laugh a this


“I’m actually here to see uh, Maia.” aka, Luke chuckling because he knows Simon is in wayyyyyy over his head. Hahahahahahahahaha. 



Also, doing a little bit of time-setting for crtranscript when I can, and Vax’s attempts to deceive the Briarwoods when he’s trapped in their chambers is still one of the funniest bits of the show in the midst of one of the tensest bits of the show:

“Like I said, you haven’t the gift of the silver tongue. But I applaud your effort.”

“Well, my mom and dad said I’m a real good speaker. They paid for a tutor to teach me how to talk, and it’s worked out really well for me in my life. So if you need an ambassador, or a butler who talks? I could do that for you.”

I can’t possibly be the only one who died laughing at that part in Spider-Man Homecoming wherein one of the Academic Decathlon members said on TV that Spider-Man rescuing them was like a Bon Jovi concert lmao 

I’m supposed to be studying for exams, so naturally I’m doing everything but that. I was thinking about how Germans and Americans use the word “love”, and English speakers in general throw the word around a lot more casually than Germans do.
Prime (and enetertaining) example: I once told my students that I loved them, because they always make me laugh, and so many eyebrows shot up that I had to explain “In America we say we love everything. Like I can say I love you the same way I would say I love pizza or something.” Most of the students were satisfied with the answer, but one said “but pizza is so much better than us”. I will never forget that day XD

Long story short, you’re really professing your love for something when you use “lieben” in German, so make sure it’s serious XD