Last night, my sister’s family received the nicest gift box from my Tumblr pal JJ. She works for Great Wolf Lodge, so she sent an adorable mascot toy for each of the kids (including Sam!) and a certificate for a free night’s stay at the Lodge in KC!

She also took the time to write personalized letters to each kid “from” the stuffed toys and Livvie & Jack were just blown away by that. Livvie’s new friend Violet, for example, knew all about the bracelets Livvie had made to help raise money to bring Sam home. :)

They’re all excited about their getaway to Great Wolf Lodge in the near future, once Sam gets acclimated to his new family and everything settles down a bit.

This is just one more example - out of infinite examples - that the best people are Tumblr people. I can’t get over it. Thank you again JJ for blessing this family!

(BTW - their Christmas decor is already up because Lauren knows things will be a crazy blur once they get back with Sam, so they decided to get everything decorated before they leave. :)