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Preferred Aphasia

Reader x Sirius

Imagine: A quiet girl, who has mastered nonverbal spells has a crush on Sirius, although others believe that she likes Remus. Teachers don’t like her but someone else does.

Words: 1,400

Warning: There will be an unconnected part 2.


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Everyone thinks she has a crush on Remus, she just goes with it, as long as they don’t know that it’s actually Sirius that she likes. She doesn’t talk much, although it is because their is a constant flow of thoughts she can’t get through. Secretly kinky? Master at nonverbal spells. Teachers don’t like her. Is secretly a slithering but everyone forgot. After being with Sirius she finds her voice.

Y/N has been friends with the Marauders since first year, somehow their relationship had just clicked. Any outsider would have thought that she was in it because of some forced parental unofficial contract, because she was quiet, and who would want to be friends with the quiet girl? Although, this is not the case, they are friends purely because they happen to fit together like a puzzle. The image of the puzzle, if literally speaking, would form a piece of abstract art. It’s all up to the eyes of the beholder.

Currently, Y/N and Rems were walking into their last period for the week, Transfiguration. Remus was insanely interested in the subject they had just come from, Defense against the dark arts, so he was a bit riled up. The only thing Y/N wasn’t looking forward to in this class was the teacher, McGonagall. (I know the eras are messed up, deal) She always had asked Y/N to the front of the class to speak, so she retaliated in any way she could come up with in order to keep her silence, which showed up in her grades being drastically low,  contradicting her outstanding content. She would perform everything perfectly, except without saying the incantation. From a young age she had mastered non-verbal spells, which was a difficult task for a grown wizard, let alone a first year.

The mutual hatred of student and teacher could have also been from the fact that Y/N had originally been sorted into Slytherin, but lives the life of a Gryffindor, dorm room and everything. No one was sure if this was allowed or not, this being a first time occurrence. It was as if no one cared enough that she went along with the Gryffindors after a week of getting bored in the Slytherin house, and she was just welcomed, not many questions asked. Now, everyone forgets that she was ever sorted in a different house and doesn’t outcast her for that reason. Her silence was the reason for the usual avoidance. With the lack of verbal interactions, she surpassed the regulations. Meaning, the rules didn’t apply to her and McGonagall wasn’t going to take part in that.

As a result of her ‘impairment’, fellow students stood up for her when McGonagall crossed any lines, especially Remus. Y/N was told rumors that the professor only acted this was towards her. The rumors had substantial evidence of being true.

After walking across campus, the pair had finally made it to Transfiguration, small talk, coming from Remus, throughout the walk, Y/N replying with less than 20 words in the whole conversation. It wasn’t awkward, this was just how it worked and it was fine that way. They sat down in their usual seats, attempting to bypass any judgement, aimed their way.

“Wipe that grin off your face.” Professor said out of nowhere, directed towards Y/N.

“It’s automatic in your presence.”

“That’s backtalk. Move to the front. 5 points from Gryffindor.” She took away points from the house that Y/N cared about the most.

“She wasn’t even grinning until you mentioned something. Back off.” Argued Remus.

“You do not tell me what I can and cannot do. Move to the back of the room. I want to see no conversation between the two of you.”

“You do know who you’re talking to right?” Remus questioned about the comment, trying to humiliate McGonagall in any way possible. She did not reply, there was no witty comeback that she could have thought of.

‘Thank you.’ Y/N mouthed. Remus sufficed for a nod of his head toward Y/N, getting the memo through. They got through the class with minimal hustle afterwards.

Right when they stepped out of the class, Sirius and James were waiting outside of the entrance. Sirius draped his arm around Y/N shoulders, making her blush. Fortunately, no one saw this. She tried to keep her crush on him on the down low. If her setup continues, they could act the way a couple was without the awkwardness of a taboo, unshared infatuation that Y/N had on him.  

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“How’d you get here so fast?” Remus spoke up.

