When I kiss him, I can taste on his tongue the
colors of the sky when the melt together in a
sunset. Grazing my fingers down his chest is
sprinting down my city’s streets at 3 AM
because the pounding of my heart is loud
enough to resemble heavy footfalls on cold
pavement. He is the embodiment of an
hourglass counting down the time I have left
to be sane until I fall into his arms, into
madness, into all I’ve ever wanted to slip into.
I can see the craters between his hipbones
and I feel alien resting my head against them,
like he is too foreign for my skin to ever
But sometimes, you don’t need a concrete
language to communicate; only two
heartbeats and a strong shot of bravery.
—  foreign bodies // Haley Hendrick

The Full Shoot: Rihanna photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Katy England for AnOther Magazine S/S 2015

Immersing Rihanna into the world of Alexander McQueen, the shoot is a celebratory layering of the past, the present and the future. From footwear from Lee McQueen’s 1997 collection for Givenchy – a heel itself inspired by a seventeenth-century Chopine shoe – to a one-of-a-kind glittering harness, military coat and pinstripe wool trousers custom-made especially for Rihanna and AnOther Magazine by McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton. 

Source: anothermag

3rd Anniversary of [S] Act 6 Intermission 3 (8/31/12)

ARADIA: now off with you! go find your friends

ARADIA: that IS why youve finally come out of your palace isnt it?

MEENAH: yeah

MEENAH: guess ill get goin then

I broke up some of the events on the calendar oddly, so today you get the magnificent meenah statue from the first 30 seconds of the game that is wonderful and people need to talk about it more.

Homestuck Year Project | All digital stained glass