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My mom was so shocked when I told her that after four years of studying latin and ancient greek I wouldn’t even know how to say “Hello! How are you?/What’s your name?” (after a bit I realized that “Ave” and “ χαῖρε” actually exists but that’s not the point because I couldn’t go any further) and that just by watching anime as a hobby I learnt so much more useful stuff in a language that doesn’ have a single thing similar to my first language

Am I the only one who thinks Rick is going to make a loose collection of books in one universe? Like 3-10 for every pantheon? He’s already got Greek, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman under his belt and the slim possibility for a completely Roman backstory on Camp Jupiter and Jason.

He also set up Chinese, Native American, and maybe Latino mythology in his Greco-Roman series. He hinted in the Egyptian series that it was connected with the Greek and Greco-Roman world as weal as in multiple crossovers.

He’s got an official Norse series coming up that has a main character with the same last name as a main character in the Greek and Greco-Roman books.

It would be easy to create this kind of avengers Marvel universe were their still separate story’s but there all connected and hinted to coexist and sometimes meet each other and just be badass’s together.

I also think that Nico has met all of them and is just hiding it from everybody. He could’ve easily run into a lot of people when he was learning how to shadow travel. Come on, look me in the eye and tell me you have never thought about Anubis and Nico being bros.

Lambda Theta Alpha (ΛΘA) is a Latina sorority in the United States established in 1975 making it the first Latina sorority in the nation.

The idea for Lambda Theta Alpha began in the late 1970s, when colleges and universities experienced an influx of Latino enrollment; the organization was founded at Kean University in 1975 with by seventeen women of Latin, Caribbean, and European descent.The sorority remains open to women of all races and ethnicities. It is an academic-based organization that stresses social justice and activism.

Okay Pixelberry definitely stole the plot to The Selection Series. The blond hair and tan skin and everything for a Maxon (I know the prince in the photo is white and Maxon’s Latino).
Except it’s a Greek prince in the Greek Isles so I guess they set a bit more realistic setting. 

Seriously I’m only 6 minutes into the walk-through for this chapter and I’m internally screaming because it starts out basically where the Halloween party was and already has a poor girl as the main character, a Aspen, and a Marlee and Celeste set up in full gear. *silently screams*

—-  omg i’ve literally ruined the beautiful cpsd that this was i’m so ashamed of myself but ???? i had to get the bulgarian aesthetic in here. but anyways to the point, i’ve seen a lot of masterlists with latino, greek etc names so i was like why not make a bulgarian names masterlists?? under the cut you’ll be able to find both female & male names along with a few surnames you could match together. i promise you some of the names are cute, and some aren’t all that different from english names but it could give your character that lil bit of diversity ! hope you enjoy & also credit to rptprincess​ for the psd that a completely ruined smh : ~( 

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iiamapoptartt  asked:

What are your nationality (or ethnicity) headcanons for the characters in rwby?


Note: I apologize for how unspecific some of these are, I’m still working on them. I’ll probably borrow some headcanons from other fans to flesh my under-developed ones as we go!


Ruby: Chinese/Latino
Weiss: White as the driven snow sweet lord. German.
Blake: BIRACIAL LIKE HALSEY (Black and something else, I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’ve mentioned Creole a few times)
Yang: Chinese and something else (I haven’t settled on race headcanons for Raven and Qrow yet)


Jaune: White (French) but has PoC ancestry on his mom’s side (for… reasons)
Nora: Scandinavian
Pyrrha: Greek
Ren: Chinese/Japanese


Sun: Chinese/Filipino/Korean
Scarlet: Korean/Native American, (if raised in OUR world) English Citizen
Sage: Brazilian/Korean/Creole/African
Neptune: Italian/Hispanic-Latino/Greek/Korean


Coco: Hispanic-Latino/French/Italian
Fox: Hispanic-Latino/Black
Velvet: Hispanic-Latino
Yatsu: Japanese

Arslan Altan: Turkish/Indian
Bolin Hori: Chinese/Thai
Reese Chloris: Middle Eastern (I’m remembering that tumblr photoset with the skateboarding hijabi girls and that’s what she’s making me think of)
Nadir Shiko: Middle Eastern/South Asian/Black


Cinder: Puerto Rican/Cambodian
Roman: White, descended from European immigrants (I do not care enough to come up with anything for him HAHA)
Neo: Multiracial, but white-passing (it is a mystery…)
Emerald: Black, Egyptian(?)
Mercury: Italian
Adam: Spanish

Where are all the Latino Greeks?

