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Christy’s Follow Forever So a lot of my wonderful mutuals have been making follow forevers and I thought I would make another one since no one really saw my last one. I’ve included my besties and blogs that are generally my favorite and I love to follow. If you’re not here, please know that I still love you ♡

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I love you guys!!!

So I did end up making a follow forever because I figured I’ve had this blog for so long. When I started this blog in 2011 it was a mess, but there are a lot of people and blogs I’d like to thank for brightening up my dash after all these years, and that I will continue to be following! Whoo go you. To my mutuals, I’m glad we acknowledge each other and your blogs are rad. As for my followers, you guys are amazing and I do take notice when you like my stupid posts ;) Here’s to a great year, yay!

People that I know whether irl or from tumblr that are truly gr8. In no particular order (Hover over your url!):

elfpresley ♥ notyourhooker ♥ pussyvagcunt ♥ sunkistangel ♥ lifeisacrayolabox ♥ kuhlau ♥ abandonedrollercoaster ♥ dreamingofdc ♥ acatalepticmeaning

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E - J

eccentricute // ernbarassing // flounderyoureallyareaguppy // foodless // g-iggle // garbashians // grlband // holdmelikeimyours // horrifick // i-suck-dick // ickno // immature // irrelevantdaisies // joshniqqa // juilanne // justintimbertape

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