I literally make no sense sometimes. Walked two miles in the cold, along the beach– which means it’s even colder because of the sea air breeze– went to my favorite coffee shop that has beverages I’m actually familiar with for once, and I chose to get something ICED! It was all fun and games, taking pictures of it and all and looking cute.. until I started shivering uncontrollably… Anyways! Try out a Better Buzz sometime! The interior is very…cozy yet modern at the same time, and the staff is kind, hard-working, and attentive as well! 

As many times as I’ve been there, I was never sitting in a location that made it easy for me to obtain snippets of anything of substance besides my drink, so I wasn’t going to let this chance slip up! It’s probably the last one I’ll get.. (╥﹏╥)