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Japanese laughing onomatopoeia 擬声語(gi-sei-go)

Even if they are similar events, different quantities or qualities produce different sounds.  As another example, let’s take a laughing onomatopoeia 擬声語 (gi-sei-go) sound.

When a man laughs uninhibitedly, it’s a loud laugh: ゲラゲラ(ge-ra-ge-ra)

Women could laugh this way, but in Japan where male chauvinism is still rampant, they may be frowned upon by both men and women.  Also, this sound should not be confused with the sound of someone vomiting: ゲロゲロ (ge-ro-ge-ro).

A young woman laughing ケラケラ (ke-ra-ke-ra) is a sign that she’s having a lot of fun talking with you.

But do not mix this up with a similar sound ケロケロ(ke-ro-ke-ro), because if she laughs like that, she is in fact a frog in disguise, not human!

A little girl chuckles silently クスクス(ku-su-ku-su), that’s cute.

A young man laughing ヘラヘラ (he-ra-he-ra) is not very agreeable.  Depending on the situation, it’s a bit unnerving.  He could be also slightly drunk.

It’s even worse if someone is laughing エヘラエヘラ (e-he-ra-e-he-ra).  If this is your teenage son,  you should smack his head.  He needs to be more serious, show more respect!

It’s a big hit if someone laughs ヒーヒー (hih-hih) at your joke with tears coming out from his eyes. It’s so funny he can barely breathe!

If you are smiling ニコニコ (ni-ko-ni-ko) all the time, it’s impossible for anyone to hate you.  Such a smile is highly infectious.  The best kind of smile!

If my friend is grinning ニヤニヤ (ni-ya-ni-ya), I might feel a bit uncomfortable, because he may be secretively laughing at something about me.  But then again, he may be just remembering a fond memory from his last date.

ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta) is a rather obscene way of grinning.  Certainly gentlemen will not smile ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta)  in front of ladies.

Now, in the last three smiles ニコニコ (ni-ko-ni-ko), ニヤニヤ (ni-ya-ni-ya) and ニタニタ (ni-ta-ni-ta), these people are not really making any sound as they smile in these ways.  They are all silent smiles.  But Japanese can hear them!  As I write below, Japanese have developed highly sensitive ears so that they can hear the would-be sound from almost anything!  Namely, Japanese language answers  what kind of sound they would make if they could!


❣ See how JONGUP could change his face expression into various looks!
(Btw, He looks freaking good in orange outfit😍)
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Having crushes.
  • Slytherin : *enters the great hall dramatically with their robe giving that bad ass Darth Vader effect*
  • Slytherin: *points at Hufflepuff* with the exception of you I dislike everyone in this room.
  • Hufflepuff: and I like you too.

Στο τέλος της ημέρας, αυτό που μετράει είναι να σε κάνει να γελάς, άβαφη μέσα στις πιτζάμες σου.

They look at each other like they were almost lovers, like they should have kissed and made love and laughed in bed together, but they chose to stay friends instead. They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regrets.
—  Nikita Gill
This is for you..

This is for you.

This is for the crazy idiots like me who are called nerds.

Who hardly talk to anyone.

Who use their headphones not only to listen to music but also to avoid people.

Who sit in a corner of a room filled with people.

Who always have their phones on silent modes.

Whose notes are filled with plot ideas.

Whose back pages of books are the places where the quotes are scribbled.

Who are often mistaken as rude or arrogant cause they don’t talk much.

Who think reality is stupid.

Who find escape in words.

Who love to stay alone.

Who think.

Who read.

Who write.

Who love fictional characters more than real people.

Who always have a story in their mind.

Who haven’t even held a hand of a guy, but write cutest romance.

Who don’t tell their parents that they write.

Who are waiting for someone special.

Who believe in true love.

Who ignore the world with a book.

Who block everyone when they are sad.

Who smile like they haven’t been crying last night.

Who lead the world of their own imagination.

Who are introverts and crazy.

Who are in their own little bubble which is so big..

This is for all of you!