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hey goop, why are so many shows ending latly, It feels like just yesterday Gravity falls, Phinease and Ferb, Wonder Over Younder, and now Adventure time, are over, or with AT over in two years. Everything is ending, thankfully SU still have some story to tell, but what do you think, and again-Pretty sure SU isn't going for a while.

Actually, theres a pretty good reason!!
Gravity falls had a lineal story, IT HAD TO ENDED WHEN THE STORY DID.
In case of AT, RS and Gumball, its because the shows are getting old, and Cartoon Network is not risking losing the quality of the shows.

I mean, attachment aside, Adventure Time its going in circles, not sure of what to do with themselves, Regular Show became a routine, YOU KNOW whats gonna happen because its ALWAYS THE SAME and its getting old. I think the one with more potential right now (I mean about the ones that are getting cancelled) its Gumball, but even they could get into the Long-Runner syndrome.

My advice? let shows go before they lose quality, its better having a show that knew when to end like Gravity Falls or Over The Garden Wall than having other mediocre shows that refuse to die like Spongebob or The Simpsons


I know that normaly i post about hunger games or doctor who and so many more fandoms but latly i’ve been posting about mexico, which i normaly don’t do, and i’ve been doing it because i’m mexican and i’m conserned with my country. I want people from all over the world to know what is happening here. So what i know is that the goverment killed 43 students and now they are saying that they have nothing to do with it and thet people are mad. They have tried peace marchs but no one paid attention to them so now they have burned a door form the nacional palace and they also burned a metro station and still no one hears them. The world needs to know, please spread the word and tell everyone of what is happening.


Just a little update, sorry I havent been posting much, but I’ve been pretty sad so heres an update

The first thing I want to say is that I failed all of the exams for my classes, so I ended up with failing grades, but since I’m special ed now and I’d be going into my third year of grade nine there pushing me ahead and asigning me my own personal TA next year, in stead of getting attention from just the class TA

The Second thing is that I’ve finnished another package of pull-ups with only two accedents so moms gonna let me try underwear again and it starts tommorow

and lastly I’ve been getting made fun of latly and people have recently started calling me the baby of the school and when I asked this nerdy kid named Jerry why they were calling me that and he said it was because I “Pee your pants, are alway a freshman every year and have the breasts of a 12 year old.”

So yeah I’m just really sad latly.

I woke up from a dream about football.  Seems like all I do is dream about football latly.  Daydream, too.  Seems like my whole life is football.  it’s easy to be all about football because my facebook feed is all football and I’m playing fantasy football and I talk about football at work with my coworkers and I’m always getting notification on my phone from the NFL or from ESPN and everywhere I look theres people wearin football shirts or jerseys or hats.  In the dream I was watching a football game and I was lifting a dumbbell with one hand.  I was sitting on a bench in the gym but there was a football game on and I was watching it.  I was watching myself growin bigger watchin my bicep start to pop and I heard the crowd on the football game cheerin and yellin and I pumped harder an harder, bustin through my reps.  One of the tight ends had a breakway and took off runnin down the field, 40 yd line, 30 yd line, 20 yd line … I just kept pumpin, gruntin, poppin, 10 yd line … TOUCHDOWN

I woke up and stared at the TV screen.  Halftime was over and the game was starting again.  I sweat right through my clothes during the dream.  I looked at my bicep and it was its normal size … or was it a lil bit bigger?  I have been doin alot of workin out latly.  Lot of arms and back an chest.  I am a lil sore.  Im not sayin I get confused, but I kinda get a little hazy sometimes, I like pingpong in my head from football to workin out to gear an shit.  When Im not workin out or watchin football I feel wierd, my hands flex for no reason, and I stretch my muscles.  If Im not wearin gear I feel even wierder, itchy, kinda, just like Im gonna explode if I dont do somethin about it.

Weird huh?  Wonder what will happen next.  What do you bros think?



Michael was always the protective Cousin. he Told all the Boys including One Direction that they couldnt even look at you wrong

but one didnt listen. You and Calum have been Flirting around Latly and have more of a flirty kind of friendship. but it turns into more

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TODAY IT IS THE BIRTHDAY OF MADMOISELLE RARITY AND HER MOD (he just got 22… yes…. I am old and his art is not that great but he does his best)

MR has been going down latly but she will be always be your fancy lady that you always known!

NOTE: I know that many of you might do fan art for this nice events… BUT strangely I will be sad

Let me explain why, My twin brother has no more blog and no more people to support from the brony community that highly hates him after being abused of his kindness with requests and threaten him because he wasn’t doing porn.

it is very direspectful from them… Now he is drawing his own stuff and he is doing Pandas.

So if you want to drop by and send him a little message you are free to do so ( it is his mod blog) and if you wants to see what he really do in art you will be amazed! (

Thanks you for reading this  and I love you all my followers!

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