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so if any of y'all have seen logan and emerged from it unscathed i’d call you a fucking liar so for the rest of us there is a bright side: one of laura’s mutant friends is a young rictor who was pretty much the first canon gay character in marvel comics and had the first on panel gay kiss and he survived this movie so if we get a laura or future xmen movie …………
Meet the young activist who fought for a condom dispenser in every bathroom
Alba Alvarado talks condoms, diversity, and college in this edition of #WeArePP: Our Stories from AK to AZ.

Meet Alba. She’s a fearless advocate for women’s health, a first-generation college student, a leader in Latino communities — oh, and she passed a transformative sex education policy in her hometown school district.

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Lol the Rise Up thing is a ploy to get people to vote for Latino leaders. The reason they give? "Inherent leadership qualities". If every Latino person had inherent leadership qualities, South America wouldn't be such a goddamn mess.

inherent leadership qualities my ass. No “””race””” has any “””inherent””” leadership qualities.

October 25, 2015

Today We Honor Cesar Chavez

‘Senator Robert F. Kennedy described Cesar Chavez as “one of the heroic figures of our time. A true American hero, Cesar was a civil rights, Latino and farm labor leader; a genuinely religious and spiritual figure; a community organizer and social entrepreneur; a champion of militant nonviolent social change; and a crusader for the environment and consumer rights.’

(photo: Cesar Chavez)

- CARTER Magazine

it’s sad to see that this is the mentality of some of the people of our generation. don’t you get that white people DON’T NEED CLUBS THAT WILL CREATE MORE “WHITE LEADERS”

This whole country is ran by white leaders. This group was created to help minorities learn how to become an important part of today’s society so it isn’t purely “white’s” that get to decide what’s best for everyone in their community/ the nation.

This upset me because it really has me wondering how long it’s going to take for white, privileged people to realize they have everything in their favor. They aren’t the group in need of anything and should be helping this nation to be more equal with every ethnicity instead of wanting to take all these small things away from the minorities.