Rough Layout for upcoming Brattleboro Museum and Art Center show entitled “Portrait Photographers on Tumblr,” that I’m curating -opening November 1st in Brattleboro, VT.  I’m very excited about the group that will be represented, diverse and all wonderful.

Hello Tumblr, it’s been a while!

The above is a lil’ iPhone camera photo that marklaubenheimer took after we wrapped up our first shoot in over a year!

Please stay tuned for more photos to come – and, let me know how all of you have been!



On July 6th, I had a photoshoot with Mark Laubenheimer. I am a little in love with his work, so please check him out! 

For some background on the polkadot dress: It belonged to my grandmother (now 94 years old), who generously passed it down to me. She purchased it at a small dress shop in San Antonio, TX near the Alamo in the early 1950s (definitely prior to 1953, but she cannot remember the exact year) – not all that long after she, her husband and their two eldest children returned from Japan.