laugh tag

  • Me: I don't want to shop at Walmart because the company does not pay their workers a fair wage even though the company is large enough to pay each of their workers a living wage. So I'm boycotting Walmart
  • Also me: But by not shopping at Walmart, people like me will cause the company to lose money and thus ensuring these workers do not earn a fair wage. Capitalism is a double-edged sword and will hurt you no matter which side of it you are on.
How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*
things i think about a lot
  • mr. krabs literally sold spongebob to the flying dutchman for 62 cents
  • bubble buddy was alive the entire time and he let a dude die
  • patrick’s pet rock won a race
  • spongebob and mr. krabs literally thought they killed a dude and tried to hide the body
  • also, in hash slinging slasher, if the buses don’t run that late - WHO WAS DRIVING THE BUS