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Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that I just hit 500 followers. This literally makes me so happy, and I never expected to get anywhere close to 100. It’s about the time that I should make one of these, as I was planning to do one when I hit 200 and that just never happened. I really do adore all of my followers, and you guys are pretty fucking rad. I’m not gonna list everyone that I follow because I really don’t have the patience for that, but I will put down the ones who mean the most to me.

but you complete me,  and that’s no lie

Here are a few of my greatest friends on this site. I don’t know where I would be without you, and I appreciate all of you so much. I know that you all will always be by my side, and I hope that we remain to be friends for a very long time. I literally cannot express how much you all mean to me.

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Also, I am working on making a blog roll, so don’t worry darlings, I appreciate a ton more of you too. I just can’t fit y’all into this post, y’know? Please keep in mind that this is nowhere near a comprehensive list and that I probably forgot some people. Just because you aren’t on this particular post it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate you. I love you all, here’s to hoping I make it to 600.


Name: Kristy – latte-books

Age: 32
Location: Ohio, USA
Day job: Mom and Circulation Staff at Worthington Libraries
Dream job: Writer and Librarian

Favorite Genre: Non-Fiction (History, Biographies) and General Fiction
Favorite Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Favorite Author: Bill Bryson and Haruki Murakami
What do you look for in a good book? 3-Dimensional characters who don’t fit into neat little boxes. A story that stays with me long after I’ve finished the book.
What makes you quit reading a book? Bad pacing, yawn worthy plots, and characters who don’t grow (for better or worse) during the course of the story.
Advice to short story competition entrants? Write, write, write, and write some more. Don’t be afraid to venture off into uncharted territory.

Tumblr: latte-books
Twitter: klorenz2118
Instagram: klorenz2118
Auxiliary Room 13 pt43

Warehouse 13
High School AU
Eventual Bering and Wells and Cleena, currently Myka/Sam and Claudia/Todd

Quick update, woohoo

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The Goodwill was practically empty.  The older man behind the counter was checking out an even older man.  A woman was pulling a toddler through the store.

Myka stayed close to Jane as they flicked through the racks.  Jane pulled a shirt out.  Myka glanced at it before shaking her head.  Jane rolled her eyes as she put the shirt back.

Myka watched as Jane continued down the aisle of clothes she would never wear.  She ran a hand through her hair, cut short less than an hour ago so the area shaved around her stitches didn’t stand out so much.  Her fingers moved through her hair much easier, but the shortness of it caused her hand to practically fall out at the end and hit her back.

She looked around the store. The woman was watching her over a rack of boy’s jackets, only to quickly look away when she noticed Myka looking.

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