*sheepishly dusts off comic*

Okay admittedly this isn’t a comic, but it’s something to show I’m still alive at least? xD Alive and kicking!

 I call this an exercise in expressions. It definitely wasn’t just an excuse to animate Tom and his friggin head torch.


Not at all.

But yeah, reading the stuff on the UNICEF trip has been making me feel so many things. Happy, sadness, anger….. If you’re not following it on Twitter, you should be.

edit: clarified my feelings on the matter.


Stitch is SO good at first impressions.~

So since reading “The Calculator”, my headcanon for Loki is that he can use his frosty-ice-powers whenever he wants, but he refuses to because it turns him blue and Frost-Giant-y and he hates that part of himself. And stuff.  But it’s an automatic reflex when he’s caught off guard, which causes him to ALSO hate the thing that surprised him and made him turn blue.

And there’s my drawn-out excuse for wanting to animate Loki going Jotun. :U  Speaking of which, that gif almost killed me. I still don’t understand why I do this to myself. x_x  But I hope you enjoy!