laugh a little and calm down

Day6 Reaction to Their S/O Getting Flustered

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“(Y/N)’s so cute when (he/she) is flustered” he’d literally be giggling about it because he thought you were adorable

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He’d probably be a lot like Jae would except he would be full on laughing for a little bit while gushing about how cute you were

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Young K

He’d be less giggly than Sungjin and Jae but he would smile a lot and talk to you until you’re calmed down before he went on with teasing you

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all he would do is tease you and make expressions and faces towards you while you rolled your eyes and pouted before he apologized oNLY TO DO IT ALL AGAIN

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my Benadryl story: when i was little i had rly bad anxiety (still do lol) but my mom would give me Benadryl to calm me down or if it got too bad, to knock me out bc it makes me soooo sleepy. Well one day I go up to her after taking some and said "mommy, I think I'm going to heaven" and after that i was never allowed to take Benadryl again and she threw all of it away


ACOTAR Headcannon

When Rhysand was under the mountain he would always mind-speak with the children and calm them down and pretend to be their imaginary friend so they wouldn’t feel so alone. He would play little games with them and Rhys would scratch his nose and then talk in their minds with a silly voice “Hey look! That big doof up there is picking his nose!” And the children would laugh because the feared High Lord of the Night Court was picking his nose and the children would say something back like “Oh wow he’s a doof! Those shadows can’t help him hide that he’s picking his boogers!!” And Rhys would feel happy because the children were less scared now and at least they saw him as a doof and not a monster


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader is drunk and she tries to have sex with her best friend, Jensen.

Prompt: “Why are you in my bed?!”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,757

Requested: @supernaturalgirl85

Jensen tiredly drudges up the stairs in his Malibu home, grumpy as all hell. He just lost $2,000 at a poker game and it’s safe to say that he’s ripshit.

Although he’s not concerned about actually losing the money, being a successful movie director has set his ass up for life.

It’s just the fact that he lost. He’s a competitive fucker, always has been and always will be. It’s in his DNA.

And to add fuel to the fire, his friends refused to give him another chance to win back his money. Claiming it’s too late and they needed to call it a night. It’s only midnight for Christ’s sake. Old bastards.

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imagine nico bringing a demigod to camp and, seeing as nico is unconscious, will tends to the new demigod’s injuries and takes them around camp and stuff right

and eventually the little demigod, confused and amazed by all of this asks for nico, ‘cause y'know, lil squirt wants a friendly face

but nobody knows who the demigod is referring to when they say in the most dramatic, most directed-by-nico voice ever, “the Ghost King” and will, obviously familiar with nico’s bullshit, bursts out laughing but when he finally he calms down he’s just like, “oh you mean nico? right, he’s chillin in the big house with a plain piece of pita bread, probably watching pingu”

AU Where Geoff Slowly But Surely Becomes Dad Of The Crew

Like It Starts One Day When He Gets Michael A New Gun Or Car Or Something And Without Thinking Michael’s Like “Oh Sweet Thanks Dad”
And Geoff’s Just “What
So Michael Just “What” And Immediately Leaves To Escape The Situation.

And At First He Doesn’t Think Much Of It, Just A Flub Like They All Do, Nothing Worth Noting, Until Gavin Calls Him Dad One Day And He Just Stops Like “What The Fuck Did You Just Call Me?
“I’m Not Your Father Dumbass”
“Aw But Michael Got To Call You Dad That’s Not Fair! You Can’t Have Favourites!”
And Michael Runs In From The Other Room Like “You Little PRICK” And Chases Gavin Off For Pointing It Out And Geoff’s Just Left Standing There Confused.

The Next Time Gavin Tries To Get Away With Calling Him Dad It’s Over Earpieces During A Heist And Geoff Quietly Hisses “Fucking Stop Calling Me That” And After A Moment Of Gavin Giggling Ray Comes On Like “So Can I Call You Papa Instead Or…?” And Geoff Nearly Blows Their Cover Loudly Insisting That He Cannot.

A While After Jeremy Joins He And Geoff Are Driving To Get Masks For A Heist And Laughing About Something, As They Approach The Mask Store Geoff’s Like “Alright, Everybody Calm Down” And Jeremy’s Just Immediately “Sorry Dad”. And At First Geoff’s Just Dumbfounded For A Second But Then He’s Like “Fucking- Did Gavin Tell You To Call Me That?” And Jeremy’s Just “What? No, Wait Gavin Calls You Dad?” And Geoff’s Like “No He-” And Ray Pipes Up From The Backseat “I’ve Been Using Pop Pop Is That Better?” And Geoff’s Like “No I’m Not Your Fucking Father!!”.

