Top Reads in HERstory

1) Jujubee reading Tyra Sanchez

2) Bianca del Rio reading Adore Delano

3) Latrice Royale reading Phi Phi O’Hara

4) Darienne Lake reading Milk

5) Alaska reading Detox

6) Sharon Needles reading Jiggly Caliente

7) Adore Delano reading Laganja Estranja

8) Pearl reading Katya

9) Detox reading Roxxxy Andrews

10) Dita Ritz reading Latrice Royale


Top OMG Moments in HERstory 

1) Drag Is Not A Contact Sport

2) Sick With A 24 Inch Waist

3) Never Remove Your Wig, Unless, You Have Another Wig Underneath

4) Go Back To Party City Where You Belong

5) Backrolls?

6) It’s Britney Spears For God’s Sakes 

7) Straight-Up Mutha-Fuckin’ Dick Pig

8) Make It Work

9) Put Your Thing Down Flip It And Reverse It

10) Latrice Royale In “Get Those Nuts Away From My Face”

If the only reason you want Ginger to win

Because shes a big girl. That’s fucked up. She has acting skills but her sewing skills are shit right along with her personality. The fact that she called out Pearl and Violet showed the judges what we see in the workroom and on untucked.

I don’t care if she’s a big girl..I don’t want her to represent me. I have latrice royal for that.


Greatest Entrances in HERstory

1) Shangela Laquifa Wadley- Season 3

2) Laganja Estranga - Season 6

3) Vivacious - Season 6

4) Tempest Dujour - Season 7

5) Alaska - Season 5

6) Raja - Season 3

7) Sharon Needles - Season 4

8) Latrice Royale - Season 4

9) Milk - Season 6

10) Tammie Brown - All-Stars