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Peter Parker + “Did the trash monster from sesame street tried to mug you?”

Being close friends with Peter Parker had its up; like Peter never forgetting your birthday or the anniversary of your friendship, and how he always picked you up a coffee before school or a whole pizza every time you two crammed for an exam, or the fact, the you were the one person in the whole world who he trusted enough to know he was spiderman. Of course it had it’s downs too, like having to cover for Peter every time his disappeared to fight crime, and getting ditched so he could fight crime, and of course, being hopelessly in love with him while he had no idea because he would not stop pinning after Liz-motherfucking-Allen.

But none of the downsides mattered when he came to you at three in the morning on a Tuesday after a particularly bad night of patrols. His mask was in his hands and his left eye was already starting to swell while the cut on his right cheek wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“Peter?” You asked rhetorically, rubbing your eyes as you pushed open your window so the spider themed hero could escape the cold.

“Hey Y/N,” he whispered. You hand flew to your nose once he was in your room and the window was once again shut. You didn’t want to be mean, you were used to the smell of blood and sweat emanating off of him, but tonight he smelled like Midtown High’s dumpster.

“Good god Peter,” you hissed, your voice coming out funny due to your hand being clamped down on tip of your nose,  “Did the trash monster from sesame street tried to mug you?

“What?” He asked, to which you answered with a simple, “You fucking stink.”

“Thanks,” he said humorously, “Wade threw me in a dumpster.” You opened and closed your mouth a few times,

“Why would Wade toss your ass in a dumpster? And I’ve met you after you’ve dumpster dived, so what dumpster smells as bad as that one?”

“There’s a club on 77th and Roosevelt-”

“What were you doing by a gay club?”  Peter pulls a face,

“I thought I was going to stop a shooting-wait, why do you know where gay club is?” You shrug deflecting the question. Club Evolution was a mostly latino gay club that you and friends went to when you wanted drinks and not to get hit on.

“What do you mean you thought?”

“Wade was the shooter, when I tried to stop him he through me in a dumpster and left me there.” You sighed.

“At least he didn’t shoot you.” You motion for Peter to sit at your desk while you walk over to your dresser, pulling out a first aid kit, a pair of sweatpants and a baggy long sleeve shirt.

“Take the suit off Peter, if we want you in somewhat presentable shape I need to see what I’m working with,” you instructed.

“Sir yes sir.”

“Oh, and Parker,” you say, “When I’m done cleaning your cuts you’re taking a shower.”

“Sure thing, and Y/N?”

“Yeah Pete?”

“Thanks for being here, for me.” You don’t answer him verbally, instead you offer a up a kind smile which he returns.

Being best friends with Peter Parker had its ups and downs, and truthfully, you’d take all those downs just for moments like these.


On this day in music history: May 19, 1990 - “Vogue” by Madonna hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Club Play chart for 2 weeks on the same date. Written and produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone, it is the eighth chart topping single for the pop music superstar born Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Collaborating with club DJ, remixer, and producer Shep Pettibone, Madonna decide to come up with a non-album B-side for the “Like A Prayer” albums’ fifth single “Keep It Together”. The singer is inspired by dancers she sees at the New York City club The Sound Factory doing a stylized dance called “voguing”. Originating in New York’s black and latino underground gay clubs and drag balls as early as the 1960’s, the dance takes its name from the fashion magazine “Vogue”, with the dance being a series of “angular, rigid hand, arm, leg and body movements” designed to look like the person is posing like a model while they are moving. When Madonna lets Warner Bros. know of her original intent to the use the song as a B-side, their great enthusiasm for the track persuade her to release it an A-side instead. “Vogue” is also added to the album “I’m Breathless” which includes songs from the film “Dick Tracy” in which she plays the character Breathless Mahoney. The songs popularity is further heightened by a memorable and striking black and white video directed by David Fincher (“Fight Club”, “Se7en”), featuring several of the dancers Madonna originally sees performing the dance, becoming dancers on the “Blonde Ambition Tour” in 1990. Entering the Hot 100 at #39 on April 14, 1990, it leaps to the top of the chart five weeks later. In 2010, “Vogue” is featured in “The Power Of Madonna” episode of the television show “Glee”, when the song is used in a spoof of the music video performed by actress Jane Lynch. The same year, Madonna and co-writer/producer Shep Pettibone are sued by Salsoul Records, claiming that “Vogue” samples a portion of The Salsoul Orchestra’s disco classic “Love Break”. The court eventually settles the lawsuit in Madonna’s favor. As a result of the suit, Warner Bros stops publishing royalty payments to Pettibone, who files suit against WB Music and Warner/Chappell Music in April of 2017, claiming that he is owed more than $500,000 in back royalties. To date, the suit is still pending. “Vogue” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Really excited about this one right here. MALUMA, (aka “Pretty Boy” in the latin music scene) the beautiful singing masterpiece to come out of Colombia, is out with a new track titled “El Tiki” and it is so sexy, so feel good, with a beat that you won’t be able to not move your hips to. We promise you will find yourself drooling and craving to go to some sweaty latino club by the end of the work day. 

