excitement was over, he came back to his senses & picked up the doll again LOL
(fc @sh0324w)

[SFW] Genji comes home to Reader

The enticing scent of bacon and waffles lifted you from a peaceful slumber. With a stretch you rolled out of bed and rubbed the sleep from your eyes. The sound of a man’s cheerful humming made you swell with glee. There was only one other person with a key to your apartment and that was, “Genji!”

“Good morning my love. I have returned with breakfast! I hope you are hungry.” Genji brandished a tray of hash browns fresh from the oven.

“Oh my God, what are you wearing?” You erupted in laughter when you noticed his attire. He had borrowed your 1950s inspired black and white polka dot apron and was strutting around the kitchen like a domesticated housewife. “You look absolutely ravishing, darling.” He perked up, genuinely thrilled by your compliment.

“You really think so? I thought it made me look flat chested…” He frowned, looking down at his lack of breasts.

“Aren’t cyborg ninjas supposed to be streamlined?”

“Right as always!” A beep from the waffle iron signaled it was time to feast. The two of you tucked into a full course meal. In between bites you chatted about this and that. Genji told you all about his latest mission, you talked about the girls at work. It was a ritual you honored for its simplicity. With him being away as often as he was, you both agreed to dedicate free time to the relationship. Another of your favored activities was simply lying in bed together.

Genji understood the limitations of his omnic body and knew it was something alien to hold. Zenyatta suggested removing what armor he could. With Dr. Zeigler’s blessing, you’d become practiced at detaching the beige chassis that covered Genji’s stomach. His torso, neck, and head were the only human parts left of his former body. Out of those, only his belly and face could safely be exposed.

This portion of him had become particularly ticklish after the augments were installed; it was the last place he had any organic sensation. Of course what good was knowing someone’s tickle spot without exploiting it every once and awhile?

You waited until he’d nuzzled into your silken hair before slipping a hand down and teasing the sensitive skin. He squeaked out a startled sound and tried to wriggle away. This never lasted long but you loved it just the same.

Once he’d settled down the two of you connected on a more physical level, making sweet, slow, passionate love until late afternoon. In your post coital bliss he talked about all the placed you two should go.

“I would give anything for you to visit the Shambali temple in Nepal. Master Zenyatta has been eager to meet you.”

“We could always host him here. I know the apartment is small but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. I still need to visit Lena in London. It’s been ages since we last talked.”

“My brother asks about you as well. We’ve been together for…. How long was it? 8 months?”

“Genji!” you laughed, “It’s been 3 damn years. Our anniversary was last month!”

“Oh that’s right. I got you confused with one of the other girls…” He chuckled and kissed you reassuringly. “Hanzo wants to know if I plan on marrying you.”

“Yeah well Hanzo can worry about his own love life. He’s like, 40, and still single.” Genji snickered at your playful jab.

“Does that mean you don’t want to marry me?”

“Oh Genji. I would marry you in an instant but… Overwatch needs you. The world needs you. I’m just one girl. How could I be so selfish?” This answer did not satisfy the cyborg but he bit his tongue for now.

As the perfect day came to an end a heavy melancholy set in. Each morning was a gamble. Genji could be summoned at a moment’s notice and there was nothing you could do. So to make the most of every night Genji tucked you in and told you a bedtime story. It was a childish practice but you wouldn’t give it up for the world. This night, however, held something special in store.

“Are you ready my beloved?” You nodded and curled up into his embrace. “Very well. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived alone in an ivory tower with only one valiant knight to protect her. But the knight was also sworn to protect the people of her kingdom. Sometimes he had to travel far and wide to keep her enemies at bay and the princess was very lonely. The knight was often conflicted about how best to serve the princess and the kingdom. Should he continue to fight the warlords abroad or should he stand vigilant at the tower?” You looked up at him. His eyes glistened as the story went on.

“He knew a decision had to be made but feared making the wrong choice. If he abandoned the kingdom then many would die. But if he left the princess he’d be sacrificing the love of his life. The knight prayed for guidance every day, but his prayers went unanswered. He asked the lord that trained him but still had no way of knowing what to do. So he returned to ivory tower and laid down his sword before the princess.”

