Got into these bands latly and they give you a very creative possibility with your watch. Its one watch but it looks diffrent every day. I match the band with my shoes or other accesories i wear that day and it feels more right for me.

Today its brown. I am wearing timberland boatshoes in brown. Chinos and cardigan and casual friday is up and running.

Happy weekend all.


I have been slacking latly about updating my blog.  Another of series of micro-interviews, this time with Laszlo Beckett.

Laszlo Beckett elegantly combines the aesthetics of fine furniture making with contemporary digital design. Working in solid hardwoods, his designs embrace traditional skills with their emphasis on strength, beauty and lasting purpose whilst exploring the new landscape of digital craft. From this comes unique work, which is balanced in both context and form.
Laszlo’s background includes photography, graphic design, art education and music production. This diverse creative language informs the composition, proportion and digital aspect of his designs. After completing a fine furniture course with Christopher Faulkner, Laszlo set up his studio in London. He is currently designing the ‘Sarasa’ collection and taking commissions.

If you could do only 3 joints, what joints would you choose?

Double lap hidden dovetail, butt joint, mortice and tenon

What are top 5 most used power tools/machines in your shop?

Planer/ thicknesser, dimension saw, drum sander, radial sander, Domino jointer

What is in your opinion most common mistake, made by beginners?

Cutting corners before you are knowledgable enough to do so.

What in your opinion is not taught to beginners but is essential to beginners?

Understanding design is more important than understanding woodwork.

What would be your advice to your younger self starting adventure with woodworking?

You should have started earlier.

If you could recommend only 1 book to aspiring woodworker, what would it be? 

George Nakashima - The Soul of a Tree

You can find more works of Laszlo here:

But I think most “active” site is about his colaboration with  Rafe Mullarkey:

Art usage

Hey I’ve been having art and OC theft latly and I wanted to state some rules

1. Don’t take my ocs because they represent me

2 don’t steal art

3 if you use my art credit me

4 there are no exeprtions to any of these rules

If you don’t respect these I will delete my tumblr to stop the theft

anonymous asked:

What's been bothering you so much latly that you feel like you need to work through it? I hope you find the clarity you need.

Just people tbh.. I feel like the older I get the harder it is to find the energy to fight negative shit -_- its not overly complicated haha but thanks i think i’m making some headway this piece is really inspiring me and lifting my spirits!

Today i am feeling kind of hollow, recently i have been starting to feel better but latly shits all starting to go down hill again…fuck.

Nickname: Odie, Beardo
Birthday: dec 9
Star sign: Who gives a shit
Gender: man
Height: i dunno
Sexual Orientation: straight
Favorite color: Orange
Time and date at the current moment: 12:20pm April 19 2015
Average hrs of sleep: 8-10 broking into 4-5 hours at a time
The last thing I googled: wcw glacier
First word that comes to mind: minge
One place that makes me happy: My imagination
How many blankets do I sleep under: One
Favorite fictional character: Bigfoot
Favorite famous person: i enjoy a couple
Celebrity crush: I like Scarlett Johansson‘s breast
Favorite books: The Indian in the Cupboard, its the only books i ever read.
Favorite anime: Don’t watch em really
Favorite shows: Trailer Park boys, others
Favorite musician/bands: Changes all the time. but lately i been enjoying Sage Francis, and Apathy
Favorite games: Been really into board games latly. but Half-Life 2 is my all time favorite
Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: It’s been a long ass time…
Dream Holiday: Japan
Dream job: Money for nothing
Wearing right now: not much
Last book I read: it was a graphic novel if those count

Have you ever felt so disappointed on your loved one ?

I Have latly .. I feel confused , sad , doubting him.. I love him but my heart is soooo fucking confused . I don’t trust him anymore his been shady and weird . I feel it in my heart something’s up.

Im obviosly not okay and nothings fine shes gone. And I miss her with all my heart. Everyones asking if ill be okay and honestly i have no idea. Ive lost a really great friend and i dont think that pain will ever go away. Thank you for caring and all its just … hard. And ive also been depressed latly and everything and im just having a hard time dealing .
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hhnnnn i dont feel good and i feel dperessed but im so amazing and feel good latly that i dont have anything to self hate on myself abt so i jst feel empty mostly hnnn