Submitted AU #264

I’m super late for comic-con and I’m in full cosplay driving way past the speed limit to get there on time, and I didn’t see you on your bike and I just hit you I’m so sorry oh god. This is super awkward I’m in full cosplay and you are in a lot of pain, what do I do?

- kenzme3

These scars are my documentation of the mistakes I’ve made in trying to overcome them. I am both the things I’ve done to myself and the things done to me. Along these nerve endings, you will find a history of me.
—  Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You

okay but ships where person A is outgoing and loud and super open about their love for person B, and constantly showers them with love and kisses

and person B is more reserved and sometimes prickly towards person A in public, but they deep down they love person A so much, with their entire soul, that it’s physically painful and overwhelming