“Genji… What is this?” But he continued on.

“‘Princess,’ he cried, ‘Help me, for I am lost. I have sworn to protect the kingdom and I have sworn to protect you, but I am just one man. I cannot keep walking down this path but I fear my choice will have terrible consequences. I beg of you, please guide me. Tell me what to do.’”

He closed his eyes burrowed into your shoulder. You felt the hot tears on your skin. With a shaky voice you finished the story.

“The princess wept for her valiant knight. It pained her to see him so troubled. But the princess was as wise as she was beautiful and knew the answer to all of his problems. ‘Brave warrior. You have been a loyal and faithful servant to me and to my kingdom. For this I offer you absolution. I will take away all of your burdens. I will provide you the strength to carry on. I will heal you, protect you, give you shelter from the storm. For you I will do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. But you must go on one final quest.”

“Genji… Will you marry me?”

And without hesitation his answer was,  “Yes!”

Nice to meet you - Isaac Lahey

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Summary: Isaac ((Y/N)’s current boyfriend) meets (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend and really doesn’t like him all that much.

I close my locker after grabbing out the folders that I needed to do homework in tonight. I was already over school and it was the first day. 

“Hey there” I jumped as I heard the voice. 

“Oh my god. Oliver?!” I squeal and hug him. “I haven’t seen you in like… 3 years?” He hugged me back and we laughed of pure joy. “What are you doing here?” 

“I thought I’d come and give my girl a visit” He winked. 

“What was that, buddy?” I turned around and saw Isaac with his arms crossed and a slight glare on his face. 

“Oh, uh Oliver. This is Isaac- “

“Her boyfriend” He says and sarcastically smiles at Oliver before unwrapping him arms and swinging one around my shoulder. He pulls me in close to his side and I can feel his heart beat and his muscles tensing. 

“Nice to meet you, Isaac. I’m Oliver.” Oliver sticks out a hand ready to shake Isaac’s but gets no response.

“Yeah, I know who you are. Look, whatever you and (Y/N) had in the past; its over and she’s with me now.” Oliver giggles at Isaac.

“Mate, you’ve got no idea. I’ll catch you later (Y/N)”. Oliver smiles and walks away.

“What is wrong with you?!” I turn to Isaac and slap him on the arm softly.

“I’m sorry, did you want him flirting with you?” Isaac glared at me. I broke out into a laugh which only angered him more. “Oh, come on (Y/N). He called you ‘his girl’. And he kept looking you up and down!”

“Oh, did he now?” Isaac rolled his eyes and began to walk off until I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Isaac. He’s gay. That’s why we broke up. He likes guys. He was probably looking you up and down - which I may have to tell him off about. Only I can do that.” I smirk and wrap my arms around his neck and lean in for a kiss. “I’ll catch you later then. Pick me up at 8?” I winked as I walked off. Gosh he’s an idiot… but I love him anyway.

This ones a little shorter than usual. I thought that I’d done a few serious imagines so it was time for a more light hearted one. And who better than Daniel Sharman who I actually met around this time last year! Such a kind and funny dude. I was giggling just thinking about him doing this. If anyone wants to ask me about my experience hanging out with him just hmu. He’s a bit of a dork if I’m honest ahahaha xx

clubspooky  asked:

i know you mentioned that pidge and her partner (does she stay with lotor?) have a dog, but have they considered adopting kids of their own? if they do, how would they let the rest of the voltron fam know? or are kiddos not in pidge's life plan (i means at least outside of her nieces and nephews from lance and hunk)?

[The Voltron Family] It shocked them to know Lotor was actually Zarkon’s son who was studying abroad most of his life, who returned to his father when he got into college. The teens knew back then that Lotor was a son of a business tycoon but they didn’t know it was their neighbour Grandpa Zarkon. Lotor found this so amusing when he came home one time, and saw Pidge walking home eating an ice cream. 

