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Why spend so much time trying to tear the Mormon church down instead of trying to build your own life?

My life is already built up, thank you, in part by overcoming my LDS upbringing. When I travel a road and come across danger I find it important to warn others lest they hit the danger also. I’m not tearing anything down because there is nothing there of substance. If the LDS beliefs are damaged by truth, facts and investigation from any source than so be it, it deserves it. It would be dishonest of me knowing what I know to keep it secret from others to save their feelings, knowing it could help them.

Thanks anon

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Wtf is Kolob? That song is nice but I've never understood it and I regret memorizing most of the hymnal and children's songbook when I was younger because I still get random shitty gospel music stuck in my head all time. It's frustrating and little kids don't know better than believing what their parents indoctrinate them into.

Kolob is the mythical place Mormons believe God lives. It could be a star or a planet, no one knows for sure. The name came to be when Joseph claimed to translate the papyri. We now know Joseph fabricated it because Egyptologists have translated the papyri of their true meaning of funerary texts with several different Gods on them, none of which are Elohim on Kolob.

I haven’t been to a service in decades and I still get those stuck in my head :(

Exmormon communities

One thing that seems to be missing when we leave the LDS faith is that sense of community. We tend to feel all alone in our thinking but that is not the case at all. Remember 2/3rd of the 15 million the LDS Church counts as members are former members otherwise known as exmormons.

A few of the larger exmormon internet communities