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Happy holidays!!! Here are some quick and easy holiday tips

• Need a quick and easy snack for those hungry holiday guests? Try an enormous bag of steaming hot dicks.

• Having friends over for Hanukkah? But don’t want to serve boring old latkas? Spice up the festival lights with a huge bowl of steaming hot dicks.

• Need a quick way to staithe off those hungry relatives before Christmas turkey’s ready? Try serving some delicious popcorn! And a huge pile of steaming dicks.

At 8..

I’m going to the Latka event for the Jewish club =] I can’t wait! I hope it’s fun. I fucking love being in the Jewish club! Epic food and great people. I’m not even Jewish and they told me I should try and be on the Eboard! I go to more shit then the actual Jewish members do lol I don’t know what I’m getting at here but I love being part of Hillel. Just sayin =]