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What's the difference between Hispanic and Latino/Latina? I don't wanna sound close-minded and arrogant or anything, I'm just confused and feel people might BASH me on asking (since this IS tumblr) And you are Latino, so I felt I should ask you (since I don't know and don't want to mix the two up) since you might just know and could be helpful. Thank you sm.

Hahah it’s okay!

Hispanic means a person who is from a Spanish-speaking country. 

Latino/a means a person who is from Latin America (which includes South America, Central America and parts of the Caribbean (those colonized by Spain, Portugal..) 

So, not all Hispanic people are Latin American. People from Spain are hispanic but not Latinos. 

And not all Latin Americans are Hispanic: Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. 


more latino!Lance hc’s

I’m back with more~

  • Having children waking you up constantly leads to reflexes 
    • So when Keith gently wakes him up he mumbles something cranky but kid friendly
    • Whereas Pidge wake him up by throwing the covers he bolts up and falls over
    • Hunk splashes cold water on his face and screams in spanish
    • He can never escape the water in the face no matter where he goes.
  • Eventually everyone just accepts hearing whatever song Lance is humming/ singing to and it get’s stuck in their head for weeks and cot DAMMIT Lance! We dont even know the words!!!
  • At the team bonding sleepover he paints everyone’s nails and braids their hair (if able to) and it’s glorious
    • Shiro does everyone’s eyeliner
    • Everyone explains horror stories from their culture to Allura and Coran
  • He is ready when they land on a planet with water bc he’s part fishy
  • Momma didn’t raise no tonto so he likes to keep his mind sharp by talking with Hunk and Pidge and making up math equations with them
  • The reason why Lance hates (loves) Keith mullet is bc he had one
    • Seriously tho, why do latinx parents allow their sons to have mullets?!
    • This is a v serious question guys, it’s so out of style and i feel like the little boys are gonna regret it later on
  • AY!, HIJO DE-”  insert complaining and cursing in spanish
  • He treat’s Pidge like his little sisters and it lowkey helps them feel better
    • Cradling and humming a lullaby or pillow fights
    • Teasing and chasing each other to fill the castle with noise
  • When cooking rice the steam reminds him of humid summer days in Cuba and he feels melancholic
  • Eventually teaches everyone how to dance the bachata
  • Has a bad habit of rolling his ‘r’ while speaking english
  • Also does that (what’s it called, mexican yell? Ok yeah im mixing a whole bunch of cultures, sorry) mexican yell after victories just to confuse everyone on what culture he is
  • Eventually realizes he’s turning into his abuelo when he keep’s repeating the same story to everyone
  • Suerte likes it tho again, for another time.

That’s all for now!!!

Hispanic Face Claims Under Thirty

Anon asked me to make a list of celebrities who are Hispanic and could play a teen/young adult. They did want just female face claims, but this list has turned into something more and so put males also. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are.

Please be aware some people from countries such as those coming from Cuba and Argentina, are both Hispanic and Latino. If anything looks wrong, please let me know.

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Okay but I don’t think that some people understand the signifigance of Vernon/Hansol being put on the foreigners team for ISAC or whatever it is. So I’ll try to explain.

Vernon is mixed race. His dad is korean his mom is white and he lived in America for about 5 years before he went to Korea. There he became more fluent in Korean, even choosing it as his first langauge, and announcing that he is more comfortable speaking Korean than English. He identifies with Korea, and expresses himself as a Korean.

Now what ISAC did was place him in the foreigner team because of his mixed bloodline, and then they seperated him from Seventeen, his own group, the only people he probably knows and feels most comfortable with.

Most you go “Oh well he was placed in the wrong team ISAC made a mistake it’s okay lets just hope it doesn’t happen again”

It’s not okay. It’s horrifying and I’ll tell you why.

Being mixed is hard. Not just culturally,but mentally. If you think about it being a first generation child of immagrant parents is hard enough, its stressful and different. Esp. in comparision with the other people that aren’t in the know of your situation. But being a first generation mixed child is so much harder. Because not only do you have two cultures to learn and adapt to, most times you have three And this makes decding who you are so much harder than it is. For Hansol he had to think Am I korean? Am I American? What am I? And from a young age Hansol choose to idenitfy with his Korean roots.

You can’t say that it’s rude. In no way do you deny what you are. Sure you might not idenitfy as one thing but that doesn’t mean you still can’t respect that lifestyle. You are what you are, because it’s not your decsion to make. What you identify as is what you identify as it’s what you choose. Having people tell you different is horrible, because you are most comfortable with what you are and you know what you agreee with.

ISAC looked at Hansol and basically told him “you are not Korean” ISAC saw Hansol as white, and treated him as if he was white. But this isn’t true.

