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While rapping his part, Eric suddenly got hyped up & threw the dolls xD. Then after the excitement was over, he came back to his senses & picked up the doll again LOL
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General Hux’s NYE Pearls of Wisdom Round-Up

To celebrate the end of this crazy year I give you a round up of some of General Hux’s wisest pearls to live by in all the days to come in the New Year!

On Sharing Knowledge With Your Friends: 

On The Importance Of Starting Each Day With Positivity:

On Choosing A Name For A New Bundle Of Joy:

On How to Live a Happy Life: 

On Being Straightforward: 

And Finally,

On The Nuances of Love:

Big thanks to all my wonderful followers for all the laughs and great times on this blog!

Happy New Year! <3 <3 <3


Naomi laughs. Roy takes a step towards her, a feeling in his chest like it’s about to explode, a taste in his mouth like he’s been eating metal filings. She balances on one leg for two or three adrenaline-racked seconds then twirls to face him.
Naomi: Is your heart pounding? Are your palms sweating?
Roy: Get down, Naomi. Please.
Naomi: You didn’t answer me.
Roy: YES. My heart feels like it’s going a million miles a minute. You’re going to give me a fucking heart attack.
Naomi: You’re scared.
Roy: YES. I’m fucking scared. Oh, Jesus.
Naomi: But isn’t it the best, most exhilarating thing you’ve ever felt? Don’t you want it to last forever?
Roy: No. I don’t. Get down.
Naomi: Is she going to fall or isn’t she? Is she drunk? Suicidal? Vengeful? Maybe Raj was right, and she really isn’t right in the head. She’s sick. Or psychotic. Or could it be that she’s just incredibly dumb? 
Roy: Tell me this isn’t fucking happening.
Naomi: It’s like when Raj used to make me play Russian Roulette.
Roy: You said you hated playing Russian Roulette.
In a second he is going to vomit his beautiful duck dinner all over the concrete.
Naomi: I did hate it. It was so primitive, so barbaric, so male. I hated it until I heard the click. Hearing that click…there’s no high like it. Nothing. Beating death. Nothing compares.  
Roy is silent, remembering. 
Naomi: Nothing.

i’m laughing because when i was 15 i spoke in a fake english accent because i was scene and thought that was cool but i met a boy from england on here and i was nervous because i liked him and i thought he’d be able to tell i wasn’t really english anyways we started dating and about 2 weeks into the relationship i was like nah i’m not feeling this anymore so i waited it out until it finally came out that he was from ohio and he had been faking it all along so iN MY FAKE BRITISH ACCENT I WAS LIKE “i CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LIED TO ME FOR THIS LONG” so we broke up and 4 years later i’m still laughing

It still fucks me up, y'know? The person who I thought was my forever doesn’t even know me anymore. I haven’t spoken to them in months. I’ve slowly forgotten the sound of their voice and the way they laughed. To the person I knew for well over 3 years, is gone, has been gone. I miss them. I miss what we had. But I don’t want them or our relationship back. They are no longer my forever. It just messes me up because you think you’re sure about something or someone and in a matter of seconds, all of that can change. The person who you thought was your soulmate, your other half, isn’t. The person you thought was always going to be there for you, stopped showing up. The person who promised you they loved you, promised someone else they loved them more. It’s just crazy to me, really…how wrong you can be about someone.
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Seunghwa (Husband 😘) announces he will be dad (feat Jay Park 😈) : Jay - Today Gray and I have something to tell you… It’s something that… I mean it’s really important , you know Seunghwa is my friend, my brother and my family ! Seunghwa - Tell them ! Jay - We are getting married, lmao ! Seunghwa - WHAT 😲😲, obviously not ! Jay - I was joking idiot ! (Start laughing 😂) Seunghwa - It’s been now 2 years and 3 month that (y/n) and i , are married. And really i apologise for all the fear, the sadness that I make her undergo. I would say thank you for being my muse. And you know guys … My wife isn’t just a great woman , she will be a great mom , i guess, lol ! Jay - Stop saying stuff like that… she will beat your ass ! Seunghwa - Okay… Bae ❤ i was kidding, y'all , i am going to be dad 👪 . She is not with us today because she has to rest, of course ! (Smile like a proud man ☺) Everybody start applaud , some were crying lmao.

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Mending a Broken Family (Monster Woo)

Title: Mending a Broken Family

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 860


The sound of your 3-year-old son, Y/S/N, laughing put a small smile on your face as you cleaned the kitchen. Again your boyfriend, Youngwoo, didn’t come home for dinner. This has been going on for about 2 months, at first you just told yourself that he’s probably caught up at the dance studio, but after seeing pictures of him and one of the members of the dance crew, Jihye, get closer you started getting suspicious.

You didn’t want to accuse Youngwoo of cheating, but it was hard not to. You finished up in the kitchen and got Y/S/N ready for bed. “Mommy why is daddy never home anymore? Is it because of me?” Your smile faltered a little bit before you answered. 

