Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes 🎃☕️

1 ¼ cup pumpkin purée (or canned pumpkin) but it’s so easy to do (steam and mash !)
1 cup sugar (preferably coconut sugar)
½ cup coconut oil
1 ½ cup flour
2 Tsp baking powder
3 Tsp pumpkin spice (cinnamon, ginger nutmeg, all spice)
4 Tbsp water
¼ expresso shot
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a cupcake tray with 12 cupcake liners. In a bowl mix the pumpkin purée, the sugar and the oil. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well until everything is incorporated. Divide the batter between the cupcake liners and place the tray in the oven. Bake for 20/25 minutes or until done. Let the cupcake cool down and remove from the pan.
Honestly they taste exactly like Starbucks PSL 🙌

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  1. whatever book I am reading
  2. tissues
  3. wallet
  4. water bottle
  5. sanitizer 

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. BOOKS
  2. various cat stuff
  3. candles
  4. fairy lights
  5. comfy pillows

Five things I’ve always wanted to do

  1. have enough money so I will not thing about every pound/euro I spend
  2. go to every capital in EU.
  3. travel on my own
  4. work as a forensic psychologist
  5. give money to charity

Five things that make me feel happy (i am just putting things here aka not people, pets etc. it’s up to you though)

  1. chai tea latte. cupcakes
  2. a good book & libraries. SMELL OF BOOKS
  3. a good show or movie
  4. a glass of whiskey and RP
  5. comfy bed, nice view, reading or being on my laptop

Five things I’m currently into

  2. reading
  3. online courses
  4. going to the cinema

Five things on my to-do list

  1. finish philosophy course, start another course
  2. find a way to have my cat here
  3. manage my money better
  5. just chill and enjoy the experience

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Coffee & Tea >> Xiumin

The idea is fresh and new, so I hope that you will like it guys 


His happiness was his customer’s happiness. When he saw their smiles while drinking his coffee, he always felt completed.

Customers came in and out almost every minute. They came in with a smile over their faces to have their favorite drinks or favorite desert. Xiumin enjoyed watching them having fun while drinking his coffee that he especially prepared for them.

The first time he decided to open the cafe, he wanted to see the happy face of a tired person after a long day, finally having his cup of coffee with a little break. He enjoyed making everyone happy. He wanted to spread the love that coffee can give. However…

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Famous!Kurt fic recs

The perfect follow-up to the famous!Blaine fics is a list of famous!Kurt fics :-)

Fanfare, by @chatterboxrose.

When Blaine is bullied in high school for being gay, he takes courage in the fact that his idol Kurt Hummel is openly gay. And then, of course, they meet, and it’s magic :-)

War of the Words, by @arainymonday.

Both Kurt and Blaine are famous online book reviewers, and they don’t share the same views (to put it mildly). Only, when they meet, one day, their chemistry is off the charts …

Not Like the Movies, by @unchainmylove (knightlycat).

Kurt is a famous film star with a stalker, Blaine is hired as his body guard and posing as his boyfriend so as not to raise suspicion. This story is so beautifully written! Your heart aches for Blaine, who’s kind of love-starved, and you root for the both of them to get together from the very start.

No Regrets, Just Love, by xBleedingBlackRosex.

Kurt is a famous fashion designer, Blaine is a singer/songwriter. They prove to be soulmates, and this is about their first meeting. Short but sweet. Unfortunately removed from ff dot net by the author :-( Anyone who knows her and could persuade her to post her stories again?

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about the Legends crew and coffee?

Friend, I have headcanons about the Legends crew and most things. And for some reason coffee has already come up a lot in my LoT headcanons discussions w/ other people, so I have a lot to work with here. Yay!