You’re welcome. 

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COLLEGE AU! I love it so so much.

1) Scott and Stiles go to the same school, it’s important. They apply only to the same schools and they go to the one they both get into. They don’t necessarily get to room together their freshman year, but they sleep over so often that they basically do anyways. After the first semester, Scott’s poor roommate finally gives up and Stiles moves in for real so they can finally push their extra-long twin beds close together. They don’t really get together until a kegger at the Latino student club gets way out of hand and they wake up covered in hickies. It’s not the most romantic way to confess your love, especially when you’re so hungover you spend the whole morning puking together, but brunch afterwards was lovely.

2) The AU where awkward sweet nerd Scott is pledging Stiles’s frat and the boys are having fun with him. Maybe a little too much. He’s got a helpful disposition and he never says no, which for anyone else would be funny. Somehow THIS boy getting hazed and humiliated is making Stiles furious and he steps in to protect him. He’s not just any pledge and he’s not some nameless conquest for their “Score board,” Stiles genuinely likes this boy and faces the ridicule of his fratbros to prove it.

3) The AU where Scott’s a frat boy and totally popular athlete and big man on campus. He’s always got a girl on his arm, everyone gushes about how he’s got skill and he’s super nice, and Stiles is the angry bitter nerd. He doesn’t mean to resent this guy, but it seems like everything comes easily to Mr. Scott McCall while he’s had to work his scrawny freckled ass off. After a night of drunken shenanigans, Stiles wanders blearily down the hall to find a smiling Scott McCall duct taped to the inside of the bathroom door by his fratbros and “would you might cutting a dude down please, this is really wedging my junk.” After that, Scott seems to find all these reasons to randomly drop by to talk to Stiles who’s super annoyed by the entire thing and wishes Scott with his dumb hot face would just go away. Spoiler: Scott doesn’t go away and Stiles does terrible dick related things on that hot face.

The most mind boggling thing about the Orlando shooting is that people try to play it off as some racism instead of religious extremism. While I was camping at Bonnaroo, I literally saw someone on facebook complain that white gay men were appropriating the event when it “really” “belonged” to QTIPOC (Queer Trans Indigenous People of Color). What??? 

Most of the victims were Latino because the club happened to be having Latin night during the time of the shooting. Do people really think that the shooter specifically targeted gay men of a certain race? Why can’t people wrap their heads around the fact that a religious extremist wanted to shoot up a gay club in a city with a large Latino population?

Also I love that the attack was branded as racist even though people of color also supposedly can’t be racist against each other. Guess Latino and Arab people are PoC when it’s convenient and white when it’s not. 

Finally I wonder why the victims had to be branded as Indigenous ™ even though none of them probably had any sort of indigenous self identification even though they might have some native South/Central American ancestry. Honestly these acronyms are becoming dumber and dumber every day…

Donald Trump is just saying what the GOP base wanted to say all along, let's be honest about that.  It's like Ed Norton and Brad Pitt in Fight Club. All that lingering anger and resentment from unhappy white men led to this wacky creation who did and said EVERYTHING they secretly wanted to.Except Trump is real. And he ain’t going away any time soon.