Pidge: *blinks in shock* The heck you doing there?
Lotor: *points at Zarkon’s house* I live here. 
Pidge: *chokes* YOU WHAT?! 
Lotor: It’s my father’s house. *shrugs* Well, one of his houses.
Pidge: Zarkon’s your Daddy?!
Lotor: *nods in confusion* Last time I checked, yes.

The thing with Lotor and Pidge, they had so much fun together. They kept travelling the world together after Pidge graduated (Lotor was 2 years ahead). Lotor proposed when they were in Belgium over Belgian waffles during breakfast outside, and Pidge snorted out her chocolates and Lotor found that so endearing, he started laughing.

Pidge: Are you serious?! *wipes her nose with the napkin Lotor handed*
Lotor: Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to, Peejon. *smiles softly*
Pidge: *smirks* You just want to turn your boring richass life to an adventurous one with me, don’t you?
Lotor: *smirks* Maybe I do. So?
Pidge: *hums* Maybe I do want that, too. *grins* 

Pidge sent her daddies and Hunk and Lance a photo of her hand with a ring that had chocolate smear from her food with the caption of: “Guess who got engaged to a dork in fricking Belgium over Belgian waffles (das why there’s a smear. don’t mind the smear. it adds charm) ???” 

They ended up having a dog and she and Lotor were the wealthy-uncle-and-auntie-who-spoiled-their-nieces-and-nephews. However, she saw how happy Lotor was with Hunk’s and Lance’s kids, so she went to her daddies’ house.

Pidge: Is it wrong that Lotor and I don’t have kids?
Shiro: *shakes* No, it’s not? What made you think of that, sweetheart?
Pidge: My dork’s just… yknow a little too happy with the little gremlins.
Keith: *interlaced his hand with Pidge* *smiles softly* Sweetheart, are you thinking of having kids with Lotor?
Pidge: *squeezes Keiths’ hand* Everyone’s just happier with kids.
Shiro: Not all. *laughs* Even your Daddy Keith and I took 3 years until we adopted three of you.
Keith: *hugs Pidge* Think about it. Talk it out with Lotor. Kids are a serious business. There’s no going back if you decided you want them.
Pidge: It would be nice to have a little one running around. *chuckles*
Shiro: It would. *laughs* I remember when you were still so little. Always running around the house making a mess wherever you go.
Keith: So many broken vases, oh my god. *laughs*
Pidge: *smiles sheepishly* Oooops? A bit late to apologize for that, innit? *laughs* But is it worth it? Was it worth all the trouble to have adopt—
Shiro: Yes, of course. Even all the sleepless nights. *grins so wide*
Keith: Definitely. Especially if they turned out so great later in life. 
Pidge: Awww, gosh, you guys. So cheesy. *rolls eyes*

One Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. Keith opened the door and found Pidge standing, smiling so wide.

Pidge: *hugs and kisses Keith* Morning, Daddy Keith! Is Daddy Shiro in?
Keith: Yeah, of course. *goes to the living room with Pidge*
Shiro: *joins them* Sweetheart. You should’ve called us if you wanted to drop by. *hugs and kisses Pidge*
Pidge: *laughs* Would ruin the surprise.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* What surprise?

Pidge just grinned excitedly as she went back to the hallway and signalled someone to come in. Lotor entered the house carrying a little boy who looked about 3 years old.

