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Minuscule-Goblin’s Beloved yet Totally Underrated Band: Lyrics Not in English Edition

If you’re looking to expose yourself to languages other than English through amazing music, I’ve got six suggestions that will make you weak at the knees.



Folk/Viking metal from the Netherlands. Sing about history and Germanic mythology. Known for their heavy riffs and shiver-inducing harmonies from their two full-time singers. 

Language: Dutch

Listen to: “Winter Woede,” “Drankgelag,” “Vulgaris Magistralis,” and “Ostara.” 


Thrash metal with folk influences from Estonia. Enjoy lyrical themes such as nature, war, and mythology, sung expertly by a gravelly man and man with a voice so deep the human ear can barely register it. Big fans of alliterations.

Language: Estonian

Listen to: “Mullast,” “Muhu Õud,” “Pummelung,” and “Äio.”


Proggy, trashy, heavy metal from Finland. Though mostly beloved for their antics, their socially-conscious lyrics and catchy tunes make them a must-listen. Boasts some excellent guitar playing. 

Language: Finnish

Listen to: “Dynamo,” “Vihaa,” “Meidänkaltaisillemme,” and “Väkivaltakunta.”


Melodic death metal from Germany and one of many bands with the same name. Probably the best-known band of the list. Their singer growls about vikings and mythology. Vehemently anti-nazi and anti-fascism. 

Language: German

Listen to: “Guten Tag,” “Achtung,” “Rotkäppchen 2015,” and “Invictus.” 


Metal band from Hungary featuring multi-instrumentalist Leander Köteles at its helm. Complicated bass lines, furious drumming, strident guitars, and the right balance between clean and harsh vocals await. 

Language: Hungarian

Listen to: “Híd,” “Szeresd Bennem,” “Madár,” and “Valami Folyjon.”


Folkish metal from Latvia. Enjoying exposing the rest of the world to the unknown Latvian mythology. Some beautiful harmonies that will make you feel like you’re sailing to the west with a horde of vikings. Also, bagpipes. Don’t let the English song titles fool you.

Language: Latvian

Listen to: “Son of the Mare,” “Long I Heard, Now I See,” “Two Brothers,” and “The Devil Slayer.”