The Lads Are Caught Messing Around On His Yacht Again (Probably With Rocket Launchers, Thanks Ryan) And He Turns To Jack Like “You Said You Were Watching Them, Can’t You Keep Them Under Control For Five Minutes??” And Jack Just Crosses Her Arms Like “They’re Your Kids Too Y’know!” And Geoff’s Just “I- THEY’RE NOT MY KIDS”. When They Finally Get The Lads Reeled In Again Geoff’s So Frustrated He Just Points Them To The Penthouse And Deadpans “Go To Your Rooms.”.

Afterwards He Flops Down On The Couch With A Bottle Of Whisky To Unwind And Notices Ryan Out Of The Corner Of His Eye, Sitting On The Other End Of The Couch And Grinning At Him.

“You’re Fucking Fired”

Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

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I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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Hard To Tell - Jeff Atkins/Reader

chapter 6: confession

word count: 1890

tagged list: ( i have to work on this,, again )

chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 - chapter 5 - chapter 6 ( you’re here! )

When you went to school the next day, you received stares. Does that come as a shock? When you were rifling through your locker, two hands were placed on your hips.

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Can i request the RFA+ minor duo going Victoria secret shopping with MC? And don't stress yourself too much over Requests love~ take all the time you need :)

~Oooooh, yes. LOL! Thank you so much for the request and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it so much! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He’s a stuttering and fumbling mess the entire time 
  • Doesn’t have the courage to touch anything 
  • Feels extremely awkward seeing all the other customers grabbing items, and thinks he should try to avert his gaze 
  • He TRIES to keep his eyes on the floor
  • Every time he looks around he is imagining you in the outfits 
    • “Yoosung, what do you think of this?” you hold up lingerie with pink frills 
  • He almost has a heart attack 
  • So many images in his mind 
    • “IT’S P-PERFECT”
    • Shh, you don’t have to yell” you laugh 
  • He can’t control the volume of his voice 
  • Talking to himself in his head, telling himself to clam down
  • He liked the area where theres beauty products and lotions/perfumes 
    • “Oh, this smells nice MC! Want me to get it for you?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He’s rather un-phased
  • To be honest, he finds lingerie rather unnecessary
    • “Are you sure you want to buy this? I’m just going to be taking it off of you…”
    • “I’m not just here for lingerie, Jumin. I need new bras and panties as well,” you shake your head 
  • He’s very opinionated 
    • “That looks cheap.” “I don’t like that color.” 
  • He’s not doing it to be an ass, he’s just used to speaking his mind 
  • Wants you to look good, and tells you to get whatever you want
    • “Sweat pants?”
    • “They have really comfy ones…” you say shyly 
    • “You’re so cute,” he adds them to your basket 

◉ Zen 

  • He’s screaming internally 
  • He’s READY for this 
  • At first he thinks you’re going to stick to the normal bra and panty sets
  • Maybe you’ll be adventurous and go for some lace 
  • But you hold up a lingerie set with cut outs and strings and bow and-
  • He almost has a nose bleed 
    • “B-Babe! Careful! Another guy might see!!!” 
  • He grabs it from your hands 
    • “There are only girls around right now, relax!” 
  • He wants to pay for it and drag you home as fast as possible 
  • He’s spacing out
  • Imagining coming home to you in the lingerie, you’re in the kitchen cooking for him 
    • ~~~Welcome home, Zenny!~~~
    • “ZEN!” 
  • His daydream is interrupted by your nudging his ribs 
    • “Let’s go, I paid already,” you laugh 
  • Gladly 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Finally!
  • She needed some new underwear as well 
  • You guys spend over an hour looking at everything 
  • And stocking up on your favorite lotions 
  • Jaehee has some extremely pretty bras 
  • You guys even got matching ones! 
  • She is sorting everything in your basket out when she pulls up a black silk nighty 
    • “Wh-What’s this?!” 
    • “Darn it! I…snuck it in. I was going to surprise you tonight…”
  • Her cheeks turned bright red 
    • “Oh! O-Okay!” 
  • She fumbled around to put everything on the counter 
  • Inside, she couldn’t help but be excited to see you wearing that later that night 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s making jokes to cover his embarrassment 
    • “Do you think this would look good on me?” he hold up a bra to his chest 
    • “Can you be serious once in your life?” 
  • You both laugh 
  • He’s surprisingly good at telling you his opinion on what he wants to see you in ?
    • He’s actually picking things that are a little more risqué than you had ever thought he would be in to 
      • “What? I am a guy, after all…”
    • Asks if he can come into the changing room with you 
      • “No!”
      • “It was only a joke, calm down,” he pokes your cheek and waits patiently while you try a few items on 
    • Super giddy when you finally pay and head home 
      • “So if you are dressing up tonight…does that mean I can, too?”
      •  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ◉ V

    • Of course he is super calm about it 
    • Doesn’t like the perfume section though
    • The smells are too overwhelming for him 
    • He wishes he could help pick things out, but he can barely make out the colors of the fabrics 
    • He tries nonetheless 
    • Just smiling the whole time 
    • Choosing things by feel 
      • “This silk is nice, don’t you think? This would feel nice on you…”
    • He does get a blush on his cheeks every now and then and you’re glad he can’t see your staring as you hold back a giggle 
    • A couple times he ended up showing an item to a mannequin 
      • “…Do you not like it?” 
      • “V!…I’m over here…” -_-;;;

