La Placita, Shirley, NY

Another fantastic local find in Long Island this weekend…

When we got off the train at Mastic-Shirley, I noticed this blue building across the street from the station. As we were on a tight schedule, we couldn’t stop that day, but I made a mental note of the joint, hoping to check it out. After a glowing recommendation from one of our taxi drivers, we went back on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a fantastic lunch!

While it is in large part a Hispanic supermarket, La Placita has an incredible cafeteria style lunch counter serving foods from Central and South America…

Here’s a look…

I went for a mixed fried plate, with fried chicken and a fried pork chop over yellow rice with jalapeno pickled vegetables…

Mutsumi opted for their incredible oxtail stew over white rice with a flauta…

Another buddy got a seafood dish with local clams and mussels that was equally impressive!

These incredible and authentic dishes were the perfect way to help our hangovers and fill our bellies for the train ride home.


567 Surrey Circle

Shirley, NY 11967

Hot Male Nerdy Guys with Glasses - The NEXT Edition
It's been a while since I've posted some hot nerdy guys in glasses. Granted, most of these guys don't look nerdy, but the glasses still give me those extra boner points regardless. So I like them r...

Who says Glasses don’t make you look hot?!? Haha. Thanks to gaycomicgeek for featuring me on this edition. Need to take new a better pics so see if I make it in the next one!


Food for thought

I don’t normally talk about politics, but I need to right now. No one has to read. This guy Donald Trump, and most Republicans are talking crap about Latinos and how they want to kick us out of the country. How about we do a little experiment? We should all come together, nationwide. All Latinos, legal or ilegal, no matter what country you’re from, no matter your status, you’re in. We pick one day, and just not show up for work. Take a vacation day or call in sick, whatever works. That day, in all the US, around the whole country, every state, every city, no Latino works. What would happen? Maybe that day they’ll appreciate us, and value us, not for our race or nationality or status, but for what we do for this country and the impact we make. Think about it.

Trans Latino still needs your help for school!

You already know that I have a donation thing running and stuff, but because I was told by the school that I didn’t make up the $10,000 in time I have to push my semester to January.

So please donate to my PayPal even if it’s a dollar or few.

Why? Because I got into my dream school, I’m Puerto Rican, I’m trans and I’ll be the first one in my family to graduate from college. Hallmark School of Photography accepted me. I got fafsa as well and they already approved me the maximum. Again I’m going to say this so I don’t get any more asks about this. Fafsa approved me the maximum. Then I had someone so wants to stay anonymous give me the rest out of their own bank account. All I need is the tuition deposit which is 10k I’ve gotten a few $600+ in donations before but I need to keep going.

So please help me out. This is the right step towards my future. This will get me out of my abusive home, it will get me doing my dream as a career ( photography ) And I can finally be happy with what I do. Be proud that I did something this hard and made it.

My dad didn’t help me. He doesn’t even want me to go to school. He doesn’t care. My mom is too sick to even help me she doesn’t have a job and I was denied 8 times for a loan. I was even told to give up and stop trying. I want to show that credit union that they were so wrong about me.

If you want to see some of my photography there are links on my blog , which lead to my various accounts of photography and I also own reignavephotography !

For the videos you can click here

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Is It Wrong To Call Our Women QUEENS? - The LanceScurv Show

Are our Sister Queens, Bitches, Hoes or Skanks?

In an ever growing attempt to improve the experience for those who enjoy my expressions, I will begin to engage those commentators who share their opinions pretty much in the same bold manner that I do.

It is not a requirement that anyone agree with me, the only thing that I will say is mandatory is that you don’t hold back what you feel from within.

That being said, this particular monologue is an extension of my video titled “We’ve Got To Treat Our Women Right”.

There were several comments that warranted a response in the spirit of continuing the discussion and one in particular that spawned the need from within to further clarify my stance on why I said what I said in that video.

Here is the comment made by a gentleman named “Arthur Bro”:

“We need to stop this black woman is QUEEN mess! Not every black woman is, nor could they be a Queen. It’s disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. And this be broke and happy needs to stop.”

There you have it.

Now listen in to my response and chime in with your own once again if you feel the need to do so.

Something tells me that we are going to have a lot more fun as the time rolls by! LOL!

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Chris Christie: Track Immigrants Like Fedex Packages

Chris Christie: Track Immigrants Like Fedex Packages

New Jersey governor Chris Christie called for immigrants to be tracked in the same manner as a FedEx package. Speaking at a town hall event in New Hampshire as part of his failing presidential campaign, Christie made the dehumanizing policy proposal, according to Time Correspondent Phil Elliot: Once a promising prospect as a blue-state…

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