lattes and croissants

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lovely evening with acorn coffee                                                       #coffee time

anonymous asked:

hey!! i'm going to be working on a clinical research project at harvard med over the summer and i was wondering if you could give me some places to check out while i'm up there? thank you!!

Of course! 


  • Definitely walk down Newbury Street and pop into the shops (getting an ice cream from Amorino is a must)
  • Walk through Boston Common
  • Go shopping at the Prudential Mall
  • Go to a red sox game
  • Take a trip to the North End and have dinner there, after dinner get a dessert from Mikes Pastry’s, Bova’s Bakery or a gelato/espresso from Cafe Vittoria


  • Red Lantern- my favorite restaurant, it has a great night atmosphere
  • Sonsie- amazing brunch 
  • Tatte Bakery & Cafe- perfect for a latte and homemade croissant
  • Bentavento’s- amazing italian restaurant
  • Top of The Hub- definitely worth going to for the view of the whole city at night time
  • Flour Bakery- perfect for a quick bite
  • Jugos- acai bowls. amazing 
  • Whole Heart Provisions- super healthy & vegan
  • Sweetgreen- always have to go when there’s one around

hope this helps!! xx Have an amazing time!

Have you ever been in such an amazing mood that you are sure no one will be able to ruin? The feeling of floating without the fear of falling? I got to sleep in this morning, a fresh cup of chai latte with a warm croissant for breakfast, hair came out fabulous, make up on point and side walks salted properly so heels can adorn my feet! Life was amazing this morning until I walked in to my salon and found a bouquet of roses. Yes, that should be exciting but the card was less than stellar. Why do stalkers exist?! And how is it legal for them to take photos of people without their consent?