“No baby it’s not because of you, daddy has been very busy lately so sometimes he comes home late or he stays at uncle Tres’ house. Daddy loves you so much ok?” Y/S/N nodded his head and turned over to go to sleep.

You kissed him on the forehead walked out of his room quietly. As you walked to your bedroom you heard the downstairs door open and close. 

You rolled your eyes and continued getting ready for bed knowing you had to get ready for work. Youngwoo walked into the bedroom and sat his bag down on the floor, heading to find you. He stepped into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around you.

You looked in the mirror and noticed a hickey on his neck. You sighed and shrugged him off and continued to get ready for bed. “Baby girl what’s wrong?” You stayed silent as you got under the covers and checked your phone.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” You kept scrolling through your Instagram feed when you came across a picture of Youngwoo and Jihye in the club with the caption “About last night.”

So that’s why he didn’t come home at all last night, must’ve stayed at Tres’ house then.

“Have fun Jihye last night?” Youngwoo’s head turned towards you so fast you thought he’d gotten whiplash.


“I know you two definitely had fun tonight.” You pointed at the hickey on his neck. 

“Y/N, it’s not what it looks like I swear. She came on to me and I-” You put your hand up to stop him from continuing his lie.

“Youngwoo save it. This has been going on for two months now, so I know what’s been happening I just never said anything because I thought you’d come to your senses and stop. I guess not.”

“Y/N please, I’m sorry.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“you’re sorry? Sorry doesn’t change the fact that you cheated on me, sorry doesn’t change the fact that our son believed that you haven’t been home because of him. Fuck your sorry Youngwoo.”

“Y/N I want to make things right.”

“You can’t. Get your stuff and get out.” Youngwoo’s eyes grew big at your harsh statement. He knew what he did was wrong, but he didn’t think it would get this bad.

“Baby please just let me make things right.”

You shook your head no and pulled the covers over your body. 

“No, there’s no making things right. Go.” Youngwoo sighed and began to pack all his belongings. He walked out of the room and into Y/S/N’s room and kissed him on the forehead. He looked at you one more time before going downstairs and exiting the house. 

A few months had gone by and Youngwoo had changed completely. He even cut off all contact with Jihye only contacted you when it was about Y/S/N. To say he was suffering was an understatement he wanted his family back, but he didn’t want to push his luck.

Youngwoo was currently teaching a class at the dance studio when you had walked in unannounced. His eyes grew wide when he saw your beautiful figure walk in. “Hey take 10!”

Youngwoo stopped the music and ran over to you. “Hey Y/N what are you doing here? Is Y/S/N ok?”

“Yeah everything’s fine I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

He nodded signaling for you to continue. “Um, I just wanted to come here and say I miss you so much. I wish I never kicked you out that night, we could’ve worked it out, but I was too stubborn to. I love you so much.”

A wide smile appeared on his lips and he brought you in for a bone crushing hug but you didn’t care. All you cared about at this point in time was having him in your arms again.

“Wait so does this mean we’re back together?” You nodded your head and he kissed your lips softly.

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I didn’t know how to end this but anon I hope you enjoyed this love!

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I think my favorite thing this show has ever produced is Lucas saying “but the most important relationship is you and me right” or something to that affect and the whole class just kind of snickers like they all know he’s completely oblivious to the gay of rilaya, and Riley his girlfriend the girl who’s supposed been ‘in love’ with him for 3 years just laughs in his face like the thought of their relationship being more important than hers and Maya’s (because let’s remember this is directly after both Riley and maya say he can’t call the other peaches or riles) is comical to Riley. Like oh man my dude Lucas Bucky mcboing boing you got a big storm coming because your girlfriend is in love with her best friend, like how can he not see this, how was any of that supposed to be heterosexual

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jungkook drinking for the first time and ends up getting shit faced, and all he wants to do is you, right there in the club's bathroom...

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Words: 1069

“No, no, (Y/N)..just…just listen…” Jungkook drawled, blinking heavily as he tried to gain his surroundings. You laughed, taking his hands and wrapping them around your neck to keep him from stumbling over. His heavily scented breath wafted your face as Jungkook began to plant multiple kisses all over your face.

“Jungkook, I’m listening! You’re just kissing me.” You whined, cocking your head to the side in desperate attempts to evade his kissing. It didn’t work, and his lips merely trailed from your jaw to the base of your throat.

“We’re in the middle of a bar, you know.” You scolded, not nearly as drunk as him to have sloppy public sex. He’d never been drinking like this before, and you were starting to think you were a very bad influence.

“Mm, baby…” Jungkook crooned, leaning against you so hard you stumbled back.

“Jungkook, let’s go clean your face before going back home, okay? Come with me, Jungkook. Hold my hand.” You pushed him off, holding out your hand for him to take, but instead Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, latching his lips onto your shoulder.

“Jungkook, seriously!” You snapped, pulling him toward the staircase that’d bring you toward an almost hidden bathroom, probably meant for employee’s only. Oh well.