    ◉ Saeran 

    • No way!
      • You’re not dragging me into that damn store!!!!”
        • [2 hours later]
    • He stand with his arms crossed, grumbling in the store 
    • Silent as ever as you look through all of the items 
      • “Stop pouting and help me choose!”
      • “No.”
    • The only thing getting him through this is the promise of ice cream and pretzels from the food court 
    • He keeps scowling in response to your random laughs 
    • He doesn’t know, but his cheeks have been slightly pink since you walked in 
    • Eyes went wide when you picked up a particular black and pink lingerie set 
    • But he immediately looked away and pretended to not be interested 
    • Breathed a sigh of relief when you finally paid and started to head out 
      • “Ya know, you could have helped me out a bit more with choosing things back there…”
      • “Why do you need me anyway? You could have picked anything in there and it would look good on you”
    • You squeezed his hand at his response and he realized what he said 
      • “Oh, shut up,” he could feel you smiling at him, “come on. I’m starving. You said I get food.” 
    RFA Reaction to cuddling at MCs place while Family/Roommates are there

    So basically this is my HC for the RFA I need to start doing Minor Trio with Baeran dammit me going to MCs place for the first time and trying to cuddle/other but the catch is MC lives with family/roomies.

    Some are just fluffy. Some get smutty. *cough* Zen and Jumin *cough*


    • Your room?? Alone?? I-Is that okay??
    • “Yoosung, we’ve hung at before…”
    • “Yeah at my place where it was just us…Is…Is your family ok with this?”
    • “Yoosung I’m a legal adult. I have been. We both are.”
    • “O-Okay.”
    • You’re sitting in your bed cuddling, playing video games. You get a little handsy. A slight blush rises in his cheeks and he pretends not to notice as he keeps playing his level.
    • But your hand rests at the hem of his shirt, and sloooowwwlllly lifts it up, letting your fingers softly trace up and down his sides
    • Blush intensifies “MC..?? You feelin cuddly?”
    • “Maaaybe” You nuzzle into the crook of his arm as he puts it around you.
    • You are not satisfied. More snuggles. More.
    • You throw one leg over him, latching onto him like a Koala.
    • It was pretty innocent, but Yoosung imagining your parents or sibling walking in and seeing you tangled up just made him so flustered. ‘If I keep playing my game, even if someone sees us they’ll no nothing was happen-’
    • You crane your neck and plant a soft kiss on his 
    • This boy can’t keep a poker face. You know you’ve got him. You casually take his DS out of his hands, save the progress, and close it.
    • Yoosung is just wide eyed staring at the ceiling, lips pursed and shaking juuuust a little bit. His hand still in the position as if he was still holding his DS up. He is too shook
    • So you make the move, throw your arm over his chest and start kissing his neck again.
    • “MC are you sure?”
    • “We’re not gonna go crazy…I mean. Probably not.” And you start leaving a couple soon-to-be hickeys on him.
    • ‘Oh what the hell’ Yoosung gives up. He likes you too much.
    • He takes your hand in his and interlaces your fingers with his
    • Turns his head to yours
    • So many kisses. He starts pressing his lips to yours, it’s deep but still soft.
    • You guys just keep it up for a while. Snuggles, kisses, the occasional grope.
    • It gets late into the night and Yoosung figures he should get going.
    • You walk him to the door and he gives you a kiss goodnight.
    • You promise to hang out at his place next time so he’s not as nervous.


    • She thinks your roommates are lovely. They like her too, think she’s kind of stoic, but like her none the less.
    • You two go up to your room. She sits on your bed, no second thoughts about your roommates or anything. Why would they come in? And even then Jaehee’s sure you’re not ballsy enough to try anything crazy with people in the house
    • You guys arent quiet enough for that
    • You sit next to her and put on one of Zen’s shows. You start off side by side but soon end up spooning.
    • You guys have watched these movies so many times you know all the lines, so whenever Zen goes to deliver a really sexy line, you beat him to it and whisper it in Jaehee’s ear.
    • She giggles and it’s so fkn cute. Ugh.
    • You get a little restless at one point. You run your hand down her side, admiring her curves.
    • And sloooowly back up. Your fingers brush exposed skin and her spine straightens a bit.
    • “MC…” She chuckles
    • You two start kissing. It’s sweet and slow. You don’t go very far, because you’re both just feeling more cuddly than lusty. Lusty isn’t a word but shut up
    • Eventually the movie is over. You walk her out to her car. You go to give her a quick peck goodnight, but she cups your face and holds it there for a good minute. You melt a little and put your hands over hers. She’s too cute.
    • You watch as her car pulls out of the driveway. A small smile on your lips.
    • Your roomate opens the front door “Hey, you gonna stand here and think about that steamy ass kiss or come inside already?”


