On February 26th 2010, Seba Jun died in a car crash. He was the soundtrack of my childhood, producing the OST for the likes of Samurai Champloo, as well as his own beats on the album Metaphorical Music in which in collaborated with the Cincinnati local group Five Deez. To this day he remains a legend, and on this day, the records keep spinning. Rest In Beats, Nujabes.

As the ILIWYS era comes to an end, i'd like to share my experience so far:

I created this blog May 31, 2015: right before this era started. Now here I am 2 years later, saying goodbye to it.

My first The 1975 concert was only back in spring 2016: The first ILIWYS tour. I’ve been to every US tour since and can say the feeling of being at a The 1975 concert never changes. You still get that rush when walking in and seeing the tour buses parked outside, you still meet new people while queuing and you talk about the music and how antichrist will never be played live, and you still get PCD afterwards.

Although this era is coming to an end, the beginning of a new one is slowly coming and we still have all our memories from this one. I’ve seen people come and go, I’ve made friends who never returned, and i’ve made friends I still talk to everyday. This band has connected me with so many people all around the world and it has allowed me to be myself with them. Yes shit things have occurred, but overall this album was an experience, a roller coaster if we’re gonna be cheesy.

We don’t have long to wait (we all know the exact date something has to be said/done) and meanwhile my blog will go numb. I’ll miss all the tour pictures and stupid quotes matty says, there won’t be much to do. I’m not saying I won’t be active, it’ll just be quiet. The 1975 community will be quiet, and we’ll simply wait for new things. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s made these past 2 years fun and welcoming.

Goodbye I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, thank you for being the longest album title i’ve ever had to type out.

Now let’s prepare to welcome Music for Cars.

Do I think he was sincere? Yes. Do I think he is truly sorry? Yes. Do I think he’ll go right back to being the same? Yes. Do I think this bandom will completely allow that? Yes.

I think this super vague indirect apology is as good as we’re ever gonna get, and we’re gonna have to deal w that. (Side note: I mean we as black fans, I don’t give a fuck about you non black hoes. Kiss my black ass.)
In a way I kind of like the vagueness. He’s done so much lowkey racist shit in the past that this felt like a blanket apology for it all. I guess if he had apologized for everything he would’ve been talking for hours. But honestly, he took too damn long to apologize, and he should have directly addressed something as serious as using racial slurs. He’s a grown ass man who doesn’t need to be coddled or educated on basic racial issues. Point blank period.
And y'all (I’m talking right to white bandom) are the fuckin worst. Just so y'all know. You guys suck. You guys have always, did in this incident, and as far as I’m concerned always will continue to excuse matty’s shirt racist behavior because it doesn’t affect you and y'all don’t care about poc anyways. Y'all will protect your precious face at all costs, and the way most of you acted says this loud and clear. It’s hurtful and you’re all disgusting humans. I’m done with this band. Feel free to keep following me, but I’m not blogging about them anymore or buying any of their shit. I’m over it.