“We skipped the end of herbology,” James went in front of the group to reenact a scene. “’Yo, Mr.! We gotta go grab something from the back.’ And we were never to be seen again.” He shook his head and started walking forward once again. Y/N was not surprised, knowing that without their shenanigans, they’d be really good students with their intellectual potential.

“Guess what time it is?” Sirius whispered in her ear. She shrugged. “Party time! We already have some stuff set up at the lake. James invited Lily, but you know how he is. Plus, more people, more fun. Party logic,” He pointed towards his temple. Y/N was just glad that this was going to stay between her close friend group.  

“Did you know about this?” Remus staggered his hand, in a ‘kinda’ motion.

At the halfway mark on the walk to the destination, Sirius’ arm had gotten substantially heavier, so she decided to do something playful, obtaining some sort of possible chance that could get her somewhere in his books. She removed his arm, stroked his chin like a grandma who hadn’t seen their grandchild for a while, and moved his hand down to hers, entwining their fingers.  

“Ohhh, it’s getting spicy up in here.” He joked. In a short while they had made it to their goal; the lake. It was a sweet setup. Charmed floating fairy lights, 3 big blankets, a picnic basket, and a muggle radio, playing a song from the current top 10 at a low volume.  

Everyone sat down, making themselves feel comfortable in the secluded area, blocked off be trees, so it wasn’t obvious that they were there at all.  

“Rad.” Was the only word that Y/N said, when Sirius asked them how she liked it, after admitting that he had the idea. Soon, Lily had shown up and they had begun drinking.  

“Ya’ll gonna have some?” James asked Sirius and Y/N, the only ones not drinking.

“Remember?” Was Sirius’ response, while Y/N shook her head, not being much of a drinker. It took a second for their responses to get through to James’ head, but when they did, there was a haunted look of realization on his face.  

“Remedy.” He said, totally out of context, a dazed look on his face. Some ones hands had flung across Y/N’s eyes, obstructing her vision. All she could hear was a rumble of footsteps.

When the hands were removed, she was met with a cleaned picnic area, and only Sirius. “Imbeciles.” He laughed.

“What’s this about?” Y/N said, in a whisper, a content grin on her face, paired with flushed cheeks.  

“Well, although, it’s quite obvious that you like Remus,” Y/N shook her head slightly at his words. “I have liked you for quite some time. I wanted to use this excuse of a hang out to at least tell you about it, because it’s been a secret for long enough. I would like this to go somewhere, but only if you like me back, no pity dating,” He had seen how it was one of Y/N’s pass weaknesses, only dating people out of pity, not because she actually liked them. “So, Y/N would you do me the pleasure of being my girlfriend?” Never, had she thought about being anywhere close to his league, but it couldn’t be a prank, he wouldn’t do that.

“If you’re sure…” She hesitated.

“Positive,” He scurried closer. “I know I just asked one big question, girlfriend of mine, but, can I kiss you.”

“I’ve been waiting.”  She smirked.

“So, I’ll take that as a yes.”


I’ve been wanting to write something like this. Part 2 coming soon, already being half written. Send in some requests.


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Idek if you're taking requests but if you are can you write a Harry imagine where you guys get invited to a Christmas Eve party and Harry seems like he doesn't want to go but you don't know why and at the party he's being really clingy and quiet and eventually he asks you guys if you can leave and he looks almost like he's in pain and once you guys get home he breaks down and starts getting really sick and is upset because he's really sick to his stomach on Christmas. Thanks love!

Thank you for the request sweetie. I’m sorry for the extreme delay! I hope this mends it! Love ya

#11: I’ll Take Care Of You

The soft padding of his feet came to be heard in the kitchen as Y/N sauntered in there, clearing up some tit-bits of their lunch. The house was awfully quiet considering the fact that they had been asleep for a while before, and now as Y/N was awake, Harry was still getting over his jetlag. 

Until his groan came loud into the kitchen and Y/N turned around in her place to see him walking in groggily, fingers rubbing his eyes and his lips pouted, pink and plump. 

“Hiya baby.” Y/N smiled as Harry now approached her with open arms. 

