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Lmaaooo @ ppl who say shit like “my fave is THE most open minded ever like they would NEVER do that why can’t ppl see that????”

like no bitch

your fave is a person with biases and problematic tendencies they’re gonna have to unlearn. just like the rest of us. They ain’t special bc they liked a post about “love wins” or complimented a black girl on her complexion once. if they fuck up we’re gonna call em out bc it’s 20fucking17 and they have fame, money and wait for it… THE INTERNET.

keep stanning, we can’t stop you, but if you defend or justify their shittiness prepare to get caught in the melee bc there are no more free passes.

sorry bae

#204 - For crazed-abstractionists & anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “van said to the girl he loves her a few times and always expect her to say it back but she doesnt since she never said it to anyone. so he has a panic attack bc he thinks she doesnt love him back (in the end theyre good and she loves him ofc)” and “something about van and the lads going into a fancy restaurant and meeting reader who is a server and just like cute stuff and flirting and leaving a big fat tip with his number written on the check”

Note: Shoutout to @crazed-abstractionists for the constant likes and reblogs, and especially the little comments on posts. You’re an A+ supporter!

The restaurant was frequented by the rich and famous. It only took a couple of weeks of working there for the novelty of that to wear off. You theorised that the rich stayed rich because they were so cheap; they didn’t tip any more than regular people. And, the famous stayed that way by not associating with the (gasp!) lower class. Okay, so, it was a generalisation, but for all the recognisable people that had come through the doors, you’d not served many that stood out as remotely human. The only exceptions were Ewan McGregor, and Olly Alexander from Years and Years. They had both been kindness and grace and good tippers. The rest though, fuck ‘em.

It was for this reason that you loved when record executives would bring messy bands in for fancy dinners. They always looked uncomfortable, and sometimes they would do everything they could to undermine the bourgeois atmosphere of the room. Always the highlight of a shift. So, when Catfish and the Bottlemen walked through the door and followed you to a table, your hopes were high. 

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“Cultwo Show” with Henry on the 22nd June, full.

“Cultwo Show” avec henry le 22 Juin, entier.

Everyone always theorizes about the possible dark and dramatic endings to kuro and I’m just thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if it was the complete opposite? The final twist is something really lighthearted. Like it turns out the whole thing has been them playing a fantasy game, sort of d&d style, and making up the story with their characters in Ciel’s living room on a rainy day. When characters die it’s because they had to go home. Lau’s been missing because he’s in the kitchen getting snacks. The plot sometimes seems like it isn’t going anywhere because they’re just making it up as they go along. The lighter arcs are when soma and Lizzy are in charge, the darker ones are mainly due to Ciel being a massive edgelord. Vincent is annoyed that they killed him off right away because Ciel didn’t want to play with his dad, so he keeps popping in to have flashback moments, dragging his friend deidrich with him. Sebastian isn’t even a demon, he’s just Ciel’s older brother that Ciel insisted on being a demon and doing everything he asks. And at the end there’s flashback scenes to them playing out major scenes from throughout the story.

2017 IN KPOP

Spica disbands. The Wonder Girls disband. L.Joe leaves Teen Top. Kevin leaves U-Kiss 😢. Teen Top returns with High Five and it’s kpop fantastic👏. Amber & Henry let us know they have maybe had enough 😯. Nada leaves wa$$up because she can no longer kpop for free. T-ara disbands. History disbands. Sistar disbands…and summer is officially cancelled 😢. T-ara wins first trophy in 5 years with their final song as a group 😭😭😭. Henry starts to get some love from SM….finally 😒 but f(x) is still missing. The rookie group HIGHLIGHT lives!!! iKON finally returns from Japan to turn up. NCT127 win their first trophy 🎉. Lovelyz win their first trophy🎉. OhMyGirl beats personal record with Coloring Book 👌. 24K releases Addiction which is amazing. The kpop hunger games (Produce 101) begins & drags everyone thru the streets and stomps on their souls 😱. G-Dragon tops itunes in 41 countries including the US 👏. Starship trying to get back in everyone’s good graces announces a Boyfriend comeback😀. The Nu'est discography shoots up the charts with a vengeance & get nominated for inkigayo with 2013 song Hello. That’s 💖. In between these events there were a million comebacks. MonstaX, cnblue, VIXX, b.a.p, BtoB, Red Velvet, gugudan, Day6, BraveGirls, Seventeen, Astro, KNK all bringing their A game.

feeling ok again until you hear it. YIXING IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT EXO COMEBACK 😡😢😡😢😡😢

Six more months to go….will we survive the 2017 rollercoaster?