laugh is medicine

Per me sei come quel respiro fatto dopo essere stati sott'acqua . Quello indispensabile , che ti apre pienamente i polmoni , te li fa sentire pieni di vita , cosi pieni d'ossigeno quasi come se non ci fosse bisogno di farne un altro.
The Best Medicine (Ginny/Mike)

Look, I just love jealous!mike, especially now that he recognizes his feelings. Tiny cameo by Omar because he is a precious bean. Dedicating to @tacos and @gosselaars because stupid anons don’t get to bring us down.

The sharp sound of Ginny’s laughter across the room catches Mike’s attention, no subtlety to the way his head snaps up in her direction.

She’s over on one of the clubhouse couches, watching something on the tablet in her hands, eyes bright and brimming with tears. Her laughter continues and the sound alone would normally be enough to put him in a good mood.

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BTS reaction to seeing you ill

Bts (and monsta x?) reaction seeing you really ill, red nose, puffy eyes, greasy hair, no make up?

[Monsta X version]


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*Makes you food* 

“Here Jagi, eat this!”


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“The best way to beat being sick is sleeping. So come here, I’ll cuddle with you.”


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“Don’t listen to Yoongi-hyung, laughing is the best medicine!”

*Tries to make you laugh 24/7*

Rap Monster

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“What do you need Jagi? Tissues? On my way!”


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*Gives you attention the whole time* *Does everything you ask him*


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*Acts weird to make you laugh*

“I agree with Hobi-hyung, laughing is the best medicine!”


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*Doesn’t know what to do* 

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