Shaughnessy Cafe

Location: 1455 Rue Lambert Closse

Metro Station: Atwater

First off, sorry for the bad quality pictures. I did the best I could do with an iPhone 5c.. didn’t have place in my school bag to carry my huge Canon. 

Shaughnessy - nope, not the one in Vancouver!

I came to this adorable semi-underground cafe on two different occasions with two different people. Both times were interesting experiences..

The first time I came here was during Fall. When we were all still wearing leather jackets since it wasn’t cold enough for winter coats. But it was still relatively cold. My boyfriend hates the cold… so you can imagine that I had to literally take him by the hand during one of our school breaks to bring him here. 10 minute walk from Concordia - oh no - how far away! It was for him. Therefore, he hated the whole experience. Well, to be fair, I also made him walk around Shaughnessy Village for an hour afterwards so I don’t really blame him. 

Shaughnessy village? Where is that, you ask? Shaughnessy Cafe is actually in Shaughnessy village (shocker), which is a small area of Montreal near Atwater metro. There’s nothing significant about the area but it’s a gorgeous neighborhood to walk around if you want to see cute houses. Which is great when you have the perfect cup of coffee to go from the cutest cafe around with you fussy boyfriend who refuses to walk in cold weather. 

And that’s what I just did. Walking in this cafe, as soon as I opened the door, I was greeted with a little staircase that took me to a semi-underground level. This is an interesting aspect of the place. I realized the cafe was packed. So many people! Some were talking with their friends, some were getting serious work done. The decor in this cafe is neutral toned with some pops of color. Most of the interior is beige except for the bar next to the windows. Honestly the best seats in the entire shop is at this bar. Unlike the bars at other cafes, this one was long and extended to a distance larger than your average laptop. Finally, a place where you have space at the bars to actually get work done. Oh right - and it’s not beige or wooden, it has this cool glossy black and white design on it which is sure to keep you happy (and slightly distracted..) during your studies. I took way too many pictures of it on my second visit. 

 I ordered a latte. I must admit, the prices here are a tiny bit higher than other places I’ve gone to. The coffee was good. Nothing too special - it tastes like any other average coffee place. Of course I got my latte to go cause my ultimate plan was to make my boyfriend model for my pictures when walking around Shaughnessy Village. Coffee keeps me warm. Guess it doesn’t work for him…

The second time I came here was on a Monday afternoon and the place was empty. Like… empty, empty. No one. Just me and my friend.. and 2 baristas. I didn’t mind cause I got to have the window seats as I wanted. My friend and I wanted to cracking on our studied so we both brought our laptops and took over the entire bar. It was as good as a Monday can get!

Also, Shaughnessy Cafe is right next to Dawson so if you’re a Dawson student… what are you waiting for?!