In reply to her he groaned some more and went in for a tight hug from her, snuggling his nose in the crook of her neck and winding his one leg around her hip in an attempt to find the desired warmth. Chuckling, Y/N wound her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his hair sweetly. 

“Why’d ya get out ‘o bed, huh?” His deeply husks, words muffled into her skin and tone extremely languid. 


“C’mon, I wanna get back, c’mon.” He didn’t even let her leave her position, and snug his arms under her bum, pulling her off of her feet and carrying all the way upstairs to their bedroom. 

Y/N shuffled the blankets away at their feet as Harry sat her on the bed. She raised her arms to him, inviting him closer to her, and Harry gratified, pushed himself down at her till they both lay on the bed, him atop her. 

His lips found her neck, peppering kisses lazily, while her hand found his hair, scratching at the scalp and tugging on his roots that gave him a lighter feeling. 

“What happened? Don’t feel good?” Y/N asks in a hush voice, tracing her lips on his outer face as he gradually paused his lips at her skin and just breathed her in in long breaths. 

“It’s too cold. Just wanna stay here, with you.” He lifts his head to her, bringing his lips down and meeting hers in a slow, soft kiss. 

Tugging at his shoulders, Y/N succeeded in bringing him under her and priced his tired face and slump mood with soft, longing kisses. Harry held her hair, tugging up in a ponytail as she slowly trailed down his face, on his neck and then on his bare chest, and the anticipation of all of this made his breathing raspier. 

She had reached the hemline of his boxer briefs and Harry couldn’t wait to give out to her when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Y/N lifted herself off of the bed, annoyed at the abruptness of this petty gadget and sat on the edge of the bed as she received the call. 

Harry sat up behind her, running a hand through his hair as he eyed her back suggestively. His hips bucked up, slowly sliding him across the mattress to her until his groan touched her behind. His arms closed around her waist, slipping his hands under her top until they met in a knot at her navel. He kissed her shoulder, back and side of her neck before resting his head on her skin, rocking back and forth with her, completely ignorant of her chit chat.  

“I can’t believe it just left my mind. God, we have time right? I mean it’s definitely not startin’ before 9 even though it says 7?” The thought of the pre-Christmas party at her friend’s home had completely left her mind; but she couldn’t really blame herself when Harry had arrived back home. 

“Okay, I’ll make it. Just let’s arrive there together so I don’t be the only one late. Kay, see ya.” She put her phone back to its place, and slowed arched her neck to see Harry’s face at her side, chin propped up on her shoulder. Resisting somehow, she grants him a peck on his lips and even after he urges for more with lip biting, she refrains and gets off of the bed. 

“We gotta get ready. There’s a party at Makayla’s place.” Y/N announces, looking at Harry now slouching back on the bed with the support on his arms. 

“And we’re not going..?” He hints slowly, giving her a curious look. 

Y/N sighs through her mouth. “We have to. It was planned like long back, Harry. I have to be there.”

“But now I’m home so we’re staying back here, baby, c’mere.” He lifts his arms to hold her but she flinches back. 

“That’s what it is. You weren’t supposed to be back till next week and I got committed to certain outings and plans which I doubt I can cancel now.” Y/N whines, biting her lip in slight tanginess of her words. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide. “So it’s coming down on me then, is it really now?” He grew serious, eyes sombre. 

“You can stay home if you want, I’ll be back soon.” Shrugging her shoulders, Y/N turned to walk to the wardrobe when he held her wrist to tug her back. 

“I’ll come with ya.” 


The house is packed and merry with familiar faces, all laughing and chatting about in casualty. Y/N smiled at her friend walking to her, enclosing her in a tight hug with her one hand that was free of Harry’s hold. Pulling away from Y/N, Makayla turned to Harry who gave her a mere smile, and quick hug, almost equivalent to a shrug. All this while, not leaving Y/N’s hand for a moment. 

“Come on, get your drinks, guys, we’ll start with some games after that.” Saying so, Makayla walked off in the party. 