    • He knocks at the door and your roommate opens it.
    • “Holy shit MC your hot ass celebrity boyfriend is here” They yell up the stairs (it’s me. I’m one of your obnoxious roommates.)
    • You come down the stairs “Babe! Hey! Sorry I didn’t get the door I-”
    • “No worries, Angel” And he planted a quick peck on your lips. You heard your roommates snicker as they set the table for food.
    • After you all ate, you and Zen slipped into your room. You expected immediate cuddles and kisses but
    • He just sat at your desk and looked around
    • “Uh, Babe, you can come sit on the bed” You patted the spot next to you
    • But Mc…… T H E B E A S T
    • It could appear at any moment.
    • I’ll take my chances just get over here you egg.
    • So he joins you on the bed. Slowly he sinks into the spot next to you, as if a quick movement might rattle the cage of THE BEAST
    • You turn on your music and start chatting. Eventually ending with Zen’s head in your lap as you play with his hair and he stares at your face with endearment cause he’s just so in love with how focused you look as you braid his hair and chat.
    • So endeared he doesn’t hear you muttering about cutting off the rat tail
    • Soon the braid is done and there’s nothing to occupy your hands while you guys talk.
    • They start off at Zen’s face. Tracing his cheekbones and jawline.
    • “MC…what are you doing?” He chuckles
    • “Just touching you”
    • MC Phrasing please
    • Then your hands trace the tendons in his neck to the well toned muscles on his shoulders. His shirt color tries to get in the way but you just snake your hands underneath.
    • His eyebrow twitches
    • MC please he is using all of his self control right now.
    • You lean over, giving your arms more reach farther into his shirt, your fingertips brush the beginning of your lovers V line. Haha V line. V. Hah you can only think about V whenever you see Zen’s V line now
    • Your intention was to get your face inches from Zen, not touch his hips. That was just added bonus
    • His breath gets a little heavy and husky, brushing your lips which are only about an inch away.
    • You very slowly, and I mean very slowly, lean in to close the gap. Your eyes half lidded while Zen’s are wide af.
    • The second your lips touch Zen jumps up. Well he tries. WIth your hands in his shirt and face above his you both get a little tangled for a second but his feet find the floor and he turns so he’s facing away from you.
    • “Hyun? You ok?”
    • “ I just…. Ugh. If we kiss like that again I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself, Princ-”
    • “So don’t.”
    • He turns his head, a look of shock in his eyes. “What?”
    • “So. Don’t.” You grin. “Don’t help yourself”
    • “But your roommates are-”
    • You turn your radio volume even higher, a smug look on your face.
    • His voice dropped so low you thought it was a new person. “Are you sure you want to?”
    • You got up and pulled him close, pressing your bodies together. “Positive”
    • Music: High
    • Kisses: Heavy
    • Beast: Unleashed.
    • You guys weren’t used to having to be quiet. Zen wasn’t sure how to feel about you not screaming his name. But it was a fun little challenge for the both of you. It made things interesting, added the element of getting caught.
    • Eventually you guys were left panting and just laying side by side.
    • He glanced at the clock.
    • “Oh shit My Love, I’m sorry to eat and run but it’s getting late and I have morning rehearsal.” He hopped out of bed and started pulling his clothes on.
    • “I understand Babe” You threw a shirt and sweatpants on and walked him downstairs, where your roommates were still awake watching a movie.
    • Zen cast a nervous glance towards them, but covered it as soon as they looked in your direction.
    • “It was nice meeting you!” He waved to them.
    • “You too!” They both chimed and waved back.
    • Zen turned to you, gave you a kiss goodnight, and walked out to his car.
    • You shut the front door, and as soon as you did
    • “Wow. Your bed is really squeaky huh?
    • “Wha-” A blush spray paints your cheeks bright red
    • “Celebrity sex scandaaaaaal” The other one sings.
    • “We didn’t-” You tried.
    • “MC….your shirts backwards” They winked.
    • You looked down and sure as shit you were looking at the back of your shirt. Welp. RIP.