  • Pre-coffee Martin Stein is to be avoided at all costs. (Ask Jax.) The older he gets the more cups he needs to be a functional human being, and right now it’s about 3. 
  • Kendra, who was a barista two months ago, still really likes making impractically complicated drinks just for fun, so she always convinces Time Dad to let her get fancy syrups and flavorings and stuff when they go grocery shopping. If you need, like, a chocolate cupcake latte with a pink raspberry twist and sprinkles, she’s your girl.
  • Sara doesn’t need coffee to function (unless she has a hangover), but she’ll take a cup if it’s around. She’s one of those people who keeps adding creamer until what she’s drinking is only about 15% coffee.
  • Sometimes Sara and Kendra will have cute girls nights when they’re done trying to recreationally murder each other and Kendra will whip up cute “girly” drinks for them with mountains of whipped cream on top.
  • Mick has exactly zero standards for his coffee and drinks it pitch black. Whenever he makes the morning pot it comes out tasting like actual dirt, so the rest of the crew goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure Mick never makes the first pot.
  • Ray adores coffee and drinks a frankly alarming amount. He doesn’t need it to function in the morning (of course he’s a morning person), but he regularly goes a few days without sleep, fueled by nothing but determination and caffeine. (Stein did the same when he was younger, and he begrudgingly acknowledges that’s something he and Ray have in common.) 
  • Of everyone one the ship Ray probably makes the best pot of straight-up no frills coffee. Kendra and Time Dad are tied for second.
  • Snart’s doesn’t have any strong feelings about coffee, but usually substitutes it for an actual breakfast.
  • Jax doesn’t drink coffee. When he needs caffeine he gets it from sketchy energy drinks that come in cans with skulls on them, which is a terrible habit he picked up in high school that Stein gives him a lot of shit about.
  • Time Dad isn’t totally reliant of his coffee but his mood gets noticeably better after he’s had a cup, and if he has to go without he might be a little more short-tempered and disorganized than usual. He likes drinking it while he reads the newspaper in the morning. (What newspaper is it? What time is it from? Where does he get it? The crew has no idea.)

sagasimon  asked:

Hey :) if you're still taking prompts then maybe you can indulge me? I'm so in the mood for Derek being/becoming a deputy for the sheriff and being jealous of Parrish when him and Stiles and him start becoming close ;) Thanks <3333

Oh man I LOVE Deputy!Derek. Enjoy, love! :)

When Derek finally accepts the position of deputy (Sheriff insisted they do it all official with him going to police academy training and all that, so it took a while, even though he’d unofficially been helping out for months before that), he thinks it’ll be a piece of cake. It’s not like it should be any different from what he was doing before when he was a “consultant” to them. The only difference is that he’ll get paid regularly and wear a uniform. Not a problem.

He just didn’t take into consideration the fact that it would mean a lot of paperwork, and downtime, and sitting in the sheriff’s department noticing and staring at who comes in all the time and who they interact with, and who they sit and talk with, and who they bring things to like cupcakes and lattes and cookies and… LUNCH.

Stiles fucking brought Deputy Parrish lunch???

He’s never brought Derek anything, and he thought they were at least friends. Ok, so that’s not quite true, Stiles has brought Derek things but it was more like he had accidentally was given an extra sandwich when he was picking up dinner for his dad and Derek was there and hadn’t eaten yet, or he had brought cookies for everyone and passed them out to the deputies, Derek included.

But this? This is not that. Stiles is bringing things just for Deputy Parrish, and Derek… ok so he can admit it, he’s jealous.

He thought maybe that after years of knowing each other would have meant something, and maybe he had entertained the idea of Stiles coming back home to live after graduating college that they could maybe get to know each other better. He perhaps even thought that him working with a stable job for his dad might have impressed Stiles, but… apparently not.

And what does Deputy Jordan Parrish have that Derek, doesn’t? I mean his name is dumb and it’s quite obvious he can’t grow a manly beard. Ok so he’s some weird supernatural creature too, but like WEREWOLF. That’s gotta be cooler than whatever the hell Parrish is.

But… maybe that’s it. Werewolves aren’t cool anymore. Stiles has become disenchanted with them after all these years, and he’s infatuated with this new thing Parrish is. He knows Stiles; he knows how obsessive he gets about these kinds of things, researching everything out, and Derek guesses that this time all of Stiles’s research has led to him falling for Parrish.