Y/N looked up from her hand intertwined with his to his serious, jaw tightened face. She cupped the side of his face with her other hand and brought him down, kissing his cheeks twice. 

“I’m sorry about before, baby. Please let’s go through this thing together and all smiley?” She waited for him to respond while pressing her nose on his cheek repeatedly. 

“Hmm.” He responded, looking down at her with a slight neutral expression. 

“Now gimme a kiss and smile, sweetheart.” They kiss slowly - something a little more than a peck - and Harry pulls back, tucking his hands in the pocket of his jeans while leaving Y/N from the warmth. She frowned, nevertheless held his bicep and together, walked in the crowd. 

A while later, Y/N found herself on her third glass of wine, a little light headed as she sat on the arm rest of the couch, laughing about imbecile topics. Harry joined the group at the couch, sliding down Y/N from the armrest to his lap abruptly, almost toppling the wine glass on her lap. 

“Woah, easy there, honey.” She chuckled, looking back at Harry with glassy eyes. 

“You too there, love.” He gestured to her glass, keeping a straight face. Y/N chuckled some more and aimed for a kiss on his lips but he turned and she found his scruff under her lips. She turned back to the group, not minding his actions at the moment. 

One of the guys in the group, later, picked out his guitar and sang songs, changing the lyrics someway and making them sound chessy and sweet to the crowd. He serenaded every woman during this, looking in their eyes and smiling a handsome one. 

he approaches Y/N, shifting a chord here and there on the guitar, beginning to play soft, amorous tune with lyrics that he dragged to a slurry tone. Y/N smiled, not really minding the deal with the man - he’s just being sweet. The guy slowly drew close to her face, urging her to sing along and Y/N chuckled, looking away shyly. 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Harry’s voice came through and the music stopped, all eyes turning to the stoic man behind Y/N. 

“Yes?” The man questioned. 

Harry got up, making Y/N stay together with him. His hand came down against the man’s chest, flat, and it just seemed he was an inch away from shoving the man on to the group sat behind him. 

“That was good, but thank you, enough of it, we’re leaving.” With this, he grabs Y/N’s hand and drags her out of the building, the wine glass in her hand falling to the ground and breaking on the way. 


Y/N shuffles at the door, taking off her heels, Harry hot at her feet. She scurries away from the door in haste but Harry’s voice makes her stop. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m n-”

“What was that?” She demanded, turning around. 

Harry’s face grew struck with shock. “We were coming back, anyways, might as well did an hour or so before - what’s wrong with that?” 

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? When you had thought that you’re gonna be absolutely rude to my friends, act like absolutely out of this world person and be absolutely sulking away my mood along with yours, I guess you played really well then.” She flared her nose at him. 

Harry’s shoulders dropped.” Baby, I wasn’t feeling well at all.” 

“I told you to stay at home, didn’t I?” Y/N accused. “I think you purposely act around like this arrogant and stoic in front of my friends just to maintain this air and talk about Harry Styles, don’t you? Goodness, you’re so implausible at times.” She hurried away to their bedroom. Harry trailed behind her, quick in his steps and got inside the bedroom before she could have closed the door at his face. 

Not sparing any look to him, Y/N quietly walked to the dresser to put away her earrings. It was until she heard sniffles that she turned around. 

With his face in his hands and his figure turned small at the edge of the bed, Harry openly let his sobs be heard. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, biting her lip, and walked to him. Standing before him, she spoke,” Why are you crying?” 

With his face burried in his hands still, Harry answered. “I’m not feeling good, Y/N. After being home sick for so long, all I wanted was to spend time with you when I’d come back and you drag me to this party where there’s guys tryna flirt with ya. It makes me so sick, but is that what you’ve been doing while I was away?” 

Y/N dropped to her knees before him, clutching his wrists to bring his hands away from his face. 

“No, I would never do that, I swear, baby. And I didn’t drag you to the party, you could’ve stayed home if you wanted.” She spoke in a less monotonous and more understanding, soft voice. 

