Someone ordered a Mocha Latte ? 

sooo here are my 4/20 meme boiz!!! A Latte for @sadhoodieboy, my pair for the @vldshipexchange !! An unholy amout of puns is concentrated here ! Gotta find them all, punemall!

+Little bonus 

anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore that Latte art!! It’s my fave underrated ship and you made it look so soft and cute. Got any headcannons for their relationship?

thank you!! oh yes, i have a few:

  • first: jokes all over. and pranks. that’s a first
  • before a battle, they like to make out for a long time. that’s their version of the ‘good luck kiss’. everyone is already on their lions calling out for lance, and there’s no sign of him
  • ‘sorry! matt won’t let me go’ ‘you bet i won’t’
  • lance hates that matt is taller and - most of the times - better than him at videogames
  • when matt beats him, he can’t stay mad too long tho. matt has the best happy puppy face and he smiles so big when they’re playing that-
  • they love training together. at first matt thinks he should go easy on lance, but when he sees how good lance actually is, he’s like ??? my boyfriend is amazing what the hell
  • they love to tease each other. when lance is mad at matt he calls him rebel. and when matt mad at lance, he calls him mister paladin as a mockery. and their reasons to be mad are always….. well
  • ‘hey. you. rebel. would you please stop growing. stop getting taller omg. i can’t even hear what you’re saying anymore you giant stoP’
  • ‘yes mister paladin, whatever you say, your highness’
  • ‘joke’s on you. ‘your highness’ is not an insult to me at all’

there you go ahah just a few for now cause my brain is still asleep


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