Back on Tumblr and all the blogs i followed hadn’t been active and my interest changed latly. So i need new content and awesome people an my dash! 

if you post/reblog:

- Yuri!!! on Ice
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Harry Potter
- Inuyasha
- Parks and Recreation
- Akame ga kill
- Videogames
- Tokio Ghul
- Sailor Moon
- Attack on Titan
- Good Anime in general, so I maybe can find something new. (;

It would be nice, if you have a tagging system and you don’t have to be content creator or follow me, I’ll check out your blog anyways,

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i havent talked abt my dreams latly so ill share with you an amazing thing my brain came up with somehow

there was like, this giant battleship monster thing only it happened to be ennard and idk where that came from but it was scary and coming to kill humanity or somthing, or like all ppl who could use magic. idk lmao.

I woke up from a dream about football.  Seems like all I do is dream about football latly.  Daydream, too.  Seems like my whole life is football.  it’s easy to be all about football because my facebook feed is all football and I’m playing fantasy football and I talk about football at work with my coworkers and I’m always getting notification on my phone from the NFL or from ESPN and everywhere I look theres people wearin football shirts or jerseys or hats.  In the dream I was watching a football game and I was lifting a dumbbell with one hand.  I was sitting on a bench in the gym but there was a football game on and I was watching it.  I was watching myself growin bigger watchin my bicep start to pop and I heard the crowd on the football game cheerin and yellin and I pumped harder an harder, bustin through my reps.  One of the tight ends had a breakway and took off runnin down the field, 40 yd line, 30 yd line, 20 yd line … I just kept pumpin, gruntin, poppin, 10 yd line … TOUCHDOWN

I woke up and stared at the TV screen.  Halftime was over and the game was starting again.  I sweat right through my clothes during the dream.  I looked at my bicep and it was its normal size … or was it a lil bit bigger?  I have been doin alot of workin out latly.  Lot of arms and back an chest.  I am a lil sore.  Im not sayin I get confused, but I kinda get a little hazy sometimes, I like pingpong in my head from football to workin out to gear an shit.  When Im not workin out or watchin football I feel wierd, my hands flex for no reason, and I stretch my muscles.  If Im not wearin gear I feel even wierder, itchy, kinda, just like Im gonna explode if I dont do somethin about it.

Weird huh?  Wonder what will happen next.  What do you bros think?