I was trying to come up with a fun post for y’all (don’t worry, I will) and my sweet friend from @redheadsmyonlyweakness (😘) said, take out your phone,turn the camera on, smile, and tell everyone how lucky you are to be a redhead… so here you all go, and I do feel so lucky!! 😊

LAUGH in various languages...

LAUGH (English)

RIE  (Spanish)

RIRE (French)

LACHEN (German)

FAOI (Irish)

SKRATT (Swedish) 

LACH (Dutch)

RIDERE (Italian)

LE (Norwegian)

Смеяться (Smeyatsia) (Russian)

לצחוק (Lits-hok) (Hebrew)

NEVESS (Hungarian)

GÜL (Turkish)

СМЕЙ СЕ /Smey Se) (Bulgarian)

NAURA! (Finnish)

ŚMIEJ(cie) (Poland)

笑い (Warai) (Japanese)

웃음 ( us-eum) (Korean)

笑 ( Xiào) (Chinese)

Cười (cu-oy) (Vietnamese)

RIA (Portuguese)

اضحك! (Arabic)

It truly goes to show that no matter where you are, we can all come together and LAUGH.