I have to formally resign from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I finished reading The Sins of Brother Curtis at lunch today.

This was a painful and horrifying revelation to me about the lengths the corporation of the Mormon church goes to in order to protect it’s financial and legal assets from child sex abuse cases.

The book is just one story of one man who, with help from local Mormon leaders in every ward, was allowed constant and unsupervised access to children, while those same leaders had knowledge of previous abuse from this man.

I’ve had a lot of problems with the church, pretty much my whole life. I’ve never agreed with the church stance on many political items. And while I really enjoyed a lot of my youth in the church, I’ve had to live through the fact that childhood left me woefully unprepared for life in the real world.

I was not going to formally resign for my family’s sake. But now that I know what the church has done, what lengths its gone to, to protect its protection of child molesters, I cannot keep my name on the record of so heinous an organization.

I don’t care what good the church has done. None of that can help the, perhaps hundreds, of abuse survivors who might have been saved from that abuse, had those Mormon leaders put the well-being of children before the reputation of the church.

This is going to cause a lot of heartbreak in my family. But I can’t be silent anymore.

My heart is broken. While I disagreed politically with the church, I still thought that at least it did good in the world.

Now I know it doesn’t. And it breaks my heart that all the good people I know who are in the church have no idea that all their tithing money is going to defend the church corporation from having to answer for their evil actions.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, what's the best way to activate a sigil? Some say it's by burning/tearing it and others say by keeping somewhere hidden and even keeping in sight so your subconscious will work on it. I'm lost.

There are so many ways to activate sigils. It’s a lot of personal preference, as well as, to me, correlation to the intent. So, let me give you an example of the latter. A sigil to help rid you of a habit might best be ripped up and thrown away - like you are physically ridding yourself of the habit. Symbolism. *sparkly stars everywhere* Or a sigil for more energy charged in the sunlight, or, ironically, from exercise. A sigil to attract a sexual partner charged with masturbation. Okay I’m done with those now. 

Besides that, it’s a matter of how you want to charge it, or a method you think suits best, or you are connected with. For the connection thing, you would need to experiment and try a bunch of different methods, and see which works best for you in what scenario. The best thing is, if you try a method and it doesn’t work, you can just recharge the sigil with another method. Whether you choose to destroy the first and make a fresh clean copy for the new charge, or cleanse the first copy to hold other energies, or just layer them, it’s up to you.

There’s a lot of back and forth about the forgetting / destruction stuff, whether it NEEDS TO or not, and I actually have something to say about that in a separate post I think. It was meant to be in the sigil book, but I think I’ll just post what I have written there, in my blog. Long story short, those are just a few ways of many endless ways you can charge sigils. They both have their place, their applications, and their uses, but they are not the end all be all of sigil charging. If you don’t like either of those methods, don’t use them. I’ve never forgotten a sigil, or destroyed one (to activate it), in my career as a witch. 

So, “best” in this case is super subjective for a lot of different reasons.

@sigilathenaeum did an amazing job creating a [Charging Methods] post for sigils - it’s not complete, by far, because there are so many ways to do this, and people think of new ones every day, but it is an amazing place to start. My rule of thumb, as well is, anything that generates any kind of energy can be channeled to charge a sigil.

I also made some individual posts about charging sigils that was meant to be a larger post series but I got lazy and lost internet and yeah I forgot about it. I’ll compile a list of general ideas that I have to charge sigils with, and include those links in there:

  • dance and physical exercise
         - you can also focus on the blood flow within the body at pulse points         if you decide to want to draw sigils on yourself
  • music
         - playing music or singing at a sigil
  • [sex, orgasm and semen] *
  • [blood and pain] *
  • the elements (air, fire, water, earth)
         - @pomegranateandivy actually has an amazing post about sigil                 charging with methods like that [here]
  • moonlight
  • [sunlight]
  • planets and stars
  • destruction
  • food and eating
  • basic energy work (using your own energies)
  • electronics and technology

* These are obviously only to be done if it something you are comfortable doing so, as well as in a safe, “sanitary” way. Seriously. I mean it.

So yeah, there you have it! I hope that gives you some ideas, answers your question, whatnot. I tend to go overboard sometimes with my answers… Good luck anon!