    • You were a little nervous for Jumin to come over and meet your roommates.
    • More often than not they were those ruthless Jokester friends. They didn’t get when people didn’t get their jokes and Jumin…he’s not the best with jokes in general.
    • Your friends are also very casual, so when Jumin showed up in his “Formal Dinner Party” attire they were a little confused.
    • You had given them a fair warning…but they didn’t think you were serious.
    • You ate dinner, it went surprisingly okay. You swore there might come a time when Jumin and one of the roomies might hit a rough patch but nope. Smooth sailing, especially when he learned one of your roomies is pre vet and they shared a passion for felines.
    • After dinner you escorted him to your room.
    • Almost immediately you were wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed.You guys try to keep it professional in public, so once you’re alone you two make up for the lost public snuggle time hardcore.
    •  You lay side by side, your head on his chest, his arm around you and rubbing your back. You just chat about things, you ask Jumin about random things just to hear his voice His voice is my guilty fucking pleasure my god bless that VA. It calms you. But if he says the right things it gets you a little… hot and bothered.
    • “So dinner was good….when’s dessert?” Yep like that. Hot. And. Bothered. 
    • “Jumin” You gasped a little, surprised he suggested it
    • “I’m sorry? I assume from the way your hand was inching towards-”
    • Oh shit? Your hand was heading down there wasn’t it. Haha ohhhhh Hand. *cue audience laugh track* Anyways
    • “I mean, I would but uh…my roommates are downstairs. It’s not like the penthouse where it’s just us.”
    • “And?” He is so shameless. Or clueless. Or maybe a little bit of both.
    • “Wouldn’t you be, uh, embarrassed?”
    • “Should I? I assumed it was no secret that we had sex. Usually people assume anways…” He trailed off, but then remembered the situation at hand. “But if you’d rather not I understand. “ He sounded a little disappointed, but then he looked at you with a small smirk. “But I guess now it’ll be only sweeter the next time I get to lay you down and” cue intense details of. He didn’t stop, he just kept talking about all the things you two could do, and his voice kept getting lower and huskier and you could tell how excited he was just by the way he was talking
    • You couldn’t take it
    • Fuck the roommates
    • Jumin was right it’s not like they don’t know
    • You suddenly rolled so you were on top of him, straddling his waist.
    • “Kitten I thought-”
    • You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a very sloppy kiss.
    •  When you pulled away for air you just “I don’t care. Let them hear.”
    • You two got wild
    • ….I’ll stop here. You guys don’t need the details 
    • Once you two were finished you were cuddling again. Just cuddling without clothes but that was A OK.
    • Jumin was back to rubbing your back again, and you were cuddled up to him again.Your hand was on his chest and his hand on top, his thumb gently rubbing back and forth. But instead of talking you guys kept exchanging gentle kisses, taking turns leaning in and reaching for kisses from each other.
    • Around midnight he figured he should get going home. You both put your clothes on and walked out to the car. On the way there you saw your roommates. They looked a little shook. Little bit. They waved by to Jumin even though they could barely look at the two of you without blushing.
    • Jumin planted a firm kiss on you at the car, and when you walked back in you turned to your roommates, ready to apologize for the..uh…noise.
    • “Hey guys…so uh…hahaha awkward amiright?”
    • “I don’t know, is it….’Kitten’?”
    • “Or should we ask….’Daddy’?”
    • You’re never living this down. Ever.


    • He came over to meet your family
    • He already knew almost everything about them so he was well prepared to kiss ass
    • He didn’t have to though, they liked him off the bat. They were glad they finally got to meet the boy MCs been spending all their time with.
    • After dinner MC and he decided to go upstairs and hang out a bit.
    • These two nerds legit sat in MCs bed looking at memes on their phones
    • At least an hour went by with you two just giggling and showing your phones to each other
    • Somehow you both found ways to get closer to each other without meaning to.
    • It started off with you two leaning against the wall, but soon you were basically sitting in Seven’s lap, head leaning against his chest, and the two of staring at one phone screen of memes.
    • At some point Seven snaked his arms around your waist, and buried his face in between your shoulder blade and your neck.
    • The giggles continued.
    • Soon you saw a meme that had you dying laughing. Seven was amused, but he ended up getting more amused when you started snorting from laughing so hard. You clasped a hand over your mouth to try to silence the noise, but it was not happening. He thought it was too cute and couldn’t help but kiss your cheek with an overdramatic “MUAAAH” noise
    • More memes and time passed
    • Now you two were laying on your tummies, side by side, memeing away
    • That’s when you look at Seven. A slight grin on his face, the way his eyes sparkle when he’s having a good time, everything about him really.
    • You just feel so much…love for him.
    • So you put your phone down and start peppering him with light quick kisses all over the side of his face.
    • He laughs “MC what are you doing?”
    • “I just…I love you so much” You can’t hold back the smile on your face. Just staring at him makes you happy. “Saeyoung, sometimes…Sometimes I can’t even believe you’re real” and you lightly touch his face, taking in the feel of his skin and the look in his eyes.
    • He seems overcome with emotion too. Some mix of happiness and sadness, but then more happiness.
    • He shifts so he’s facing you more and plants a long kiss on your lips. Eventually you both sit up and just start kissing. It’s not the sloppy make out of when you guys are getting ready to do the do, it’s a long line of passionate kisses filled with innocent love and need for one another.
    • It’s love.
    • You end up wrapped in one another’s arms staring into each other’s eyes until both of you doze off.
    • It’s about 2 am when you wake up. You two are still wrapped up, and Saeyoung is snoozing peacefully inches from your face. You wish you could just stare at him all night, the moonlight bouncing off his face made him look like he really wasn’t real, like he’d turn into mist at any second and slip away Wow I’m getting really poetic. Probably cause it’s 5 am idk sorry
    • But you know theres work he has to get done and normally he’s not even sleeping at this time so he’s probably already behind schedule.
    • You start off as a soft whisper, scared your voice could break the magic of the moment “Saeyoung”
    • He stirrs a bit but doesn’t open his eyes.
    • A little louder, but still whispering “Saeyoung” HIs eyelids lift slowly, and when he sees your face, a sleepy smile spreads across his own.
    • This alone makes you feel giddy and in love and your own mouth cracks a giant smile. Then you start peppering his face with gentle kisses.
    • “Come on” kisskisskiss “Wake up silly” kisskisskiss “I kept you long enough”
    • In his tired lawd kill me if I heard sleepy Seven’s voice I’d probably die voice he muttered “Keep me forever, MC”
    GOT7 Wedding Day