Hansol knows what he is, he’s probably experienced American culture from his mom’s family and Korean culture from his father’s and he decided that he wants to conform to Korean society because he is more comfortable being a korean than an american. I can’t speak for his general subconcious but I have an idea that it might look like this.

Every mixed child, and I mean every mixed child must go through this time where they decide what they are. Because it affects how they want to approach life later. Because how you idenitfy and which cultures you respect say so much about you.

And Hansol chose Korean.

So not only is ISAC disregarding Hansol’s decsion for what he is, they are also spreading the message that it’s okay to mislabel others based on looks alone. It’s as if they’re syaing it’s okay to see a Latino person and label them a hispanic even if they aren’. It’s okay to label the black girl an African American when she grew up in England and knows that she is English because she says she is.

And before you even try to fight me about how I don’t know anything because I’m not a korean or any of that I’m saying this because I’m a first generation mixed kid already struggling with her idenity. Because I can’t choose if I wanna be an American or a Phillipino or Palestinian. Because I respect other peoples cultures and cultural idenity. Because I look up to Hansol for knowing what he is and demanding respect for it. Because I get offended when this behavior is pulled. I know what I mean and even if I can’t say it correctly, I’m trying so hard.

Because I’m a mixed kid looking out for other mixed kids.

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I’ve never, ever heard anyone call one of us “a Latin”, it just sounds so awkward to me, and that definition of the word Latino is off, too. I think you mixed up the Chicano and Mexica movements with the much more general word “Latino”.
Simply put, not all Latin@s are hispanic and not all hispanic people are Latin@s, so what the original ask was implying is incorrect: one word is not the “correct” version of the other. Each word has its own separate meaning.
A Latin@ is someone born in, or with ancestry from Latin America. That includes people from Brazil who speak mostly Portuguese, and US born Latin@s who can’t speak Spanish. But it does not mean the person has to be politically involved, US born, and lacking fluency in Spanish.
Now, hispanic people are people who come from Spanish speaking countries or cultural backgrounds, even those who aren’t from Latin America (like Spaniards). The term refers to people or things that originate from Hispanophone cultures, so you can be a hispanic person, without being a direct descendent of anyone from Latin America.
Also, we all still hear “Mexican-American” very often, it’s not a term that’s being phased out or displaced. A Mexican is someone born in Mexico. A Mexican-American is someone born in the US to a family that originated in Mexico. So the term Latin or Latin@ is not intractable with, nor can it replace “Mexican-American” because not all Latin@s have Mexican ancestry.
To recap: Not all Latin@s are Hispanic, not all Latin@s are Mexican-American, not all hispanic people are Latin@s. While some of us will overlap, each of these words/terms is used to describe a different group of people.
I’m Latina, Hispanic, and Mexican-American. But one of my best friends is Hispanic, and not Latina or Mexican-American. See how each term means something different? :)

Important commentary 

The only person more obsessed with Ladybug than Adrien would be Alya. 

Hands down. 
I still don’t know what her ethnicity is, and I’d like to think Latina (Not Hispanic as she’s still in Europe and all, I’m not sure??) but I adore her hair like wowowowow.

Probably not accurate, I just kinda wung it from memory.

UPDATE: So I’ve heard mixed reviews of her being from Creole or even black??? Either way I’m happy because REPRESENT PPL. Latina or Latino, though it makes more sense now considering the bone structure and such.

Thanks for not chewing me up for getting it wrong! I’m still learning!

Please do not repost my artwork to any other website, or use it for rp purposes / graphics / etc without my permission. 

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So hey, in the past you've said that Mare is mixed race "Hispanic and Mediterranean". Could you be more specific? Mediterranean could mean South European or North African, and Hispanic is not a racial marker; it just means from a Spanish-speaking country. But most non-Latino Americans mean the mestizo when they say that - a racial group of people with American Indian and Spanish blood. But really you can be literally any race and be Hispanic or Latino. So I was wondering if you minded clarifying

Hi! Thank you so much for the clarification.

Mare is definitely mixed race, and I picture her having brown skin. In book 2, I think she actually describes herself as having brown skin. 

As far as ethnicities go, I tried to picture what North America would be (racially) thousands of years into the future. I based a bit of it on where certain groups are living today, as well as emerging trends and some speculation on my part. 

In terms of Mare, I figure she’s Southern European, Native American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Northern European etc. Mixed, as most people will be in a few centuries. Admittedly, I have no idea on the percentages and didn’t focus too much on her racial background b/c race isn’t really focused on in the book (because the divisions of blood have superseded divisions of race).

As far as fancasting goes, I say again, cast her as anything and anyone. I love them all. I’m particularly enamored of the Zendaya fancasts that have been popping up.