Australis Pro Swash by Latinotype.

The guys of Latinotype (a type foundry with several releases in 2013 and have many places on our list of 100 best fonts) has a new typeface: Australis Swash is a new variant that adds to the family of Australis Pro and it brings a touch of whimsy and mannerism to the shape of the cursive letters. Its purpose is purely playful because Australis Swash has some useful Opentype features as standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures and contextual alternates to use them in headlines or as a base for brands and lettering in general. Designed by Francisco Pizarro Gálvez in 2013.

Get it here:


Fonts Of The Month: July

July is over, as usual, I gathered the arguably the best and most popular fonts released in this month. Fontfabric is definitely the number one with Intro Rust, a font family with more than 200 fonts included.

  1. Intro Rust by Fontfabric (90% Off)
  2. Blog Script by Sudtipos (35% off)
  3. Hudson NY by Andrew Footit (60% off)
  4. Mastadoni by Schizotype (65% off)
  5. Halcom by The Northern Block Ltd (70% off)
  6. Titular by Latinotype (87% off)
  7. Dupla by Tipo Pépel (70% off)
  8. Maris by Insigne (85% off)
  9. Aldo Pro by Sacha Rein 
  10. Paintlay by Mika Melvas (35% off)
  11. Averta by Intelligent Design (60% off)
  12. Catfish by My Creative Land (25% off)
  13. Silo Soft by TypeUnion (80% off)
  14. Cabrito Semi by Insigne (77% off)
  15. Vatican by Alan Meeks 
  16. Dear Rae, Love Dad by Outside the Line (30% off)
  17. Screter by Senveth Imperium (50% off)
  18. Destra by isaco (80% off)
  19. Colosseum by Alan Meeks
  20. Corner Store JF by Jukebox Collection
  21. Mamut by Totem (80% off)
  22. Marmelade by Wiescher Design
  23. Stratus by Marc Foely (50% off)
  24. Hand Sketch Rough Poster by TypoGraphicDesign
  25. Eloquent JF Pro by Jukebox Collection

Do you love all this fonts? Check the Free Bundle of Fonts we have gathered fro you: