latino model

oh no.

Isabelle forced Raphael to bite her against his will.  I can’t believe that.  I’m really starting to develop a prejudice against shadowhunters, look at the examples we get!  Even the “good” ones flat out USE downworlders, like Clary used Simon to get the book of white and got him thrown out of the clan (the only home he had at the moment), like Izzy used Meliorn for information, like she’s USING Raphael right now.  Like they all use Magnus without so much as a “thank you”.

Not cool.  Not cool.  Not cool.

And on another note, the fact that the writers  got two of the strongest characters on the show - two powerful, radiant, amazing Latino role models with the STRONGEST MORAL CODE OF ANYONE - succumb to DRUG addiction in the blink of an eye is SO disappointing.

They were doing so well in making all these positive changes from the series, but now I finished this episode feeling crestfallen and kind of unsure if I want to continue watching this show.

My message to the show writers:

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