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Wes chuckled at his insult and nudged him. Their eyes met and Nathan put his guitar down.. when he looked back up the air was thick with tension and Nathan started feeling nervous, he always felt nervous around Wes these days since their first kiss and the kisses they had shared after that. Everything was still so new to him and he never knew where he stood with Wes. 

“so what do you wanna do? We could play a game but if mum wants me to come down for lunch she’ll be relentless and-”

Nathan didn’t get to finish he’d been rambling and Wes he kissed him, to shut him up but also because from the moment he had seen him that had been all he’d thought about doing. 

Wes moved forward until Nathan was on his back and pulled away slightly pressing his forehead to Nathans and said

“Do i make you nervous?” Wes whispered

“Kinda…” Nathan replied honestly 

Wes smiled and kissed him again “There’s nothing to be nervous about… I already told you that I like you.” 

“I know..but-”

“Boyyyyss… lunch is ready” 

Wes kissed him again and they were wrapped up in each other once more lost in their passion for each other. Before Nathan pulled away “We need to go down or she’ll come up..” he said breathlessly 

“Okay.. I just need a minute.” Wes said awkwardly

Me: did I ever tell you how my auntie used to call me “Ally McBeal” and it really annoyed me

Husbando: why? You two don’t look anything alike?

Me: eh, Bc Alex is similar to Ally? I guess? And we were both blonde and waifish. I mean not anymore look at me. Now I could *eat* Ally McBeal.

Husbando: Ally McMeal

Ok so funniest shit ever! my friend Shadow is currently experiencing the bieberpocalyse on his pandora. His pandora has decided that his Five Finger Death Punch Radio needs a lot of justin bieber songs in it. I’m watching him try and do homework with headphones in and every 10 minutes or so he will yell and slam his fist on the table, 

Me: *trying and failing not to laugh*“bieber?”
Him: *anger pouring out of his every hole* “yes!”
Me: “what is that now?”
Him: “22. 22 bieber songs so far”

Help me I am dying, HE JUST DID IT AGAIN!

(^^^ the laughing face of a person immediately turning their tablet on)

[i mean was i supposed to make him a sunfish? :’DDDDDD]

……he lowkey does look a lot better that way

bonus cameo masterpiece by @powerdragonmoon

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