That’s fine. It is. It’s not like Parrish is a bad guy. He’s always been very nice and friendly to Derek, and really compared to some of the other deputies, Derek likes Jordan the best. He’s funny and always calm in intense, panic-filled situations, and he’s smart. No wonder Stiles likes him. How could Derek even hope to compare? Stiles deserves so much better, and Parrish is that. He’s–

“Uh, hello? Derek? You there?” Stiles asks waving his hand in front of Derek’s face.

Derek shakes his head to focus back, sitting up from his desk to frown at Stiles. “What?” he says, and it comes out more gruff than he meant it.

Stiles chuckles and mutters, “Man that must have been some great daydream,” before he smiles and holds up the bag in his hand. “I asked if you wanted to have lunch with me. I got your favorite, no pickles, I remembered. But… if you’re too busy, it’s cool.”

“Wait, you got lunch for me? But I saw you with Parrish…”

“Oh, yeah, I had to ask him a couple things before I forgot them. You looked kind of busy so I asked him first before I came over.”

Derek’s ears redden and his cheeks flush with embarrassment and maybe even a little excitement. “You brought me lunch so we could eat together?”

Stiles rubs the back of his neck, his own cheeks turning a nice pink. “Well, yeah. I thought maybe we could go outside? It’s nice out… and I don’t have anywhere I need to be and we haven’t really talked just us in a while, so I thought…”

“Yes, of course. Let me just make sure someone’s covering the phones.”

“Oh, I already told Jordan to do that. He said he’s got it.” Stiles thumbs over his shoulder, and Derek tilts his head to see Jordan giving him two thumbs up and a wide grin.

Derek chuckles, “Okay. Yeah, let’s go.” He follows Stiles out of the station to the picnic tables nearby. When Stiles makes an excuse that there’s bird poop on the bench on the other side, Derek doesn’t question it or tease him for the lie it is because it means they spend their lunch pressed up right next to each other.

And Derek doesn’t mind that one bit.

Meet Me?

Pairing: Jongkey (ft. gross otaku taekai)
Rated:PG-15 (for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Part ½(?)
❤ Sequel to THIS and THIS (i changed the second part a lil bit but whatever~)

Kibum was anxious. This day would be different from any other meeting he had ever had. No one was going to study him and judge whether he would look better in this or that, nor would anyone tell him which direction to look at or where his hands should be. No, this meeting was for a very special person, and for that reason, it left a different feeling than all the other times he was nervous. He felt nauseous, dizzy, jumpy, and his heart felt like it was trying to run away from him. He was anxious because today, he would be meeting the man he had come to like – to crush on, even – a porn blogger named Kim Jonghyun, who couldn’t wait to meet the model for their date.

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anonymous asked:

Okay but we seriously need you to rewrite the S movie. Just cut out Space Prick, but keep the villain and the freeze-the-earth plot, and have Luna get some sympathetic character development instead of a tired romantic subplot. Who knows, maybe she and Artemis *remember* the villain from the Silver Millenium! Or, just, lattes and cupcakes, or anything at all really. ANYTHING EXCEPT SPACE PRICK

I assume you mean rewrite it as something other than a fever dream?

I’m going to tell you up front that if I were doing an S movie rewrite, it would not in any capacity be a movie about the cats. Not so much a rewrite as “throw this thing in the garbage and start over”.

We can keep the opening. THAT IS ABOUT IT

I disliked pretty much everything about the S Movie, but one of those things was the fact that it had no ties at all to the season it was about. Not that any of them are tightly interwoven with continuity, but R and SuperS do at least fit thematically. With S being arguably the strongest season overall, I think it’s a crime that its movie was not only so disconnected from it, but such a weak and poorly executed stand-alone story.

