Van Mcann from Catfish and the Bottlemen performing live at Latitude Festival 2015.
Almost did not recognize Mcann here, choosing a black button-up but nevertheless looks the part, teamed with our favourite brown boots and those tight skinny jeans.
Image sourced from Gigwise.


(Photos: Marco Berardi)

LATITUD 32°N / 55°S: Day#2

curated by Lala Nomada 

7. May 2015 at Meinblau

“We are convinced that through a careful selection of artists whose work is clearly away from typecasts of “Latin art” and whose methodology or technique is varied, it is possible to attest, without thematize, that performance art does not have a direct relation to the nationality of the artists, regardless of where he/ she comes from. We are aware that confronting a stereotype bring the risk of focusing more attention on it, however, we also believe that it is important to make a presentation that shows what is happening now over there.”