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The truth is I never used to drink coffee and now it’s become so engrained into my identity I’ve almost forgotten where it started.

May, when my heart had been tugged through broken tv and the person watching the program was there to view my limbs being pulled out of the static. 

You appear and we make instant coffee in a cramped hotel room. I think this is when we bonded over styrofoam cups and deep brown eyes and eyelash curlers and I think about how when I saw you again I thought you had grown into yourself more than when we met.

And from then on it’s always us and coffee cups. Every single morning across the table or tangled on the couch or at 10 pm under gazebo lights. Decaf, black, coconut creamers, lattes, cold brew, every single caffeinated beverage you can dream up we would always have together.  

Every sip I take now always tastes bitter, no matter how much cream or sugar I add I cannot help but find you in the bottom of the mug staring back at me. So I don’t finish mine in the mornings. It’s not the same without you. It’s not the same if I’m not bouncing like a little kid on your bottom bunk telling you there’s coffee in the kitchen and you pull me into your blankets like it’s your safety net, like I’m your safety net, asking for five more minutes. Everything smells like sunrise and softness.

So now I drink coffee alone. I wake up alone. Everything smells like dust and I get out of bed easily because it’s colder without you. Sometimes I think I was suppose to spend every morning with you. Sometimes I think this and then I remember you don’t remember the things I do.

And I pour the rest down the drain.

—  caffeine is an addiction you know


coconut milk white chocolate matcha latte, for late night conversations with friends…. and morning conversations….. and afternoon conversations………… for 24 hr mind melds with Runner Five. 🍵🎧

this is purely for me to remember some things that happened at ClexaCon.

I got a hug from Sarah Shahi.
Ali Liebert winked at me and asked me to walk with her across the main floor.
Natasha Negovanlis used my chapstick.
Elise Bauman kept pulling me into hugs.
Shared first time getting drunk stories with Elise. I had a good experience, Elise not so much.
Rachel Skarsten knows about the 5 love languages and we speak the same ones.
Also, Rachel’s Starbucks order is a soy latte in Canada, but in the U.S. she gets coconut milk lattes.
Rachel didn’t want to go to the cocktail party on Saturday, but she had to so I teased her about it. So she jokingly pushed me and told me to shut up (with a smile).
Mandy Musgrave asked me if I wanted a selfie and thinks all volunteers should get free autographs/photos.
Gabrielle Christian went to a wedding last year near my workplace.
Kat Barrell is gorgeous in person. Like she has the prettiest eyes. and she is tall.
Dominique Provost-Chalkley is so friendly and pretty and her accent gets to you.
I told her I’ll see her at DragonCon and she said she can’t wait.
Emily Andras autograph table was right next to the bar, so people kept buying her drinks.
I went for a high five with Emily, but she pulled me into a hug instead.
As the WayHaught trio was leaving autographs on Friday, Kat wanted to buy a drink. So Emily yelled out to the crowd, “Kat Barrell wants a drink! Buy her one!” But in the end Emily bought the beer for Kat.
(I’m sure more things happened and I just can’t remember)
I love volunteering.

Judge My Drink: Ristretto Edition

Judge my drink: double macchiato with a little honey - and I mean a real macchiato, not that Starbucks bullshit.

You’re the person no one wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner.

Judge my drink: venti iced green tea, sweetened beyond capacity

You think people are impressed that you can handle such a sweet drink. Which is wrong but also a weird thing to hedge your self worth on.

Judge my drink! Decaf triple shot espresso con panna with extra whip, cinnamon dolce syrup and mocha and caramel syrups on top :-)

You try really hard to look cool at the coffeeshop and hope desperately that the cute barista doesn’t notice when your mom comes to pick you up.

*Judge my drink* A tall light ice coconut milk latte. Two times a day, no matter how cold it gets.

You also wear khaki shorts and Birkenstocks year round and make sure everyone understands just how much colder it was that winter you spent “finding yourself” in Alaska.  

Judge my drink pls, venti cold brew 6 pumps raspberry with whole milk

You’re one of those assholes that puts french fries in your milkshakes, arent you?