    Mark: You approach the top of the aisle and the minute he sees you he can’t contain the smile on his face as he sees his future wife walk towards him.  As he tries to gain composure you wink at him knowing exactly how he’s feeling, causing him to smile even more. “Here come’s my best friend, my soul mate, my wife.”

    Jaebum: He’s feeling anxious as he arrives. He hasn’t seen you for the past couple of days and is wondering if you’re feeling the same nervousness and excitement he is. He just can’t wait to see you as soon as possible. “I want to see her, I can’t wait to hold her, I can’t wait for our forever.”

    Jackson: He’s ready, he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. He announces to the rest of the members in the room, “Okay, Let’s go. I’m getting married!” He puts on his sunglasses as you two are having an outdoor wedding in the summer like he’s hoped for. “This is really happening, not one single damn thing can ruin this moment for me”

    Jinyoung: He walks towards the venue with a few of his groomsmen, eager to see you and even more excited that today you’ll become his wife. “Our hyung is getting married!” Youngjae shrieks. Jinyoung grins unable to contain the sense of happiness he’s feeling. “Our forever starts today,”

    Youngjae: He’s waiting for you and the minute he lays eyes on you in your wedding dress, you take his breath away. He lets out a deep breath to try and calm himself down but he can’t believe how beautiful you look. “How lucky am I?”

    Bambam: It’s the night before your wedding and he’s working hard on writing his wedding vows for you. He asks Jinyoung for his help to read it over but he’s struggles to find the right words to say to properly convey his feelings. “I’ll spend the rest of my life telling you how much I love you”

    Yugyeom: He’s getting ready, laughing and blushing as his older members tease him in the grooms room. “Look at our little Maknae, growing up” they pretend to tear up. Jinyoung teases “are you sure Y/N wants to spend the rest of her life with you?” Yugyeom turns around, “Of course she does!” a big smile on his face. “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with her.”


    [videos not mine but gifs are created by me]

    You Are My Heaven Pt 1 (Steve Rogers Fic)

    Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Tony (mentioned), Clint (mentioned) Maria Hill

    Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. Does the reader have the courage to find out if he feels the same way? What if he doesn’t? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

    Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry. 

    Word Count: 2.8k

    Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

    Tags are at the bottom

    A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? Part 2 will be out in a few days, I promise! It’s already written and will be the last, with a possible epilogue. Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for reading this over! You’re a darling! 

    Part One   Part Two>>>



    Originally posted by rdytocmply

    Stupid heart.

    Stupid feelings.

    Stupid brain for putting you in this situation.

    Stupid gorgeous, muscled Super Soldier who just had to be working out right in front of you with his God-like physique and sweat glistening on his handsome brow.

    At this point, you had no choice in the matter. You were too far gone. Resistance was futile.

    “You know, you could just tell him,” muttered the red-headed former assassin beside you.

    You scoffed, “Who? About what? I mean, I don’t…what’re you…”

    Unimpressed by your less-than-convincing response, Natasha caught your eye and raised an eyebrow. She knew.

    Huffing out a frustrated sigh, you conceded. “I can’t do that.”

    “Why not?”

    A snort of laughter escaped you, “Why? Because he’s Steve Rogers! Captain Freaking America. It’s not gonna happen.”

    She shrugged, “You never know unless you try.”

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    I came up with a “humans as aliens” scenario on the bus and now I’m writing a story snippet.

    Karikki was sitting in the ship’s mess when the most recent addition to the crew stumbled into the room and collapsed into a chair with a relieved groan, dropping her head onto the table.

    “Rough shift?” ie said, making a sympathetic noise as ie broke off another piece of ir food pack.

    Melanie Dupré, recently hired on as a ship’s mechanic and as of one month ago the only human crewmember of the Xanaki Star, mumbled something into the table before lifting her head so that her translator could actually be of use.

    “I could swear the ventilation ducts actually hate me personally,” she said. “I’ve been running around all day.” A look of horror crossed her features then, and she groaned again, dragging her hand across her eyes. “And I left my food packs in my room. Goddamn it.”