So I find it interesting that with the Latino population in the U.S.A. rising every day, Latino Greeks are pretty rare. Sure there are some universities that thrive off Latino Greeks, but from what I have recently seen (and noticed), the numbers are pretty low. It’s usually rare for Latino Greeks to have lines of 10+, unlike mainstream and sometimes African-American Greeks, we usually don’t understand Greek life right away? “I’m sorry you want to do not what?” <– Yep.

In Philadelphia we have Gamma Phi Sigma, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Sigma Lambda Upsilon, Chi Upsilon Sigma, Lambda Theta Alpha and Lambda Theta Phi. It may seem like these organizations have a a strong presence, but active undergraduate members are low. *Cue Latino admission rates in high education*

As Latino(a)s we should be mentoring these high school students and increase the admission rates. We need to show them how important it is to further their education. Some might think it is difficult to get into schools, but with the right motivation and resources, anything is possible.

Or maybe schools are just screwing over Latino Greeks. You tell me.

Eric Cortes

I'd like an opinion...

So, I have an idea for a fanfic right now but I really don’t know if it sounds good or not…Eh, my brain is on that ‘everything sucks’ mode, so could you give me your opinion?


They had done it.

It had taken a moment to sink in but it had happened. Leo was the first one to break the silence due to the fact that he had burst into flame he was so happy. Then Hazel, then Piper, one by one the seven and their friends were talking, joking, hugging, crying because it was finally over.

Jason must have been the last one to realize their win. A smile bright as lightning broke out onto his face and his first instinct lead him to find Nico but when he could find him he resorted to calling out for him.


Where was he?


He finally spotted him far away from the mass of celebrating demigods.


The Italian was talking to a man who just seemed to radiate darkness, which in Jason’s experience, meant that he probably did. He called out Nico’s name again and grabbed the attention of the man who said something to the boy. Nico looked back before nodding to the man.


The pair began walking off together, further away from the other demigods. Jason had no idea what was going on but he’ll be damned if he just let him walk away.


Said demigod glanced back and made eye contact with the blonde making him freeze before walking off into the shadows with the man.



“What are going to do? You just fought a war, Jason.”

The son of Jupiter stopped packing and turned to his girlfriend. “I don’t know, something. Anything.”

Piper huffed. “How do you know if he wants you to follow him? If what you say is true, he went with that man willingly.”

Jason thought back to all the time he and the son of Hades shared. Despite Jason’s first impression of the pale skinned boy, they had actually become decent friends. He wasn’t about to let that go. The blonde placed a hand on Piper’s shoulder and she relaxed a bit. “There’s a lot more to him than people think, Piper. Ever since we got the staff in Croatia, we’ve become close. I’m not about to let him be all alone again, Pipes. He’s had enough of that.”

“What happened in Croatia that’s made you two so close?” The daughter of Aphrodite inquired.

Jason zipped up his backpack and strapped it on. “That’s not my story to tell.” He started his way out.


“Piper, this is something I have to do. I’ll come back as soon as I can.”


But Jason was already out the door.

He trudged irritably toward the camp’s borders making a plan to find the son of Hades in his mind.

“So, what are you going to do?” A voice came from beside him.

Jason found it to be Percy, who had a backpack like his slung up on his shoulder. “I’m going to find Nico.”

“And how are you going to do that?” Percy asked, now walking side by side with the blonde.

“What does it matter to you?” Jason spat.

The son of Poseidon’s eyes narrowed. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is but I’ve known him since he found out he was a demigod.”

“How often did you actually talk him though? I get that you knew before the whole fiasco with his sister, but that’s not who he is now. You may know that he’s there but you don’t know him.” Jason said.

“Well, if you’re going to go rescue Mr. Doom n’ Gloom, Jay, you can count on me tagging along.” Another voice came from behind him.

Jason turned. “No, Leo, you aren’t tagging along.”

“C'mon! We’re like the perfect power pack!” The fire bender whined. “We’ve got the air, water, and fire here on a mission to save the earth! Plus, you’re kinda going on a quest right now, right?”

Jason nodded while rolling his eyes at the Latino. “So, by Greek superstition, you need three people to go on a quest! I’m you’re third guy!” Leo gestured to himself.

“Neither of you are going!” Jason groaned.

“You said it yourself, Grace. I don’t know him, but I can’t know him if he’s not here. Let us help you.”