#93 - For ir-resp0nsible

Filling the prompt “I was wondering if you could base a story on their song "anything”. Like not taking the lyrics but an about a relationship on the edge and all those things that drive you mad about the other person but like you work on things anyway because you genuinely adore them and it’s what you need and you’ll do anything to stay with them.“

"Babe, calm down. You’re gonna be fine,” Van said. The phone line crackled, straining from the distance between continents. He’d been gone for almost two months.

“I’m not going to be fine. Everything is fucked. You should see her. She’s so pissed at me,” you were talking fast, pacing in the back alley behind your work. It smelt like cigarettes and stale beer; your stomach turned.

“You told me you had a couple weeks left to finish it?” Van asked. It wasn’t accusing you of lying, you probably had mixed up the details of when the article was due to be put on your editor’s desk. She’d been hunting you down all day looking for it, but you retreated to the alley to call Van for comfort.

“Whatever. I’m freaking out-”

“Babe, hold on a sec,” Van said cutting you off.

“What?!” You waited a second, then ten, then hung up. He’d found something more important than being there for you.

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#94 - For lennonsjohn

Filling the prompt “Requesting a hangover fic because I’m currently dying”

You weren’t a huge drinker. A few beers at the pub with friends sometimes. Wine with dinner. That kind of thing. So, the brutal hangover you were experiencing was not only painful in its own right, but was confounded by the rarity of it. You blamed Larry. He was sneaky and was almost always the source of mayhem but sparsely was recognised for it. He had been pouring your drinks all night and in the illuminating morning light you guessed they were not one standard drink per glass. The guys had got back from tour and their homecoming was to be celebrated, he said. You didn’t know why all their other homecomings weren’t so special, nor why, when he’d spent months with them, he was ready to hold a party for the band. Any excuse for a rumble, though.

You tried to block out the light of the day by hiding under the covers. It was too hot though, and the warm and still air made you feel nauseous. There was no winning. Your bedroom door was closed, but you could hear life beyond it. After the months living alone, it was weird to hear people again. You lived with Larry and Van in the house Van bought. Your bedrooms were all small, but you didn’t spend much time in there anyway. You looked around the room for something to help. You had no pain killers nearby; no weed. There was no water. All you could reach without getting out of bed was your phone. 

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Hong Kong uses 3D archive to preserve kung fu heritage
Kung fu master Wong Yiu-Kau stands in a Hong Kong studio and waits as his black suit is covered head to toe in reflective markers to capture his every motion.

This is one way in which technology can preserve traditions for future generations! Welcome to the new way of producing Kung Fu ( or any art) manuals. While there is no substitute for an actual teacher this is a great way to chronicle the arts. Thoughts?


S A V A G E 😂😂😂


Thank you Leeteuk, for being the best leader you can be, even if you have too much on your own hands.

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Thank you Heechul, for being so extra with variety, yet so caring to your members and showing your soft side.

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Thank you Hangeng, for keeping the connection with your brothers and wanting to perform with them again like the past memories.

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Thank you Yesung, for being your unique self, and singing with your strong and husky art like voice.

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Thank you Kangin, for showing your own special way of caring for Super Junior; even if you’re struggling, you’re willing to admit your mistakes.

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Thank you Shindong, for being the mood-maker within the group and helping the members anyway you can.

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Thank you Sungmin, for never forgetting the members despite your marriage, and still maintaining your adorable personality.

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Thank you Eunhyuk, for joking around with everyone and smiling with your classic gummy smile.

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Thank you Siwon, for opening up your group with your acting as you still refer to yourself as a Super Junior member.

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Thank you Zhou Mi, for being your bright self despite everything you gone through and for taking care of Super Junior-M.

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Thank you Donghae, for smiling like there’s no tomorrow, and always reassuring the members whenever needed.

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Thank you Ryeowook, for making sure Super Junior is properly taken cared of by being your motherly self.

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Thank you Kibum, for remembering Super Junior, even if you moved on your own towards a slightly different path.

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Thank you Kyuhyun, for despite teasing your elder members, you still love them with all your heart.

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Thank you Henry, for expressing all of your amazing talents and enduring being a foreign member from across the country.

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Thank you Super Junior, for being The Last Man Standing, remembering the fact that your path is an and, not an end.

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(Even though most of you guys just tripped here… oh the irony indeed.)


This guy has been through way too much shit caused by both “fans” and agency.

This is a time where Kpop fans can truly show what Kpop-family is. An idol neglected by the agency he’s signed to, where he has been for 9 years (which may I add, is before older groups like 2NE1, F(x), 4MINUTE, BEAST and SHINee even debuted. In fact, SNSD debuted the same year he debuted at SM).
Can we all just agree to help him out? Whether it is him wanting to leave SM, or him wanting to release his music.

“I…only have my fans left. If you see this message, please speak for me. My agency doesn’t listen to me.”

Let’s speak for him.