Harry looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes. “But I wanna be with you, why don’t you understand?” He burries his face back in his hands ,and Y/N’s fighting to have him look at her. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, Harry. Please look at me, I love you, I’m so so sorry, baby.” She hugs him over him trying to hide his face, and she’s squishing his body in her grip before he finally wraps his arms around her. 

“Please smile, it’s almost Christmas, baby. I’m so glad you’re home!” She squeals into his shoulder, kissing his ear and neck and everywhere that she can. 

“Please come and hold me, I’m feeling so cold.” Harry murmurs against her hair. 

“I’ll take care of you baby, I’ll love you so much. C’mon.” Y/N urges pushing him back on the bed. She wipes his cheeks as she kisses him under his eyes and moves her hands down to help him change up. 

“I love you, Y/N and I’ve missed you and I love you so much.” Harry smiles at her. 

She leans to his face, pecking a kiss on his lips and smiles back. “I’ve missed you too,bug. Love you so much.” 

And their lips meet again. 


Rocky: A George Weasley x Reader Imagine

Requested: yes

In this imagine the reader is dating George Weasley, but her cousin, Draco Malfoy, is not at all pleased. After a heated confrontation the twins find out about Malfoy’s outburst and plan revenge. Will the reader be able to love freely despite an unsupportive family, or will it all fall apart?

Warnings: a few curse words

(Sidenote: I’m super proud of one of these insults, guess which one. Also, apologies for making Draco a monster. It hurt because he has my heart.)

Y/N - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to show passage of time

Word count: 2,060


“Y/N!” I hear Draco storming up behind me.

“What Malfoy?” I ask, rather uninterested in whatever he wants to complain about now. “If it’s about Potter and the Weasley girl I already know- and yes it’s perfectly horrid.”

“Actually-” He sneers, somehow managing to step in front of me. “It’s about you and the Weasley boy.”

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IMAGINE: HR being Jealous of your Brother

Note: I know some people don’t have a brother. Just imagine it. I hate having a brother personally. I mean, mine forgot to give me a christmas present. I brought him three. Not that I’m bitter. Any who, I don’t own this gif. 

He’d been there for a solid two hours, just staring at the two of them interact. The way you laughed at the imbeciles jokes. You laughed more at those than you did at his own. They weren’t even funny yet you were giggling, chuckling and keeping up a conversation. He wasn’t sure about this earth but what he was seeing was flirting. He was sure. He was a natural born flirter, he knew the ins and outs and what he was watching was flirting.

“HR.” Cisco waved his hand in front of his face. The action itself rather pointless as HR had no intention of paying attention to Cisco. He was too busy trying to the low down on this mystery flirting man. A sigh and a harsh roll of the eye, which HR may have been imagining, was what happened as Cisco left him be and walked straight over to the two people.

You paused your conversation as you looked at Cisco and then at HR. His head immediately flying to the blank notebook page in front of him. His pen resting in his hand as he pretended to be doing something interesting. Like he hadn’t been glaring and spying.

“HR, Cisco said-“your delicate voice announced and he continued to look down. He was going to play this the hard way, not let you know he was paying attention. “HR”

“Hmm?” he quizzed as he looked, he didn’t use his words. He couldn’t he knew his voice would betray him like it always did.

“You’ve been acting ever since Jayden arrived. Are you ok?” You asked. Jayden, he now knew the moronic pointless flirters name. He would make a diversion somehow, force Caitlin or Cisco to look him up.

“Fine, why would I be jealous of Jayden” He instantly regretted opening his mouth. He didn’t even know why he had said that. It wasn’t what you were asking him.

“Jealous? Oh I get it.”

“No, no, nah. No, nothing to get” He attempted standing up. You laughed and stood on your tip toes placing a small kiss on HR’s cheek.

“Jayden is my brother HR. You had nothing to worry about” You responded heading back to the two other men.

