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rp recs?

well, i just got accepted into @immoralrpg and i’m so excited to get started, so they’re a highkey rec. that’s the only rp i’m in right now, but as for rps that just look super good, i’d say @suspiriarpg and @orphic-hq seem really neat and if i wasn’t hella busy, i’d probably join. oh yeah and, like being a white chick that loves pumpkin spice lattes, i’m gonna join the masses and rec @furtherhq to everyone. my sweet baby max is working on revamping his shadowhunters rp, but i don’t wanna rec that until he’s ready bc that feels a little like pulling back the curtain while he’s half dressed but i’ll def promo that when it’s up.

A Whole Latte Love

Muse A is a supervisor in a small coffee shop with few employees. The shop is personable, and the employees know the regulars well, and would often have their drinks made by the time the customers would enter the shop.

Muse B is a teen in need of a summer job, who applies for a job at the shop. Needing the help, Muse A calls them for an interview, and they hit it off right away. With Muse B hired, Muse A is tasked with training them in.

After a few shifts alone together, Muse A and Muse B bond significantly during training. Muse B is clever and figures things out quickly, and Muse A is gentle and patient, making Muse B drinks and giving them advice.

Even after the training shifts are finished, Muse A and Muse B have several shifts together, and tend to work the same hours. Since both are some of the few employees who are willing to work closes, they both find themselves in an empty shop, talking and cleaning to keep themselves busy. 

In time, a romantic bond forms, but company policy bans a relationship between a supervisor and a lower-ranking employee spending time together outside of work or forming a romantic relationship. 

Will Muse A risk their job to be with Muse B? Sneaking kisses in the parking lot after closing and trying to suppress their feelings when other employees are around? Or will there be lingering feelings left unacted upon?

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( maia mitchell / 22 / she,her ) is that ( celeste lebeau  ) ordering a ( maple pecan latte ) at mocha? i heard they’re a ( live in nanny ) who’s known as the ( dreamer ) around here. however, they say ( celeste ) is very ( calm ), but ( naive ). well, better get their drink before it gets cold! ( r / 20 / she,her / cst )

˗ˏˋ A C C E P T E D ˎˊ˗  welcome to mocha, celeste lebeau, we hope you enjoy your maple pecan latte. please come & grab your order within twelve hours, or else your role will be reopened !!

Sea Salt and Lattes || Closed RP with Twilightsheartbreak


Walking into the coffee shop she ordered her drink as usual. Grabbing the latte she watched the barista behind the counter, he seemed frazzled. Probably because it was a lunch rush and the crowd was ever impatient with the blond boy. A slight smile played across her lips as she tucked a five dollar bill into the tip jar on the counter. 

Sipping on her drink she sat down at a table in the far corner with her sketch book. She had maybe, thirty minutes before her shift at the shoppe started. Setting an alarm for ten minutes prior to her shift, because knowing herself she’d start drawing and then promptly lose track of time, she set to work. 

Glancing up a few times she studied the boy behind the counter, sketching him working. It wasn’t creepy, after all it was just figure study. If anything it would make her portfolio look better to art schools. And it wasn’t like he’d ever know about it. Tucking her hair behind her ear she was almost half way done when the timer went off. Closing her sketch book she tucked it into her bag along with her phone and got up. Chugging down the rest of her latte before making her way through the crowd to head to the ice cream shoppe across the food court. 

A Latte like Coffee


“Okay,” Vie told herself, mostly because there was no one else to tell her things will be fine. She removed a flyer folded and unfolded so many times from one of the books she was returning. Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop was holding a promo for Valentines Day: buy a cup of tea or coffee, get the another one for your date free. Last night she already decided she will ask Cormac out but now her resolve was wavering again. Nobody dies of hearing no for an answer, right? 

She muttered a few lines as she put the books (1 out of 3 read)  back to their shelves, trying to find which one sound right. “I would like to invite you out for coffee.” Too formal. “You should have coffee with me.” Imposing. “Madam Puddifoot’s holding a Valentines promo. I was wondering if you might wanna have coffee there with me tomorrow?” That’s decent…