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Well, Surprise! 💙👶🏽💖

Never thought I’d see this day for a while lol but here it is. I’m glad I decided to go to Cali with my lady @forthalola​ cause on the way there she dropped some news on me that our lives were changing mid flight lol Yeah Ya’ll are reading it right…another baby Kasiya is on the way! I always told my Pop & @caiokingdom​ that I wanted to have kids with someone I saw myself spending the rest of my life with, my Queen is definitely that woman. I hope she knows I’m gonna be waiting on her hand and foot until the pregnancy hormones have her snapping at me! I got late night craving runs, mood swings & pregnancy strength to look forward to haha  😂 I’m secretly praying for a girl😂

Ya’ll can breathe now @ethiopianzen @adoremissyro @fallfornique & @danaifromtheway lol