C haters going full dumb ass

You gotta love it when Camila haters go full retard on twitter. They like to think that their small hashtags pose a threat but everyone knows that these people don’t pose any kind of threat at all. In fact the tweets they put out is nothing short of hilarous when it comes to showcasing their stupidity. Here are a few tweets from Retard4 stans that I’ve gotten a laugh from. 

You gotta love it when stupid people try to inflate their own egos like this dumb ass here did. I want to know who she thinks she’s scaring? I dunno about you but if some moron calling themselves “valmani” told me that they were my WORST (learn to spell special ed) nightmare I’d laugh at them for sounding like an idiot. What’s the worst this person can do other than pop a vein because she’s overly butthurt? I Imagine Camila was laughing at this imbecile. Thats the only thing you can do is laugh at morons who make stupid hashtags. 

Now this lovely idiot here shows us that when in doubt, make shit up lol. Like I don’t know anyone who blocked people for showing their support to other people. I guess it would be too much for M4RCO (what up with ot4 stans that can’t spell?) To back this up right? My guess is that Camila probably blocks stupid people on twitter. And most of these people happen to be dumb fuck 4 stans. Case in point the imbecile showcased here. 

But this isn’t as retarded as this person here. This has to be my favorite one.

“Inmature” Lmfao. It take real dedication to be this stupid. I take that this ot4 stan never passed grade school? You gotta be a grade school drop out to be this dumb and uneducated. 

I’m sure that in their little ot4 idiotic mind they like to think that they sound intelligent and smart. But in truth all they did was prove that ot4 stans are mentally challenged and aren’t equpid to hold a real conversation. 

Broken Promises Part 9

A Dean x Reader / AU! angst series
(Dean’s POV)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part 8 |

A/N: It takes longer than I thought to make a post, so I’m sorry this is being posted after 6:00, and I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it. I worked really hard on it, and I hope you enjoy it. Only one more part and an epilogue left. Thank you @balthazars-muse​ for helping me with this and being so great. MWAH! As always, like, reblog, follow, and send me feedback. I love hearing from you! xo

- extreme violence.
- language.
- feels.

Squad Tags: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @manawhaat @kayteonline @oriona75 @king-crowley-tho @dancingdin @aprofoundbondwithdean

*gif is not mine.

Sam & I drove from the hospital back to my house and we didn’t even say one word to each other. The air between us was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. He was worried about leaving Jess alone, just as much as I was worried about leaving Y/N alone, but we didn’t need to talk about it to know what the other was thinking. Y/N practically begged me to stay, to think about our family, to reconsider. It broke my heart into a million pieces, seeing her cry because of me, again. But, I left anyway. I made myself leave that room before I scooped her up and held her while the world passed by around us. I promised her I’d be back in one piece as soon as possible, and I meant to keep that promise. I knew what I needed to do and there were no negotiations. Sam knew it too. After all the pain and suffering Crowley had caused me, my family, and so many others - he needed to pay. He would die tonight, or I would die trying to make that happen.

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Heart Shaped Box. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Here you go, Aaliyah! I’m sorry if this took a while, I had a lot of requests! @multihxe, hope you enjoy.

Prompt – Tom goes away for a while but he has a huge surprise in store for Aaliyah.

Warning – Nope, just cuteness. I think is one of my favorite imagines.

Words – 1,181.


Not a lot of people can say they are dating a celebrity, but it is not what its cracked up to be. People don’t realize how often their partner isn’t at home. For example, musicians are always on the road promoting their music, doing tours, and doing surprise appearances while actors are always promoting their films or television shows, photo shoots, and filming their projects. It seems like a huge hassle to the celebrity’s personal life, but their partner just needs to understand.

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Sniper is extremely cultured rivaling spy. The man knows a lot about different holidays,food,customs, and even knows nine languages.

They battle it out.
“I attended espionage school, you imbecile!” Spy laughed. There was no way in hell this man who literally pissed in a jar.
“Yeah, well I’ve travelled, and I’ve actually interacted with ‘em, not just shot someone and left!” Sniper barked back in frustration.