I picked both a hot and iced drink for a few characters and had too much fun. I might do it for the rest of the Strexes/peoples OCs too


Cecil: Black coffee with 1 sweet n’ low; Black iced tea, no sweetener

Carlos: 3 shot caramel macchiato; Caramel frappucino, extra caramel

Kevin: Tiramisu latte, extra whipped cream, extra syrup; Orange creamsicle frappucino

Gabriel: Decaf caramel flan latte, non fat milk, light syrup; Passion tea lemonade, unsweetened

Dana: Vanilla latte; Iced coffee with coconut milk and sweetener

Diego: 6 shot americano, 1 inch steamed whole milk at 180 degrees, 3 raw sugars; Coffee frappucino, no base syrup, light ice, protein powder added

Josie: Earl gray tea with two honeys; Vanilla chai with soy

Tamika: English breakfast tea with one Splenda; Green tea frappucino with light sweetener

Earl: Blonde roast with 1 pump toffee nut; Half green tea half golden ginger ale, fizzed, 1 pump peach, one pump raspberry

Steve: Hot chocolate, extra whipped cream; Vanilla bean frappucino (him and Janice share and she doesn’t like coffee)

Marcus: 5 shot raspberry white chocolate mocha; 30oz Java chip cookie frappucino in a personal (solid gold) cup

Jake: 3 shot espresso; Iced americano


The DJ, fitness expert, and beauty lover dishes on CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling perfectly rested and peppy? While sure, sometimes we feel that way (like on a tropical vacation), the truth is, it’s a rare day we can get out of bed without a loud alarm, a coconut milk latte, and a feeling of deep regret for staying up way too late on Instagram. Enter: CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream. This orange tube of magic is filled with a hydrating, brightening, peptide-packed formula to help you get wide awake, stat. Busy girls, consider this eye cream your new BFF. At the product’s launch—a morning rave, natch— we caught up with DJ, fitness expert, and total girl crush Hannah Bronfman to hear her take on eye cream, morning mantras, and more. 


Can you describe Pep-Start to me in your own words?

“It is a really great texture. It illuminates so it gives you a little bit of a pop, while also not drawing attention to the bad parts of undereye circles.”

How does it make you feel when you put it on?

“Refreshed and ready.”

Do you remember when you started getting into eye creams?

“Yeah—it’s been a recent thing. I’ve probably just gotten into eye cream in maybe the last two years. As I learn more and more about skincare and preventative skincare, I started really getting into eye cream. It’s not necessarily because I have crow’s feet now, but preventing that is something that I am really trying to do, actively, because I feel like it really does matter what you do now in the long term.”

How do you survive the morning? Do you have any essentials?

“I like to start the morning off with a hot cup of matcha and a great playlist in my house. I love to put on music when I first wake up. I think it can really set the tone of your day.”

What’s the vibe of your music like? Is it upbeat or low-key?

“Every day is different. Some days I’m in the mood for a really mellow morning, some days I’m really into an energetic, hip-hop morning. I think it just depends on the mood in which I’ve woken up.”

Are you more of a night or day person?

“I think both, to be honest. I love utilizing day hours and I love having fun at night and setting up maybe a dinner party—I love the idea of entertaining in the evening. But I do love to really have a full day and feel like I got a lot accomplished in my day.”

Do you have a mantra or something you tell yourself to pump yourself up for the day or a party?

“Well, my mantra for the day and my mantra for a party are very different. My mantra for the day is ‘Mind right body tight.’ And that usually helps me get ready for a workout, to really start to feel and hone in on my intentions for the day. And for a party, I always just—it’s not necessarily a mantra—but I always just think to myself, ‘Go in with an open mind, you never know who you’ll meet tonight—don’t worry about anything except having fun.’”


Spaces - Chapter 1

Excerpt“Welcome to Jo’s Joe!” A cheery greeting warmed Harry as he scanned the perimeter. Decorated in earthy greens and yellows, the shop had an inviting air to it. Behind the counter was a young woman who leaned forward on her elbows, a pale pink apron adorning her torso and a name-tag with illegible handwriting. Her hair was a mess of a bun upon her head, stray pieces of her wavy hair falling every which way, framing her rosy cheeks. The lips that greeted him were plump and pink and curved into a friendly smile. “Care to try an almond coconut latte? I just learned how to make them and I think they’re absolutely fabulous.”

Pairing: Harry Styles + OFC

Rating: There’s smut to come. Mild smut for now.

Word Count: 2,067

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