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Elvis Duran said that he heard Harry's single and it will be played on radio on April 7th. So should we believe it or not? Cause I don't want to get my hopes up but fucksjaiizia

I have no idea. That’s two weeks from today, so I guess we’ll see what happens between now and then. 



Finished! ;w; Gosh, I actually finished it on time. I know I may have messed up a few things here and there but I hope you like it! ;w;

Rey, ever since I came across your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people agreed with me on that . Each time I see a post of yours, I get so happy. From a simple reblog to seeing your both fanart or original artwork, I enjoy seeing them ^-^ (I know I’ve said it multiple times before but still, sorry about the spam -w-;;)

I know I may seem like any other person that follows your blog but I just wanna say it has been nice seeing you on here! Happy tumblr anniversary ;)

i woke up to find our last conversation playing on a loop
i can’t sleep without hearing your voice
without wishing to relive that day just to change what happened
without missing what we had
without missing you
as i finally start to drift off to sleep again
i tell myself
that even if we are nothing now
it was an honor
a privilege
to have meant something
to you at one point.
—  3 AM
(cc, 2017)

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If it's as Mr Sugden that Aaron is his bravest and best, then it's as Mr Dingle that Robert can finally let his guard down. Be vulnerable and exposed. He's never so soft as when he's with Aaron and Liv. Thinking about the cocky bastard that came back to us in 2014, that's quite the turn around. And Robert seems older too now. Weary in some ways, but also 10k x more relatable and human.

what are you all doing to me