Pidge: *looks at her daddies* Daddy Shiro, Daddy Keith. Meet our son, Tadashi.
Keith: *places a hand on his mouth* *teary eyed* Oh god.
Shiro: *smiles so wide* *pulls Keith with him to meet their grandkid*
Lotor: *smiles* He speaks just a little Japanese cause he lost his parents earlier this year.
Keith: That’s fine. *coos at the child* Hello, Tadashi. Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro will make sure you will be fluent in Japanese.
Tadashi: *giggles* *reaches out to Keith*
Keith: *takes the child into his arms* *looks at Pidge and Lotor pointedly* Your child will call us “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” just like the rest.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement*
Lotor: *laughs* Yeah, we already decided on that too. We’ll just be “Mommy” and “Daddy” to Tadashi.
Shiro: *takes Tadashi from Keith* You almost have the same name as I do. *laughs* *kisses the child* Takashi and Tadashi. We’re gonna be the best duo.
Keith: *whispers to Pidge* I’m surprised and happy at the same time you adopted a Japanese kid.
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah, me too. When Lotor *looks at Lotor* and I went to the orphanage, we saw him sitting by himself in a corner. He felt so left out because he was the only Asian. We knew then and there that we wanted to adopt him.
Lotor: He’s just adorable and it was honestly love at first sight for me. *stares fondly at Tadashi* He’s going to be the nerdiest and geekiest kid.
Pidge: *nudges Lotor* I’m going to make sure of that. *chuckles*

[PART 02]


And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans


south side princess (part one) 

Pairing ~ Reader x FP Jones
Prompt ~ after living in the upper side of Riverdale for 3 years, you decide to go stay your dad on the south and forming a crush for the older fp Jones
Warnings ~ swearing, drinking drugs, age gap romance (reader 19yrs old)

Story ~
It was 3 years since your mother and father had spilt up. Your mother had taken you to live in what she called upper Riverdale, what most would call the nice or good side of the tracks. Your father had stayed on the Southside. Your grandfather was the old leader of the gang the south side serpents until his death a few months ago. Forsythe Pendleton Jones the 2nd (or Fp as he was called) was the new leader with your father his right hand man. You had known Fp your whole life. 

In the last 3 years you had re-started high school hating that you was a year older then everyone else, after you was held back a year (because you hadn’t attended school for 2 years) before even starting Riverdale high but at least you was now in the same year as you childhood friend Jughead Jones. In that time you had become a river vixen, your grades where up and you started becoming friends with Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. When you first moved into your mother’s childhood home your grandmother old house, Veronica took it upon herself to give you a full make over. Now you looked like her double, posh girly dresses, sassy tops and skinny jeans filled your wardrobe. More hair and makeup products then ever really needed. 

After a long week and a trying day, You was sat sulking in pop’s after a cheerleader practice, Cheryl had been a bitch with the squad mainly you a Veronica getting the brunt of her mood. You and your mother had been fighting a lot the last few weeks as well to the point you didn’t think you could stay anymore. Jughead Jones slid into the seat facing you with a smile. “what’s up y/n, you’ve been looking at that milkshake for 20 minutes?” He asks. “it’s my mom we’re always fighting and I don’t want to stay there, I can’t stay there anymore” I tell him as he takes the cherry from my melted milkshake. “What about your dad?” he says. As he pops the cherry in his mouth.
You only saw your dad once a month when you would go stay the weekend with him in the trailer park hanging with your old friends now all serpents. “juggie that’s an amazing idea” you smile “I’m going to call him tomorrow” you grab your bag hugging the raven haired boy. heading home thinking of what to say to your dad. 

At home your walked into your mother waiting for you. “where have you been it’s almost 10:30pm” you give a one word answer “pops” she started screaming as you ignore her. Since coming here you wasn’t the only one who had changed. Your mother had become a living breathing copy of Alice Cooper. She went through you room, wouldn’t let you out past 10. Told you to stay away from Jughead because of who his dad was. Controlling as much of your life as she possibly could. Wanting you to be more like Cheryl or Betty.
In your room, you tried to block her out but she followed still complaining about it was a school night, about you not giving yourself time to finish homework or practice with the vixens. After a really bad argument you started to grab you school books and laptop. “I’m going to stay with dad” was all you said before running out the door.

