Your favorite coffee could be going extinct thanks to climate change

  • Ethiopia, the birthplace of the coffee bean, is poised to lose up to 60% of its suitable farming land by the end of this century thanks in large part to climate change, a new study published in the journal Nature Plants reported.
  • The coffee bean, specifically Arabica coffee, provides the African nation with nearly one-quarter of its export earnings, totaling more than $800 million, according to the study. 
  • But soon farmers will have to find new land at either higher altitudes or cooler temperatures to produce the coffee the world over knows and loves.
  • The pathway will ask farmers to move into the mountain regions and bring their crop to a higher altitude where temperatures are more stable and more friendly to the fickle crop.
  • And while moving the crop into a more habitable climate would save production, it would ultimately change the taste of coffee forever. Read more. (6/21/17, 6:21 PM)

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Rainbow latte art ❤️💛💚💙💜



Ayato & Touka Kirishima       おなじ翼 by 夜露@ラテ中毒

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Fanart commission for the lovely Alybalybee’s equally lovely fanfic “I Like You a Whole Latte” really found this scene hilarious so I was quite glad to have been given the chance to draw it, if you haven’t read her story yet, go check it out!

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