    Karikki churred soothingly. “Don’t worry about it, you can have one of ours,” ie said, getting to ir feet and digging one of the vacuum-sealed silver packs out of the pantry.

    Melanie made a noise that Karikki had learned to interpret as grateful and peeled the pack open, looking down at it dubiously. “You’re sure this is okay?”

    “We’re nutritionally compatible!” Karikki said. “The captain checked, before we hired you on. Just in case you ran out of your own supplies. It should be fine.”

    “Okay. Thanks,” she said, breaking off a square of the compressed nutrition block and popping it into her mouth.

    A look crossed her face then that it took Karikki a moment to identify: disgust, ie realized. That was disgust–which was made all the clearer when Melanie gagged and grabbed a napkin, spitting the square out into her hand. “Oh my god,” she said.

    Karikki could feel ir antennae fluttering anxiously. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is that a bad texture for humans?”

    Melanie wiped her mouth, scrubbing at her tongue with the side of her hand. She shook her head. “No, the texture’s fine, it’s just like one of our protein blocks. It’s the [——], I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend you, but it’s awful! How can you eat that?”

    Karikki flicked ir ear. “Sorry, say that again? I think your translator cut out in the middle. It’s the what?”

    “The [——]. It [——] awful. I’m so sorry.”

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    Spare Key || Bangtan Reaction

    Jin / Seokjin

    Jin would look at the key in his hand and wonder why it was given to him. Of course he was happy you trusted him so much but he thought it was a little early to be trading house keys, It wasn’t until you explained what it was for that he relaxed a little bit and nodded.

    Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants

    Suga / Yoongi

    Yoongi wouldn’t even question it. He would understand why it was given immediately, as one of the main things he loved about you was the fact that both of you would lay around all the time.

    Originally posted by bangtannoonas

    J-Hope / Hoseok

    Hoseok would stare at the key for a few minutes before turning back and looking at you with wide eyes. He would try to hand the key back to you but when you wouldn’t accept it he would begin to ask a million questions. The moment you answered the main one he would calm down and laugh at the reason behind it.

    Originally posted by junghosyub

    Rap Monster / Namjoon

    Namjoon would ask you straight up if you thought it was a little too soon. He would mention the fact that you two had only been dating for a few months, and then you would tell him about how you were just too lazy to let him in. He would roll his eyes at your reason but accept the key gratefully.

    Originally posted by syubto


    He would be quiet for a while, trying to think about why you had given him the key. Sure he came over a lot but didn’t you think it was a little soon before he moved in. Jimin tried not to show how confused he was but failed when you picked up on it almost immediately. You laughed as he explained his thoughts, only to tell him the real reason and have a blush flood over his cheeks.

    Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

    V / Taehyung

    Taehyung would be trying to cover the smile on his face, knowing right away why you had given him the key. He thought it was cute and adorable how you were too lazy to let him in. He knew he would lose it soon enough and you would either have to make a new one for him or continue to let him in again. There was never going to be a change between that and this.

    Originally posted by cyyphr


    The little child would have a heart attack. He would take one look at the key you offered him and you would see the colour drain out of his face. You would take one look at him and burst out laughing, instantly explaining to him that it was only because you were to lazy to let him in every time he came over.

    Originally posted by grape-joon


    Originally posted by isabelle-c-r


    The room is silent, almost unnervingly so, as Yoongi trains his eyes on your face. He’s shared his thoughts with you, asked you exactly what he’d been wanting to ask for weeks, and now he’s waiting for your response. He’s not sure if he should be expecting an agreement or a refusal but he does expect there to be a barrage of questions.

    “Honestly,” you sigh as you drag your fingers through your hair, “I have so many questions and I don’t even know where to start.”

    Yoongi, who is doing his best to put on a calm face although his thoughts are running wild with him, nods. “Start with the first question that popped into your head. We’ll go from there.”

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    2.3k of 12.11 coda. spoilers, duh. angst, episode content, etc. it’s sad but there’s a happy ending. (ao3)

    He can’t take his eyes off of his reflection. He’s crying but he’s not really sure why.

    There’s something… he’s forgetting something. Everything? Something.

    Dean wipes his face off and splashes water on it, a vague sense of deja vu overtaking him. He feels - he doesn’t know how to describe it. Something’s wrong, very wrong, but he’s not sure what.

    He leans forward to rest his forehead on the wall and feels something in his front pocket hit the sink. 

    He pulls it out hoping it’ll have a clue or a hint what he’s forgetting. 