It was nearly 11pm and you didn’t really want to knock at your dad’s at this time. The trailer park was still a few miles away and you started getting cold and tired. You thought about Jughead heading to the drive in to find him it was on the way to your dad’s anyway. You had knocked and knocked, but no one came to open the door. You realized the biggest mistake you had made was leaving without a coat, all you had on was your river vixen outfit and pumps. Your gave one last bang on the door screaming his name, thinking do you go to your dad’s or back home. Home was closer but you didn’t want to see your mum after walking out.
“y/n,” you turn to the sound of your name looking to it’d owner. You see a man walking towards you. His hands in his jeans pocket with a swagger to his stride. In the light you see fp Jones the new leader of the gang your grandfather used to lead. “Why are you out here dressed like that at this time if night?, are you trying to give my boy a heart attack?” he asked looking you up and down intensely slow. “didn’t know you did booty calls Princess” he said. smiling slightly swaying saying back “only for a lucky few, Jones why you jealous?” fp just raises an eyebrow. This flirty banter was normal for you both. It had all started when you was younger , Fp would say something flirty to make you blush and it always worked but now you got older and would think if a witty comeback. It was just how you both was with each other.

You had always had a crush on fp ever since you was about 16 you knew it was wrong or you believe it was. He was over 20 years older then you but looked younger then he was. you managed to keep your little crush hidden, but you couldn’t help think what would it be like if one day he acted on the jokes or looks you sheared with each other.
“I had a fight with my mom again. I left home I thought about coming to stay with my dad but it was late and cold I was going to see if jug would take me in for the night” you tell him. Shivering in your skirt rubbing your bare arms
He took his leather jacket off placing it round your shoulders, but kept hold of both sides of the collar. “your dad’s away doing a job for me, he won’t be back for 3 weeks” you feel defeated thinking you will have to go back to your mothers. He pulls on the collar bringing you closer to him. He spoke slow, and burly a whisper it felt seductive, “you could, only if you wanted to” he looked you in the eyes keeping your focus locked onto his. Making your breath catch ,he was speaking in a hushed voice “stay in mine tonight, tomorrow I’ll get your dad’s spear key take you to get you stuff from mums” you smile as he speaks fully aware how close you was to him, you try pushing the mixed thoughts you have to the back of your mind. Fp let’s go with one hand lifting it to your face tucking your hair behind your ear “I know a princess like you needs her things” you couldn’t speak the touch of his hand on your face sent shivers down your side. Fp turned walking toward his van “you coming y/n” he shouted. You quickly run to catch up with him not needing to be asked twice.

In the truck Fp put the heating on as you rubbed your thighs to get warm. Once you feel the goosebumps disappear you sit back getting comfortable, pulling his jacket tighter around you. “why do you call me a princess?” you ask giving him a smirk. Fp laughs “look at you! in 3 years you went from bad ass bitch to pampered Princess” you frown your eyebrows at him. He looks at you then back to the road repeatedly switching between the two as he spoke “when your mother took you, you didn’t bother much with make - up had your own style. And in the last few times I’ve seen you, you started wearing makeup doing your hair up like your in a magazine and now, your fully fledged member of the Riverdale elite” he reached over slightly flicking the hem of your skirt “team colors and all” you just giggled not known what to answer. At his trailer Fp showed round even though you had been numerous times before, then after something to eat he took you to his room telling you to sleep in his bed and he got a blanket sleeping on the couch.

The next morning you went home waited for you mum to leave for work going in inside to get showered and pack a few bags. You went to put on a dress but when you held it to the mirror you began to think about what fp had said. You did look like a princess not the person you once was. Had I really changed into a carbon copy of the girls around me? was I just like Cheryl? You played with a snake necklace round you neck before deciding to get changed. You found a pair of black skinny jeans a green top a leather jacket and a pair of heels your grandfather had bought you with snakes on the heels not long before he died. Done your hair and makeup. Looking at the new outfit you had put together it was old meets new. And you liked it.

You put your bags in Joaquin’s car so he could take them back the trailer for you and headed to school. 

At lunch Jughead came and sat with you. “can I ask you something?” He didn’t give you chance to answer “did I see you getting in my dad’s van last night?” he asked his brows frowning. “yes I was coming to stay with you, but you wasn’t at the drive in, I saw fp he gave me a lift to the trailer park let me crash at his coz my dad’s out of town” you answer. Jughead looked and blinked not saying what was on his mind. Jughead had seen the closeness between his father and best friend but didn’t what to push the matter afraid of the answer he’d get. “so when are you moving south side then?” he asked “today I sent some of my things up there your dad’s getting me my father’s key” you said excited jug just nodded, when the bell went you and jug walked to class. 

