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Hi guys!! How are you all? I just came here to say that I won’t stream today. Some of you might know that I stream every saturday and do 4 doodle requests per person on it….but today I can’t… I’m really tired and tomorrow I’ll need to wake up early….I’m sorry for breaking the schedule….BUT next week, close to this hour, I’ll stream and take 8 doodle requests per person! I hope you guys understand. Again I’m really sorry! Love you all!!!!! TT^TT

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Ok but what if Jeno is really busy when mark's birthday comes and he can't buy him a present? Like he would be calm bc he don't tell him but Mark was there when he said he would get him one so he would obviously expect one

omg hahahaha… mh i’m sure that the boys watch their own videos so i’m sure that jeno knows that mark was behind him now that he watched the mu-beyond video … and knowing that i’m sure he will prepare the present this year! even if jeno still doesn’t know that mark was behind him (which is pretty unlikely lol) i have faith in him … he’s a sweetheart and he’ll do whatever it takes to prepare one (maybe he’ll even make one himself if he has like no time to go out and buy one) … i’m sure he’ll keep his word! #believeinjeno  ♥

-caroline (suhocean)

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