Once inside, you helped Jungkook over to the faucet before turning it on and getting a reasonable temperature. Jungkook stuck his hands under the streaming water, bringing it to his face and splashing water almost everywhere. You stepped back near the paper towel dispenser to avoid being hit by beads of water.

“Are you ready to go now?” You wondered, sticking your hand under the dispenser and raking free a few pieces. Jungkook shook any water from his hair, allowing you to come closer and wipe his face dry.

“(Y/N)…listen…” He said again, his voice lower than before. You leaned against the counter, watching Jungkook position himself between your legs. He gently but clumsily brushed your hand away from his face, the paper towel falling into the sink beside you.

“Jungkook, not this again.” You smiled, placing a hand on his chest to stop him from getting any closer. He pouted his lips, still trying his best to move his face closer to yours.

“I just really want to do you.”

“Um, no.” You laughed out loud, shaking your head firmly. Jungkook’s pout turned to him sucking his bottom lip between his teeth, an action you’d grown to love during a heated moment.

“You don’t want to sit on my face?” He reasoned, this time swiping his tongue along his bottom lip. You scowled, knowing exactly what he was doing.

“Not when you’re drunk.” You smiled, but he quickly moved his lips to press hard against yours. Jungkook sloppily kissed you, fingers digging into your skin as he pulled your hips roughly against his.

“Jungkook…I…” You began, panting after the hot kisses you were exchanging. “We’re in a bathroom.”

“Lock the door.” He said simply, but neither of you moved from the spot you kissed. His hands ran up your thighs, riding your skirt up with it. You let out a flushed sigh, picking yourself up onto the counter and spreading your legs apart. Jungkook was quick to move, and hooked his fingers under your panties and discarded them onto the floor. Jungkook’s lips left a trail of saliva as he went to your shoulder, sucking on the skin and leaving you breathless.

“Jungkook…” You whispered fervently, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He had got his pants down and was pumping himself, the actions driving you crazy with lust.

Jungkook let his fingers glide up your folds, easing a digit inside of you. For a moment, he allowed his finger to stretch you out, before adding another inside and curling them slowly.

He pulled them out of you finally, your breath hitching at the emptiness you felt. His wet tip pressed into your thigh, and Jungkook pulled you closer to him from the counter. Your hands loosened around his neck, legs dangling freely as he positioned himself at your entrance.

When he pushed inside you watched his head lull back, Jungkook’s hands firmly holding you thighs apart so he could get access. He pulled out almost fully, pushing in and groaning when your pussy swallowed more of him.

“Mm, babe…” Jungkook groaned, tipping his head against your shoulder. You moaned quietly as he rocked in and out of you at a slow pace.

"Can we hurry? This is a public bathr- oh my god, Jungkook.”

He pushed as deep as he could go, hands working their way to your ass to hoist you off the counter. You were almost shoved against the wall, Jungkook’s lips latching to your neck. You held on to the nearest thing to you for support as he began to move in and out of you.

Jungkook’s thrusts became deeper and harder, his hands soon clutching your hips for better support and you wrapped your legs around his hips. The both of you were a gasping mess, sweat beading at Jungkook’s temple as he took you against the wall.

"A little more…” Jungkook grunted, working hard on you. His lips sucked dark marks against your shoulder, and you mentally noted how much covering up that’d take when you cared.

"Jungkook…” your stuttering voice whined, the friction simply not enough for you. He realized what you were whimpering for and carried you back to the counter, pulling out of you.

"Turn around,” he ordered, to which your now empty self complied too. His hands rested on your hips again, leaning you over the hard edged bathroom sink.

Jungkook slid inside of you once more rather easily, cock pulsing inside of your heat as he moved to hit a spot for you. His chest slowly lowered into your back, bringing his hands to your lower region.

You cried out when Jungkook pressed a thumb into your clit, swirling it around just enough for your legs to grow weak and a knot to wind up in your stomach. The more unsteady his thrusts grew, the harder it felt to breathe while your orgasm was nearing.

It barely took much else for you to finish, your moan filling the room in unison with Jungkook’s throaty groan muffled against your back. He pulled himself put of you, helping you turn back around to plant a kiss on your lips.


I first discover Jack\Sean after my husband was looking for reviews on Viscera Clean Up Detail. I was sat next to him reading when suddenly ’*WAPOOSH* TOPATHAMORNINTOYALADDIES MYNAMEISJACKSEPTICEYE AND WELOME TO VISCERA CLEAN UP DETAIL’ came screaming out of his phone. I dropped my book and was like ‘WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!’ At first I thought he was just another annoying youtuber but within 5 minutes we had to to pause the video because we were laughing so much.
That was in 2014 and 3 years later we still quote that video at each other and watch his videos together every night. Sometimes we sit and watch different videos on our phones.
Last year I was lucky enough to meet him and he was just as lovely in real life as in his videos, posing for photos with everyone & taking time to chat to everyone who’d come to see him.
Thank you for all you do Sean (even though you told me I didn’t have to thank you when I said that to you). Stay Hungry 💚💚💚🍀🍀🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