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    Milkshakes & Fries

    Originally posted by riverrdxle

    Anon requests: hey omg i love ur writing so much i was just wondering if u could do a jughead imagine where reader is scared to tell him shes asexual and is making a big deal of ut and when jughead finally cpnvinces her to tell him he laughs which makes reader upset but hes actually laughing bc hes asexual too and cant believe she was making such a big deal out of it and just fluffy fluff THANKS

    Pairing: Jughead x Reader (Platonic)

    Description: (Y/N) always drinks her milkshake, so when she doesn’t touch it, Jughead knows something’s up

    Warnings: one swear

    Word count: 524

    A/N: okay so I absolutely LOVE this prompt and I had so much fun writing it! sorry if it’s too short (and also the ending is pretty cheesy sorry), I figured short and sweet was the way to go for this prompt.  hope I did it justice!

    We sat in our usual booth at Pop’s diner: Jughead had a laptop and some fries in front of him, whereas I had a barely-touched milkshake in front of me.  He noticed my lack of appetite and lowered the lid of his computer slightly.

    “(Y/N),” he said, interrupting me from my thoughts.  “What’s wrong?”

    “What?” I mumbled, looking up at him.  “Nothing, nothing, I’m fine, Jug.”  He raised his eyebrows and frowned, and I knew he didn’t believe me.  “I’m just not hungry, that’s all.”

    “(Y/N), out of all the times we have come to Pop’s together, not once have you left your milkshake unfinished, nonetheless completely untouched.  Something’s wrong.”

    “Nothing’s wrong, Jug,” I insisted.  “I’m totally fine.  I’m just stressed… about school.”  Jughead disbelievingly raised his eyebrows again.

    “School?” he repeated, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.  “(Y/N), you’re smart and completely capable of mastering all your classes with ease. School is not the problem.”  I groaned, leaning my head back against the seat.

    “Okay, fine, yeah,” I admitted, throwing my hands up in exasperation.  “There’s something that’s been bothering me lately.”

    “What is it?” Jughead questioned.  I frowned and shook my head.

    “I just… I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about it yet.”  Jughead sighed but nodded in understanding, to which I replied to with a thankful smile. He returned back to his laptop, munching on his fries.  Occasionally, his eyes would flick up towards me.  At one point, he reached his hand out and stole some whipped cream off the top of my milkshake.  When I showed no reaction, he slammed his computer shut.

    “Okay that’s it,” he commanded.  “I respect that you don’t feel comfortable telling me about your problems, (Y/N), but for fuck’s sake I just stole some of your whipped cream.  From your milkshake.  And you didn’t even react at all!”  I groaned and pulled my milkshake a little closer to me.

    “Alright, Jug!” I exclaimed. “I’ll tell you!”  I sucked in a deep breath, studying Jughead’s face.  “Jug, I’m… I’m asexual.”  I clenched my eyes closed and turned away from Jughead, expecting harsh judgement.  However, to my surprise, he started laughing.  Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at him.  “What?”

    “Oh my god, (Y/N),” he tried to explain himself through his laughter, “I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t be laughing, but-” he paused again as he let out a couple more laughs, and then he calmed himself down.  “Sorry, sorry.  I’m just laughing because… well, because I’m asexual, too.”

    “What?” I exclaimed.  “Seriously?”

    “Yeah!” he replied, grinning from ear to ear.  “God, I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you for a while.  So thanks for the opportunity.”  He laughed again, and this time I joined him.  Once our laughter finally died down, I took a sip of my milkshake.  He smiled. “See, wasn’t as bad as you thought, was it?”  I beamed at him.

    “Not at all,” I laughed, stealing some of his fries.  He swatted my hand away but wore a huge grin on his face, and never had I been so thankful to have a friend as wonderful as Jughead.

    friendship goals // stiles stilinski

    Summary: Having only ever been acquaintances, Stiles & Y/N find out what benefits come along with being friends

    Requested: no, collab with @sincerelystiles

    Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

    Warning: yes, mature language & smut throughout


    “Why does Scott insist that playing hide and seek in the middle of the pitch black woods is going to bring us closer together as a pack?” Y/N sighed, annoyed as she pulled her thin jacket closer around her shoulders.

    “Quite complaining.” Stiles shushed her, bringing a finger to his lips. “You’re only upset because you’re stuck with me.” He smirked.

    They had never been anything more than acquaintances. She was friends with Lydia, automatically making her friends with Scott and in turn, Stiles.

    “It could’ve been worse.” He offered his hand to her, helping her over the large tree trunk that had fallen over blocking their path. “You could have been stuck with Liam.” She smiled as she reached for his hands. 

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    You’ll always have me ∾ montgomery de la cruz

    Originally posted by despairingfever

    posted 4/13/17

    request? yes
    Saw that you said you wrote for 13rw and I just had to request. Can you do an imagine where the reader and Montgomery are best friends and the reader is Justin’s little sister so when the mom’s boyfriend beats her she goes to Montgomery and he comforts her and more fluff? Thank you !

    pairing(s): justin x sister!reader , montgomery x reader (platonic) 

    warnings: plenty of cussing

    words: 1032

    a/n: i couldn’t find any other gifs so that was the best i could find, oops.
    have a request? click here

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