latins do it better

who you should fight: augustan age edition

augustus: he’s the FRICKIN PRINCEPS he’ll kick your ass and then ask his poet friends to write an epic poem about it

agrippa: do you hate urself

maecenas: sure, you could fight him, but keep in mind he’s friends with the princeps. and agrippa. and horace. do you still want to fight maecenas?

varus: he will never give your legions back. don’t


horace: he can hold grudges for the longest time and he’ll fuck you up with his super angry iambs if you piss him off. 10/10 would not recommend 

ovid: fight him bc he a sneaky fuckboy ante litteram but also love him bc he a precious cherub baby

livy: fight him. destroy him. kick his ass back to the res publica times you have a big chance to succeed

anonymous asked:

honestly maggie choosing stiefvater as a last name is the funniest fucking thing to me, my first language being german. like,,, where's the creativity in that. how fucking boring. honestly i didn't realize how problematic she was until i saw you discussing it. but the whole Blue Isn't a Normal Girl thing really pisses me off to no end. that's like in 2011 when girls who wore converse thought they were "different", you're not different you're just obnoxious and naive.

i know!!!! im so sorry she did ur language dirty like girl ur leaving latin phrases in ur novels for readers to decode u can do better than stepfather anyway,, blue’s characterization bothers me to no end and Also how she has no friends? in what fucking world lmao shes the daughter of a psychic living with other psychics she’d want some normalcy in her life and i can confirm everyone wants to be friends with blue sargent