latino scientists

I forget exactly which episode this is from, but if people were allowed/able to leave Night Vale this would be a cute idea
If you can’t read my dyspraxic handwriting, Cecil is saying “A tropical vacation! Could be just what we need!”
[Image description: it’s a messy sketch of Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale (a white, albino male with short, neat hair; a somewhat gaunt face shape; a small third eye on his forehead; and tentacle tattoos on his arm, with banded tattoos and triangles on his wrist. He wears large horn-rimmed glasses and a Hawaiian shirt covered in palm trees. He holds his finger up and says the above dialogue excitedly, with a thought bubble above him that contains Carlos the scientist (a Latino man with short hair that sweeps over his forehead, a patch of premature gray above his ear, and a more rounded jawline. He wears a t-shirt, rectangular glasses, and a Hawaiian lab coat covered in flowers and seagulls. He smiles winningly. Beside him are a few sparkles.]

Can we also please thank fink and cranor for once again for showing amazing skills in representation?

It is just casually mentioned that Janice can’t walk. It was never once brought up in Cookies, and both Cecil and Steve seemed genuinely confused that anyone would see this as something that was “wrong” with her.

And they just go the fuck off on Kevin for even having a hint of insinuation that something about Janice needed to be “fixed.”

I fucking can’t with this podcast, you guys.

A black, teenage girl heading a revolution.

A black, woman mayor.

A Latino/queer scientist.

A queer and debatably POC main character.

Fairly frequent mention of non-binary genders.

And now a discussion of ableism.

I fucking love everything about wtnv, and I just have a lot of emotions right now.

onika-t-maraj  asked:

this is probably dumb but today i found out that neil degrasse tyson is afro-latino (his mom is Puerto Rican) and I instantly thought of ur tumblr. I wish there were more afro-latino scientists!

Whaaaaaaat no fuckin way! this is news to me yo :D