All day people had commented on your change of style. Betty and Veronica loved it, saying it takes time to find your own style and this was yours. Cheryl on the other hand came over when you was in the corridor “you trying to look like the trailer trash your living with now” you step forward snarling her “no I just didn’t want to look like you” you didn’t give time to answer, your spun on your toes flicking your hair walking away. You seamed to get more attention from the boys in the school. Both Reggie and Chuck had given you whistles when you walked past. Feeling good you headed to your locker grabbing you bag. Outside you see Fp waiting for you a sexy grin as he learned against the truck.

“want a ride home? ” he asked when you walked over to him. You jumped in the blue truck ready to get to your stuff put away. During the ride you hardly spoke, Fp looked at you finally braking the silence" what’s with the new look?“ He didn’t take his eye off the road, but had that stupid sexy smirk in his face. "I don’t know what your talking about Jones” you sing song back to him trying to hide the blush in your cheek he hummed in amusement but didn’t question your reply. For the rest of the way you was quite again. When you got to the trailer fp handed you the keys to your dad’s helped you carry your boxes and bags in.
Inside it was a mess and the was nothing in to eat. Fp offered you to come back to his if you wanted he’d get take out for you both. You told him maybe later wanting to clean the place up a bit. After a 2 hours you had cleaned up, it now looked like a different place. Moved you bags into your room and headed back to Fp’s. Outside you could hear music talking laughing, Inside the was half of the serpents drinking having a party. “where’s Jones?” out asked the nearest gang member. “try the kitchen” was all he said without looking at you. In the kitchen you see him with a few other lads all smoking and taking drugs. He looked strange at first like you he’d forgotten you was coming over “do you want me to leave?” you shout over the music “no stay y/n, I’ve just sent Joaquin on a beer and food run anyway” he says smirking at you.

You wasn’t a stranger to a serpent party you had been to a few before. You took a beer from the counter using the edge of it to open the cap, Your dad let you drink at 16, your mom didn’t like it but never stopped you ether. The two other in the room one about 24 the other 30ish looked at you with crossed eyebrows. “What it’s a beer or can’t girls drink beer?, well tough shit” you sass at them taking a long gulp from the bottle. The younger one walked over to you trying to look sexy yet intimidating “hey you! what’s the name doll?” he asked. you gave over exaggerate an eye roll. “the name is y/n and don’t call me doll” you said with as much attitude as possible. “aw small pretty little girl thinks she can play tough and trying to be a serpent, don’t think you really belong here doll” he acts cocky looking you up and down as he goes to grab your ass. Before he can you grab his wrist twisting it until he was screaming for you to let go “I don’t act or try” you started saying hard but calm tone. The older guy stood up to protect his mate when Fp stepped in. “y/n” he says arching an eyebrow.

You let go of the man side stepping closer to Fp, “tough as nails this one boys, and she already belongs” he started placing a hand on your shoulder. He ran his finger down your collarbone, you almost quiver at his touch. Then he hooks his finger around the chain of your necklace pulling the green eyed silver snake pendent from under your top . “y/n y/l/n was born a serpent,” they gasp at the sound of your surname. You smirk matching the one Fp had. “she’s Mitch y/l/n granddaughter”. Both of them sat down with dumbfounded looks you pick you drink back up having another swig not knowing what to say “this is Jack and Shane” he pointed introducing them to you Jack the younger one rubbing his wrist waving.

Fp looks you up and down “she our South side Princess” he called you holding your gaze. You blush bright red but liked the new nickname “oh you wish I was yours, Jones” you say back placing you palm on his chest lightly pushing him back. He chuckles giving you a wink when two more younger boys came in, with pizza and more alcohol in their arms.

