This ‘Latinos Para Trump’ sign doesn’t seem right

Even though Donald Trump doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to Latino issues, at the RNC last night there appeared to be a dedicated group of supporters holding signs that said “Latinos Para Trump.” 

Indeed, some questioned whether the group was in fact Latino, though obviously one can be both light-skinned and Latino. The more damning evidence that this group may not be who it claims: Well, that sign’s not Spanish. 

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Headcanon of positivity: I think that even if Pidge is 14, or 16 (like I thought she was), Lance would still go out of his way to prepare a quinceañera party for Pidge. I hc him to be latino, from Mexico or Cuba, but regardless he's horrified Pidge didn't get to have her quinceañera, after all he has participated in his relatives' quinceañeras. He'd probably make the team go to an expedition, and gift her cool tech and comfy clothes. I just. Hermano mayor Lance and hermanita Pidge.

This is the cutest thing!! I love Lance taking Pidge under his wing :’))
A Textbook That Paints Mexican-Americans As Lazy Could Be Coming To A School Near You
A proposed Mexican-American studies textbook has drawn harsh criticism for what Latino educators and scholars in Texas are calling a lack of scholarly expertise, major factual inaccuracies and demeaning characterizations of Mexican-Americans.

A few quotes from the article: 

- Emilio Zamora, a professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin, said he found “five to seven serious, serious errors per page,” which render the entire publication “useless and even counterproductive.” 

-  The textbook doesn’t even bother to distinguish Mexican-Americans from other Latino or Hispanic communities, conflating Spanish and Colombian traditions with those of Mexico, according to José María Herrera, an assistant professor in education at the University of Texas at El Paso. 

- “The authors characterized most Mexican-American civil rights and labor leaders as social and political threats to American society.”

- One such passage described the Chicano movement, a 1960s push for the empowerment of Mexican-Americans, as an effort that “opposed Western civilization” and aimed to “destroy this society.” 

- Another particularly glaring passage from the discussion of labor relations during the 1800s described Mexican workers as lazy: “Industrialists were very driven, competitive men who were always on the clock and continually concerned about efficiency. They were used to their workers putting in a full day’s work, quietly and obediently, and respecting rules, authority, and property. In contrast, Mexican laborers were not reared to put in a full day’s work so vigorously. There was a cultural attitude of ‘mañana,’ or ‘tomorrow,’ when it came to high-gear production.” 

Latinos make up the largest percentage of Texas public school students (almost 52 percent)

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Family of man shot by off-duty LAPD officer protests his death in Covina
COVINA >> Victor Sigala’s one-month-old daughter, Naveah Sigala, slept in her mother’s arms as a crowd of family, friends and strangers chanted his name during a vigil Tuesday

brown lives fucking matter, man. i cant believe this happened in my own town, just yesterday. im so angry, you just cant trust any single damn cop, no matter where you are. it happens everywhere. please spread the word.