One of the strongest themes in the S season is the value of life, so I’d make that the central idea of the movie. I’d want to use this branch-off to explore the larger ideas of morality that are relevant to its season. In that vein, an important element for my take on the movie would be to not “pick sides”. That’s not an easy thing to do, necessarily, as I’m trying to think of this as a movie that would adhere to the overall style of the show, and that usually leads to Usagi’s way being “the right way”. But the show does on occasion suggest willingness to test those ideas, so I think I could pull it off.

So yeah, I’d want to create a story that explored both the Inners and the Outers viewpoints, without definitively coming out in favour of either. They’re both right and they’re both wrong, and it’s hard.

In keeping with the other movies, this wouldn’t tie directly to its season, so it won’t specifically be about Talismans or Messiahs. The Outers will have their Talismans though, so everything about that arc can inform the characters, and we can maybe in the beginning of the movie have Hotaru and Chibs having a sleep-over or something. HOTARU GETS TO AT LEAST APPEAR IN A MOVIE.

We’d need a new enemy then. Perhaps it’s one Haruka and Michiru recognize and have dealt (or failed to deal with) before.

That could lead well into something I’d like to incorporate into the movie, and could in fact help set up the general structure: an on-going story within the story of an early mission/adventure for Haruka and Michiru. Maybe this returning (and much more powerful) enemy is one they encountered before. Maybe they were lenient. Maybe they were merciful. Maybe they were just distracted and the enemy got away because they weren’t decisive enough. Whatever the reason, innocent people are hurt and the world is in danger and it’s “their fault”.

I’ve been tossing the specifics of what’s going for about an hour, and I still haven’t hit something that perfectly fits. I’m not at my creative best at the moment, and I’m not completely happy with this. Still, the Ask isn’t going to finish itself, so consider this just general brainstorming.

The movies don’t mind borrowing ideas from its season, so I’m leaning toward the enemy taking on a personal level when its able to “possess” or “infect” people. I turned over a lot of possibilities on that idea. One of my favourites saw Usagi and Michiru as the only two left and having to face down their loved ones. As I think the strongest embodiments of their respective philosophies, they have by far the best standpoints to stay on theme. But not only do I feel 110 and the SuperS Special set the standards for Michiru on this, it also felt too much like the story declaring itself for “Usagi’s side” and not enough Michiru’s, so not what I’m looking to do.

Instead then – and I think this has potential to be interesting in and of itself – I think I’d have USAGI as the one who is “possessed”. She becomes the new face of the enemy. This leaves the Inners and the Outers both with a personal stake, and having to figure out what the fuck to do about it.

I think the real strength of Usagi’s ideals will be in how well they persist without her. The Inners are threatening to fracture over this. Protecting Usagi from a threat to her is clean and simple, particularly because that will also include “protect the Earth” as a package deal. But if Usagi IS the threat, what do you do? And what matters most? Protecting her body, or protecting the spirit of her? And does that mean believing in her methods or striving for her results?

The Outers don’t have it any easier. It’s much simpler to say “THE MISSION at all costs” when the cost will be innocent, but unknown, blood on your hands. Beyond whatever personal attachments, the fact remains that Usagi is the Princess. What kind of chance does the world have without her? Can they afford to rush in and take action? But can they afford to wait?

We’ll get a happy ending, of course. THERE’S TWO AND A HALF SEASONS TO GO. The Inners and Outers unite against Usagi and are able to reach her and give her the strength to free herself. But getting to that point will be the interesting part. Who sides with who? Could Mako ever side against Usagi? Could Ami accept the unspeakable loss of life if they allow their judgement to be clouded? Where are the lines of duty for Minako, and will she cross them? Will Rei’s belief in Usagi make her certain they can reach her, or will she make the hard choices and protect Usagi and what she loves from herself? Will Haruka, who’s already tested her conviction and is coping with the guilt that it won, cast aside THE MISSION? If the world is doomed either way, will Michiru embrace it now with a clear conscience, or bear the weight to keep fighting?

Will they fight each other? PROBABLY BECAUSE THAT’D BE AWESOME

But in the end, both “sides” come away with the knowledge that there really was no right or wrong, there were only the lines they drew for themselves.