Cruel World (5) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3112

Warnings: aganst, torture, talks about rape ( no rape) and violence

Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta and my friend i love you.

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You feel pain, your whole body is aching and you feel like your head is going to explode. When you open your eyes you don’t know where you are, it is a tiny grey room. You notice that there are no windows or furniture.

The only thing in the room but you is a blanket on the floor, you are terrified. Every single noise makes you jump, you try to calm yourself down taking deep breaths. But it is useless, you are in the edge of a nervous breakdown.

You don’t know how but you manage to fall sleep.

“Wake up.”  You look up and see Ryan holding a bottle of water with a smug smile. You sit up on the floor and he leans down in front of you. You knew Ryan for 3 years and you never were afraid of him, until now. His eyes are cold, he looks furious and you can even see a vain popping out on his forehead.

He hands you the bottle and says “Drink up.” His voice is harsh, you nod glad to accept the water. He keeps staring at you, you feel uncomfortable so you clear your throat and ask “What am I doing here?”

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It still fucks me up, y'know? The person who I thought was my forever doesn’t even know me anymore. I haven’t spoken to them in months. I’ve slowly forgotten the sound of their voice and the way they laughed. To the person I knew for well over 3 years, is gone, has been gone. I miss them. I miss what we had. But I don’t want them or our relationship back. They are no longer my forever. It just messes me up because you think you’re sure about something or someone and in a matter of seconds, all of that can change. The person who you thought was your soulmate, your other half, isn’t. The person you thought was always going to be there for you, stopped showing up. The person who promised you they loved you, promised someone else they loved them more. It’s just crazy to me, really…how wrong you can be about someone.
—  idk
BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Wearing his Sweater.

Namjoon: ”She looks so cute why am I so lucky?”he thinks to himself as he walks to the kitchen with takeout. 

You blush looking down at your hands,”I got cold and all my sweaters are in the laundry basket.” 

He smiles going over to you as he wraps his arms around your waist kissing your temple chuckling,”I think it looks better on you then on me.” 

“Oh does it?”you asked smiling up at him. 

“Yea I think you should keep it. Come on lets eat and then we can watch a movie or something,”he said smiling not taking his eyes of you the whole time.

Taehyung: “Jagiya have you seen my blue sweater?”he asks looking through his closet. 

“No I haven’t seen it at all you said quickly going to your room looking through the pile of dirty clothes. Whenever Taehyung left for group activities you always wore it. He never noticed that you would borrow his sweater because you would always hang it back in his closet but this time you forgot. 

“(Y/N) what are you doing?”he asked. “I want food and I have $10 in one of jeans,”you lied not facing him. 

“Is that my blue sweater?”he asked walking over to the small desk. You blushed,”Oh look your sweater…” He looked at you laughing,”You’re as red as a tomato Jagi!” 

“Shut up Tae,”you said hiding your face. He continued to tease you throughout the day and also let you keep the blue sweater.

Hoseok: He just came back home from tour and wanted to surprise you. It was around one in the afternoon so he knew you’d be awake. He opened the door to your apartment and went into the living room where you were fast asleep. He instantly smiled seeing you wearing an oversized BTS sweatshirt. “Jagi! I’m home!”he yelled smiling. 

“Hoseok!”you screaming falling of the couch. 

He started laughing,”Ah, (Y/N) you look so cute in that sweatshirt you should’ve modeled for it.” 

“Aren’t you going to help me get up?”you asked angrily,”Don’t ever surprise me like that or else you won’t have a model next time.”

Jin: You had the day off work so you decided to clean the apartment you shared with Jin. It was fairly chilly inside the apartment and you didn’t know how to work the heater yet since it was old so you took one of Jin’s sweaters. You plugged your phone to the speakers putting it on shuffle. You were sure Jin wouldn’t come back home until later on tonight since he was preparing for their next comeback so you started to dance while cleaning up. 

Boy in luv came on and you turned it up a bit higher. You were mopping at this point but you dropped the mop not hearing Jin opening the door. You started singing and dancing smiling pleased with yourself. Jin was watching you amused trying to hold back the laughter. You spun around facing him out of breath,”Jin!” 

“Why are you sweating on my pink sweater!”he explained. “I’ll buy you a new one,”you said pushing back your hair. “Ugh I guess you have to keep that sweater that makes you much more adorable. What a shame,”he said smiling picking you up as you wrapped your legs on his waist. 

“Does it really look good on me?”you asked smiling. “Yes it does,”he said kissing your nose.

Jungkook: “Jungkook did you eat the sandwich I made?”you yelled looking at the fridge again. “No,”he tapping your shoulder. He was holding your sandwich smirking at you eating it. “Jeon Jungkook!”you said going towards him. 

“Why are you mad Jagi?”he asked laughing running away from you. “I just worked out and I’m hungry as hell,”you said trying to keep up with him. He stopped holding less than half of your sandwich in his hand,”Here take a bite.” 

You rolled your eyes,”No I don’t want it anymore.” He shrugged his shoulders and ate the rest. “I’ll be right back,”you said smiling heading up stairs to his room. “Two can play at this game,”you thought to yourself putting on his favorite sweater and also his snapback. You walked back to the living room where he was playing video games. “I’ll be right back,”you said kissing his cheek. He stared at you wide eyed. “It looks good on me doesn’t?”you asked smiling. 

“Come here,”he said grabbing your hand,”You know I don’t like sharing clothes but just because you’re so damn cute I’ll let it slide for now.” You laughed as he shut you up with a kiss,”Go before I make you late to wherever you have to be.”

Yoongi: “So you’re going away for three months?”he asked frowning. 

You nodded,”I haven’t seen my parent in over three year so I want to spend time with them.” “I understand,”he said relating to your situation. 

You used to work back in the US but got transferred to South Korea. You never had time to go on vacation that often and when you did you really didn’t have a lot of money but you’ve been saved up enough to spend some months to be with your family. 

“So do you just want to stay home or go out?”you asked looking at him. “We should go out,”he said surprising you. “Come on (Y/N) before I change my mind,”he said grabbing your hand. 

You smiled wondering where he was going to take you. He took you to various stores buying you little presents for your family. You got back to your apartment tired laying on the couch. “After this it’ll probably take you a decade to get me to go out again,”he said laying on the floor. 

You laughed,”You were the one who said let’s go out!” “I know,”he said,”Jagiya before you leave take one of my shirts or sweaters so you won’t forget me.” 

You laughed looking down at him,”It’s not like I’m leaving for 3 years.” 

“I know but it’s going to feel like it,”he said looking at you with sad eyes. You walked to his room taking one of the three sweaters he had putting it on,”Yoongi I’m going to have to buy you more sweaters while I’m over there.” When he looked up at you he started smiling real big,”Come lay down with me on the floor.”

Jimin: You and Jimin were playing a boxing game at the boys dorm. “I’m so going to beat you (Y/N),”he said trying to swing at you but you blocked it. “It won’t be that easy Jiminie,”you said taking a swing at him. “I’m obviously taking it easy if I would actually be trying I would’ve beat you 10 seconds into the game,”he said concentrating on the game. 

You rolled your eyes as you took one punch and beat him,”Ha!” “Like I said I was going easy on you,”he said crossing his arms. You were dancing around rubbing it in his face. “Come here,”he said pulling you into his arms,”Aren’t you cold?” “A little but it’s ok,”you said smiling at him. “If you want I’ll let you borrow one of my sweaters,”he whispered pressing his lips on the back of your neck making you laugh. 

“I want the one the grey Winnie the Pooh one with the pom poms,”you said thinking back to when you made him buy it. “I still can’t believe you got me to buy it. It looks so horrible,”he said making a face taking you to his room. He looked through his closet throwing the grey sweater at you the pom poms almost hitting your eyes. 

“These things can leave a person blind,”you said putting it on,”I’ll just cut them off.” “Aww you look like a little girl Jagi!”he said smiling squishing your cheeks. “Jimin cut it out,”you said pushing his hands away.